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5-6 more owners needed for 1st year 16 team league

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5-6 more owners needed for 1st year 16 team league

Postby Beckettfan21 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 1:08 am

If I can generate enough interest off of this site, here is what I am willing to do.

I have been a commissioner for 6 years of multiple cbssportsline fantasy games. I have been chosen by CBS to represent them in a fantasy commissioner review board in the past as well as many other awards given to fantasy commissioners. I have had a turnover rate of less than 3% in my 6 years because I lay out the rules in full before we start and leave very few things on the table to argue about.

Here's my concept idea:

16 team league
(4) Four Team Divisions
(2) League's (AL & NL so to speak)

You would play each team in your division (3) times totaling 9 games. You would play the other division in your league (2) times each totaling 8 games and you would play 4 teams from the other league and another division 1 time each totaling 4 games with one "offweek" for the allstar break.

4 teams from each league would make the playoffs, with the AL and NL ea sending a winner to the front of the league for the title game.

The setup:

1 player @: C, 1b, 2b, SS, 3b & U
3 players @ OF

30 "appearances" per week for pitching staffs. Appearances being deemed as the pitcher being used in an MLB game by MLB rules which mean if he was inserted into the lineup card and turned into the umpire, he made an appearance.

The draft style:

Auction draft, set up salary cap of 150 million. Max roster of 50 with 10 of those 50 going to minor league spots. Your cash, you can use it where you wish. FULL KEEPER as long as you are within your salary cap.

To keep it interesting:

Each player won at auction will be signed to a contract with a max # of years of 4. At the end of each players contract, the player will be accessed a new value (based on or familiar site.

The owner may then choose two options for that player:

1. Release him back to the auction draft
2. Resign him at his new value.

If the owner chooses option #2, then ANY owner in the league with available cap room may make an offer (higher of course or longer in years) to that player. If the original owner fails to match the offer, or no other offers come in during a 24 hour period, then that player is sent packing.


The Scoring:

H2H of course with the basics: 4pt HR, 3pt Triple, ect.


The Catch:

I am willing to do this league at $20.00 per PERSON per YEAR with a minimum 3 year committment. So the upfront fee for the league is 60.00 per OWNER. This will cover your entry fee for the first three years of the league. All money will be paid to a paypal account and left there until needed.

This would leave a $190.00 extra cash flow per year. I would deduct 40.00 yearly for the first three years leaving a cash pot of $150.00 (and using the $40.00 per year to pay for the league's 4th season).

So if you pay up front for three seasons, you got a chance to win 150.00 ea year and your fourth year is free.

I am looking for dedicated owners who know how to play fantasy baseball. I will take rookies if you want to take the time to set down and talk to me so I can explain the rules.

PS: If you leave the league, I keep your cash.....So fair warning.

Email for info: (
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