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Can someone tell me why you would draft Pierre

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Postby George_Foreman » Fri Jun 02, 2006 5:48 pm

swyck wrote:
j_d_mcnugent wrote:in certain situations the platoon is fine but it isnt for everyone. i really value having that extra roster spot. so you get a bargain by going with your platoon but you might also miss out on some pick ups, spot starts, etc. i avoided pierre but 'over draft' reyes/pods if you want to call it that. there's a whole dynamic that you are missing if you just compare one player vs. the platoon. you get a guy like pods and you can ignore speed the rest of the draft and you dont have to use additional roster spot for the platoon.

The other thing is that its not like a real platoon since they're not on the same team. They may both have good or bad matchups on the same day. You can't just use straight platoon numbers to see how good they would be doing.
Read earlier in the thread. NZF describes how he platoons the two players. Obviously, it's not your traditional ML platoon, but it's working well for him. I think the numbers he posted above reflect the numbers his platoon has produced rather than just adding their splits.

The roster spot thing is a valid criticism, but the "don't have to worry about speed" thing really isn't; since NZF can just draft these two, he "doesn't have to worry about speed" either.
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Postby ARCH » Tue Aug 08, 2006 2:20 am

My Roberts / Lofton platoon is just destroying lately. The production I'm getting from the combination of these two is close to a first rounder. I'm loving it ;-D
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Postby NZF » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:52 am

Ender wrote:
Neither Roberts or Lofton will hit .300 on the year so its really stretching it to think you will be able to get a full season of .300 out of them.

Roberts currently hitting .311 on the season and Lofton hitting .305.

Although I couldn't get Lofton in the draft for the Cafe Challenge League I did pick him up a few weeks back when he was dropped. The platoon production with him and Dave Roberts for me so far from just 288 AB's is 54 Runs, 34 SB's and an incredible .330 BA. Coincidentally, that Run and SB production is exactly the same as Juan Pierre has managed for Mtarail who drafted him in the 4th round. The big difference is that Pierre has that production from 465 AB's and with a .267 BA :-D
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