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wed. starters??

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:17 pm
by Guest
Do i start Pineiro @ Oak ? Atl @ D. Willis ?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:51 pm
by jdh
I'd start them both. Pineiro IMO is very close to moving into that upper echelon of pitchers that you start every time out and he's playing in a favorable park against an average offense. Willis is a riskier start against the NL's top offense but you probably don't want to bench him with the way he's been pitching lately.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 9:15 pm
by titanut
Start both. I am not going to sit Willis while he is this hot. The Braves bats are tough, but they can(and have) been shut down.