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12 team 5x5 Yahoo Roto League...Analyze my team plz...

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12 team 5x5 Yahoo Roto League...Analyze my team plz...

Postby aws3232 » Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:29 am

Drafted 8th, here it is. Tell me what you think.

C - Doumit
1B - Howard
2B - Iguchi
SS - Furcal
3B - Cabrera
OF - Crisp
OF - Beltran
OF - Franceour
BN - Swisher
BN - J. Jones
BN - Dellucci

SP - F. Hernandez
SP - Petite
RP - Foulke
RP - Wickman
P - Lee
P - Garland
P - Blanton
BN - Chacin
BN - Greinke
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Postby Esen » Sat Mar 04, 2006 1:54 pm

The team is ok, I wouldnt slate it for a 1st 2nd or 3rd place team

Your big hitters are young and imo still not proven.
Cabrerra as your big hitter this year?
Not too sure Im sold on it, There is a chance that he may not have his last year numbers ,but who knows

Now if Beltrans water therapy training pans out and he can get himself to a 25 25 level that would help your team immensley expecially if he can get hs avg p to like 280

Fancoeur and Howard

I like them both but I am not 100% sold they are the genuine real deal

I love Iguchi at 2nd he has a chance for 20 / 20 or close to it

Personaly Im not too high on crisp

As for your Pitching

To me it looks like a lot of wishfull thinking.

You obviously look at potential but you need to look at the reality of these pitchers situations

Is Felix a good Pitcher? YES!
Will he be able to Anchor your team? No

I would have loved him as a pick if yuo had someone established as your number 1

I like Petitte but I look at him as a huge risk on your team, noone to fall back on

P - Lee
P - Garland
P - Blanton
Are a nice middle core of yur rotation but I look at what is in front of them and behind them and I say to myself You really need these guys to stand up and be solid.

BN - Chacin
BN - Greinke

Both are wild cards imo,
I like Chacin and Toronto has a decent team this year, Will he be strong this year?

Greinke, His confidence must be shot, the poor guy has been having to pitch up hill all last year and that wont change again this year.

Anyway you put it he has potential for a lot of losses
Wish he could get traded and nurtured

All in all- Most of your players have potential to be really good players and picks. They have talent but will enough of them translate to decent picks to make your team solid?

See that is the problem that I see. You need a little more sure bets ( i know no such thing, but you get my drift)

Potentially can be a great team, but too risky over all and I predict middle of the pack team

I apologize, maybe someone else will disagree with me.
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