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Looking for a fantasy money league

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Looking for a fantasy money league

Postby mbeller83 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:29 pm

Hello I've been doing really well the past couple years in free fantasy baseball. I wanted to play for money. Any ideas of a good league to join where there is a prize pool with a draft... Not a league where I have to pay per player... I'm looking for a league where I can pay between $25 to $150 and then there is a draft and a prize pool??
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Postby wags6817 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:31 pm

Check my site out and let me know, we are having our rules meeting today, and the draft will be in some time in March. The league is a keeper league with minor league rosters and costs $30, I am looking for just a few more owners. Let me know.
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Postby mbeller83 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:02 pm

Where the link to your site or the URL address?
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Postby wags6817 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:39 pm

I'm sorry I wasn't even thinking. Here it is
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Re: Looking for a fantasy money league

Postby rclinkinpark1 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:48 pm

mbeller83 wrote:Hello I've been doing really well the past couple years in free fantasy baseball. I wanted to play for money. Any ideas of a good league to join where there is a prize pool with a draft... Not a league where I have to pay per player... I'm looking for a league where I can pay between $25 to $150 and then there is a draft and a prize pool??

email at if interested


Fees: 100.00 due a week prior to start of draft

Style - Redraft

Draft: (Tentative) Slow, snake online draft, through league homepage starting early to mid March

23 rounds

Teams : 10 team NL ONLY

Weekly Starters: 1 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 SS, 1 3B, 1 LF, 1 RF, 1 CF, 5 SPs, 2 RPs

Roster Requirements: No requirements except for each team must have at all times on their roster enough players to fill the weekly starting requirements above, and at all times have 23 players

Eligibility: Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 25 games last year or 15 games this year. If you draft a minor league player with no MLB experience, his primary minor league position will follow that player to the majors when called up, and will be kept until he accrues other position eligibility (explained below)

Divisions: 2 divisions of 5 teams each

• Lineups are set once for the start of each period.
Deadline is 30 minutes before game-time on the first day of the period.
• Owners may set lineups and change players' positions.
• Only players who are on the disabled list may be placed into Injured status.
• Add/drops are handled by a waivers process.
• The waivers process runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
• The waiver order resets after each weeks' games.
• Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day(s).
• Owners may do trades.
• No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 PM ET 8/29/06.

Schedule: Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays, with 2 match-ups per period.

Regular Season is 23 periods ( weeks ) long

Playoffs start in Period 24 and last for 3 Periods.

Scoring: Head-to-Head, Number of Categories System.
Scoring based on total stats each period.
Batting – HR, OBP, R, RBI, SB, TB
Pitching – ERA, K, QS (quality starts – 6IP or more, 3 earned runs or less allowed), S, W, WHIP


FREE AGENCY/WAIVERS: Waiver order will be determined by reverse order of standings, and will be reset weekly. Please be aware of this stipulation: ADDS AND DROPS MUST OCCUR SIMULTANEOUSLY, MEANING YOU MAY AT NO TIME HAVE MORE PLAYERS ON YOUR ROSTER THAN THE ROSTER LIMITS DICTATE. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in NO POINTS for the day(s) in question. In other words, you pick up a player on Tuesday without performing a drop, you will receive no stats for Tuesday`s games. There is one exception to this rule: If you have a player DL eligible, you may pick up an extra player to fill his roster spot. This is to ensure that the free agent pool remains fresh and waivers are constantly being run.

SPECIFICITY TO THE ADD/DROP RULE: Adds and drops MUST occur simultaneously, meaning that if a player is picked up, one must be dropped to accommodate it. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

(A) If you have an open Reserve slot, or DL slot, you will be exempt from dropping a player.

(B)Sometimes there may be trades made where a team gets 2 players for 1. This can result in extra players on your team. You will be given a 24 hour window to accommodate the trade and get your roster within the roster requirements or consequences will be enforced as set forth below.

In the event your team is in question, you will receive no stats for the day in question, AND lose the player you picked up to make you illegal in example A above. I will not be helping anyone out on this. It is the owner`s responsibility to ensure their roster is maintained, so I won`t be performing drops for anyone to make sure you’re OK. After the 24 hour window has expired for case B above, the consequences will also be enforced.



- Ties will stand during weekly regular season H2H match-ups
- To break Division, and or playoff seed tie we use:
1. H2H record
2. Divisional WINS – note- this does not say divisional W/L record – since we count ties, only DIVISIONAL WINS will determine tie breaker
3. Cumulative record of the final five weeks of regular season
4. Cumulative record of the final six weeks of regular season, and so on until tie is broken
- To break playoff game tie we use
1. Highest seeded team wins (highest being the 1st seed)


STARTING PITCHERS AND RELIEF PITCHERS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. THIS MEANS THAT IF A PITCHER IS A STARTER YOU MAY NOT PUT HIM AS A RELIEVER. THIS IS ALSO TRUE FOR RELIEF PITCHERS. IF YOUR PITCHER IS A RELIEF PITCHER, DO NOT USE HIM AS A STARTER. THE SYSTEM WILL NOT STOP YOU OR WARN YOU ABOUT DOING THIS ILLEGAL ACTION, BUT YOU WILL BE CAUGHT IF YOU DO. We are all responsible to keep our guard up regarding this. You must use the pitcher within the capacity that his MLB team is using him as. Penalty for this will be forfeiture of that week`s stats for said player, and removal of the player from your team until he clears waivers. That is, IF he clears waivers. If he clears waivers, you may take him back. Second offense will be permanent removal of the player from your team, with an illegal lineup for the entire week which would result in 2 lost match-ups. I understand that there may be instances which are beyond an owner`s control. If a Relief Pitcher is called on midweek to make a spot start, you will not be penalized. Likewise, if a Starting Pitcher is moved into the bullpen midweek, you also will not be penalized. A fair rule to follow is such: If a pitcher, on Monday morning, is SCHEDULED to make a start during the upcoming week, his eligibility at the deadline is as an SP. If a pitcher, on Monday morning, is NOT SCHEDULED to make a start during the upcoming week, his eligibility for that week is as an RP. Anything which follows throughout that week is beyond your control, and will not be penalized. Please be careful and ask if there are any questions on this issue.

DISABLED LIST: Only players that are currently on their given Major League Team's DL will be allowed to be placed in your DL slot. Players who are on the DL will NOT be allowed to be used in your active roster in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage. If you are caught doing this intentionally, then you will forfeit all games for that week.

TRADING/Collusion: ( if you don’t plan to be up to no good, skip the next several paragraphs)

Trades may only be rejected on the grounds of collusion (please refer to the 5 definitions of collusion below). Potentially losing a playoff spot, one owner's lack of intelligence, jealousy and pouting are not grounds for protesting a trade. Please don't protest trades simply because you think that one team got a better deal. Protests of this type will not even be considered. Any protest MUST contain one of the 5 allegations listed below. Collusion is considered when there is reasonable belief that two or more owners are joining forces to violate one of the 5 listed criteria. It takes 75 percent (or 9 of the remaining 14 owners) to reject a trade on the grounds of collusion or grounds of the trade being detrimental to the league.
If an owner suspects collusion or is concerned about the trade being detrimental to the league as a whole, he can protest the trade by contacting the Commissioner and explain in detail why he is protesting the trade. The commissioner will review the trade, and the protest, and if decided that it may be suspicious, will be put up for poll, via email. When protesting a trade, the owner should provide a STRONG, LOGICAL ARGUMENT against the trade that attempts to prove collusion. The decisions of the Commissioner and the outcoming poll will be binding and final.
Protests MUST be made within 36 hours of the time of the trade. Once 36 hours has passed, so has the statute of limitations for protests on that particular trade. When trade protests are put to the commissioner, and brought to the league, the name of the protesting owner will not be revealed. A protest will need to be made in private, and based on the five criteria below, will determine if the league needs to vote on it. Before the commissioner decides to put it to a vote, the burden will be placed on both owners involved to attempt to DISPROVE the allegations. This also, should be a strong and logical argument. If BOTH parties fail to provide such a defense, then and only then will the allegation (not the protesting owner) be made public for a vote (note the accentuated “both”. Failure to respond within a 24-hour time frame from the request may be taken as an admission of guilt). Each remaining owner will be asked to provide an opinion on the trade, via email. If nine of the fourteen remaining owners agree that collusion may have occurred, then penalties will be enforced, and the results and individual responses will be made public. If the trade is NOT overturned the allegations and results will remain private. No owner is allowed to protest more than two trades per season. This provision is in place to deal with the dreaded paranoid, jealous, or vindictive owner.

Collusion is defined and classified by 5 major behaviors. Note that any protest MUST be made under one of these grounds:

(1) Two owners collaborating to create one super-team
(2) Suspicious “rental players”. This is simply alleged by one team trading a player or players to another and the player being traded back to the original team a short time later.
(3) “Favors”. This is defined as one owner “keeping tight lipped” or “not saying anything” or “I’ll only do it if” type deals. These are contingent on one owner retaining innocence on something provided another party “gets” something in return.
(4) Any trade made in a blatant and obvious attempt to belittle or take advantage of another owner’s intelligence (or lack thereof). Notice the words “blatant” and “obvious”. While it will still remain the responsibility of both parties to agree to and accept the trade, a protest may be made under the grounds that the trade “challenges the integrity of the league”, if upheld. Be aware that a protest of this kind must be based around the premise that blatant and obvious malice occurred from one owner to the next.
(5) “Double Dipping”. Probably the most difficult criteria to prove without an admission, this involves any suspicion implying or insinuating one owner managing more than one team. The burden of proof in this case will need to be on the protesting party, due to the substantial consequences involved. Barring an admission, strong reliable proof will need to be furnished for this to be grounds for protest. During the investigation, phone contact may need to be requested with all parties involved. (The ramifications of an allegation of this type can be severely fatal to the league, and the owners involved if not proven successfully. Please do not make allegations without proof)

If collusion is suspected beyond a reasonable doubt (9 of the remaining 14 owners), the trade will be reversed and a “probationary period” will be instituted on both parties. During this period, ALL trades involving both teams will be prohibited unless 7 of the remaining 14 owners approve such a deal, AND both parties will be prohibited from trading with each other for a period of one calendar year. 0 points will also be given to both parties suspected beyond a reasonable doubt for the scoring period in which the trade occurred. The teams involved will be allowed to partake in the playoff experience, (should they earn a playoff spot), but pool winnings will be forfeited and left in the pool for the following year. These penalties will be imposed for violations to criteria 1, 2, 3 or 4.

A violation to criteria 5 will result in immediate removal from the league without a refund of yearly contributions. Removal from the league will also occur upon a second violation of criteria 1, 2, 3 or 4.

As you can see here, suspected acts of collusion are defined, and in order to be protested, a trade MUST contain one of the 5 criteria. This is not to imply any foul play, just a provision to keep us prepared and so that we all are in agreement that any such acts will not be tolerated here.

Trading is free

********IMPORTANT – if a player, who is owned in our league, is traded in the MLB to the opposite league of our draft pool, his statistics will continue to accumulate for the owners as if he was still in the same league of our draft pool.

SCHEDULING AND PLAYOFFS: Scheduling is set up to allow for an even balance of games between each competitor outside of your division. You still will play more games against division opponents than other teams, however, the 5 teams not in your division will each play you an equal number of times.


2 division winners will be seeded 1- 2 by regular season record

2 wildcards will be seeded 3-4 by regular season record

1 vs. 4 2 vs. 3 in period 24

The two winners square off in the World Series which lasts 2 weeks (periods 25, and 26)

The two losers of period 24 match-ups, square off to determine 3rd place prize money which also lasts 2 periods

Tie breaker goes to highest seed, with1 being the highest

CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK RULES: These rules will go for every game scheduled during this 2 week period. Championship week will last for 2 weeks as opposed to 1. This is done to offset any DD pitchers one may have. Totals will be taken from the first week, added to the second week, and a league champion will be crowned AFTER the total is made. The following are the rules for this period, plain and simple:

(1) Championship week lasts for 2 weeks to offset Double Duty Starting Pitchers.
(2) Totals from both weeks are added together with winner being decided after that total.
(3) On the Monday beginning the first week, after lineup deadline has passed, Add/Drops will be shut down
(4) Lineup adjustments will not be allowed either as lineups and rosters will be fully locked.
(5) No substitutions are allowed during this 2 week period, not even for injuries. It’s all part of the game.
(6) All other league Rules apply as they do in any other week regarding legality.
(7) Tie Breaker goes to highest seed – highest being 1 on down

PRIZE DISTRIBUTION MONEY: The breakdown of pool disbursement this year will be as follows. The 130 dollar CBS Commish fee will be subtracted from the total pool amount.

10 teams @ $100 = $1000

-$130 site fee leaves $870

2 division winners receive $130 each totaling $260

Leaving $610

Champion receives $350

Runner Up receives $160

Consolation game winner gets $100
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Postby slobizz » Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:15 pm


I have a 5x5 H2H yahoo league in it's 3rd year. We are using 5x5 stats this year but are substituting AVG with On Base %. I had 8 guys return from last year, and need a couple more (12 teams total). It's a fun group. There is a live draft March 28 @ 6PM Pacific. Oh yeah, the prize payouts are $400, $150, $50

Email me at if interested.
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Postby LongBallMan23 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:26 pm

Brand new 6*6 H2H league

20 teams

interested and want more info go to the link it has most rules or PM\ ... highlight=
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