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*** New CBS H2H keeper/auction $115 1 spot***

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*** New CBS H2H keeper/auction $115 1 spot***

Postby koondog » Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:43 am

Greeting fellow fantasy nuts,

Started a new auction keeper league this year. Have 1 owner back out due to time contraints. Take a look at the rules and if your interested, shoot me an email/pm/im. Its gonna be a good league (your gonna have to take my word for it), everyone knows their stuff so it gonna be competitive.

League setup summary
16 teams, 4 divisions
C,1B,2B,SS,3B,LF,CF,RF,Util,5SP,3RP, 10 Bench
Auction: $260 cap
H2H: 3 match-ups per week (unbalanced schedule)
Categories: (6x6) R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, TB, W, SO, ERA, WHIP, QS, SV+Holds
Each category is a win. (ie. A team can go 36-0 each week)
Daily changes
$115 entry fee, payout to top 3 and division winners


Full Rules

I. Teams & Rosters
1. League will begin with 16 teams using both AL and NL MLB players from 2005 season.
2. There is a $260 cap for the initial draft and $310 in-season cap.
3. The Active Roster will contain 27 players. C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, 1 DH, 5 SP, 3 RP, 10 Bench
4. There will be 2 spots for Injuries
5. The bench positions can be a player of any position.

II. Initial Auction
1. Each team must acquire 22 major league players at a cost that does not exceed the $260 auction cap. A team need not spend the total amount. Any monies not spent is lost forever.
2. For the remaining 5 bench players, each team can fill those spots using their Free Agent Aquisition Budget (FAAB)
2. The auction date is set for the Sunday April 2, Opening Night and will take place online using If you have not used this, please login and try the demo. The auction will begin at 11 am EST, but please arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time. I will need your contact phone # for emergencies during draft day. The auction will take approximately 4-6 hours, so please schedule accordingly.
3. All MLB players are eligible for this auction.
4. No team may bid more for a player that he/she has left. Example. Team A has 3 positions to fill and have $4 left. The maximum amount he/she is allowed to bid is $2 for any one player.

III. Position Eligibility
1. A player is eligible for a position he has played in as least 20 games the previous season or 10 games in the current season.
2. Rookies/Minors will be eligible for the position he has been assigned until he has accumulated enough games to qualify.

IV. Scoring and Playoffs
1. The 16 teams will be split into 2 conferences (AL,NL) and 2 divisions in each conference (East, West)
2. The format for the league is Head-To-Head (H2H), but with 3 match-ups per week. I.E. Each team will face off against three opponents each week.
3. Stats R, HR, RBI, OBP, SB, TB, Wins, SV+Holds, SO, ERA, WHIP, QS
4. Each category counts a win, so a team can go 36-0.
(12-0 vs. each team = 36 wins)
5. Lineup changes are made daily and each week begin on Monday.
6. Unbalanced schedules, with half the season played against teams in your own division.
7. At the end of the regular season, there will be 4 division winners and 4 wild-card teams. The 4 wild-card teams are the 2nd place teams in each division. If there are ties, the tie-breaker is as follows
i. Record against each other.
ii. Record against opponents in your division
iii. Highest BA
iv. Lowest WHIP
v. Lowest ERA
vi. Most HR
8. The 2 wild card teams in each league will face the division winners with the worst W-L percentage will face off against the highest W-L percentage. matchup lasts 1 week.
9. The winner of the Division Series will faceoff in League Champ Series. The matchup lasts 2 weeks
10. The World Series will have the League Champ faceoff for 2 weeks.

V. Fees and Payout Structure
1. Dues for each team is $115
2. $130 will go to the for hosting our league
3. $30 will go to for the online auction
4. The remaining amount ($115*16 – ($130 + $30) = $1680) will be paid as follows
(4) Division Winners = 7.5% ($126)
3rd place = 10% ($168)
2nd place = 20% ($336)
1st place = 40% ($672)

VI. Players Salaries
1. Salaries continue to count against the cap even if the player is moved to the injured roster.
2. If a player is released, the team will no longer be responsible for that players salary. The releasing team is not allowed to bid for that FA during the next FAAB auction. Any team caught trying to circumvent this rule will have all bids for that period retracked.
3. Also the team that release the player cannot win back the free agent with less then its original salary. This is prevent teams from dropping players hoping to pick them back up at a cheaper price.
4. We will use FAAB for all of our Free Agent activity. Each team will get $50 to spend on free agents during the year.

VII. Stats
1. Stats will be managed by

VIII. Trades
1. At no point can a team have more than 27 players on its active roster, but each team must have at least 5 reserve players
2. Trades will be submitted to the rest of the owners for a vote. If a majority vetoes the trade, the trade will go to the commish for final approval. All decisions by the commish are final.
3. At no point can a team exceed its in-season salary cap.
4. Money can NOT be traded.

IX. Free Agents and Released players
1. Each team will have an $50 to spend on free agents.
2. Free Agents are any/all MLB players that are not currently on any team’s roster.
3. We will be using FAAB for FA acquisitions. The bids will be processed twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday

X. Injured List
1. If a player is injured and placed on the DL, the owner may opt to move the player to the injured roster.
2. The salary still goes against the in-season salary cap.

XI. Minor Leagues
1. Not using minor leagues for this league. We will vote on this at the end of the currenct season

XII. Keeper, Roster Protection and Contract Years
1. Before the start of the next season, each team will select up to a maximum of 5 keepers. Each keeper will get an automatic raise of 10% rounded up to the nearest dollar.
2. Free Agent pickups during the season cannot be selected as keepers.
3. A player can only be selected as a keeper for a maximum of three years before he must be released back into the auction.

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Postby koondog » Sat Mar 18, 2006 2:20 am

still avail
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Postby mojavemax » Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:36 am

I tried to send a pm, but it doesn't show up in my message sent folder. Anyway, I'm interested in joining, if a spot is still available.
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