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Starting 5x5 Keeper, draft w/ salary cap ($100-$400)

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Starting 5x5 Keeper, draft w/ salary cap ($100-$400)

Postby ty24 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 12:54 am

Here are some more basics:

It will be a 5x5 salary capped draft keeper league, (sort of an auction/draft mix). I am wanting to have an entry of fee between $100-$400. Below are the rules. I'd like to get 20 teams if possible. Please email me at if interested.

Our League will be composed of 20 teams. It will be a mixed AL/NL league. Each team's roster will consist of the following player makeup:
2 catchers
1 first baseman
1 second baseman
1 third baseman
1 shortstop
1 middle infielder (second or short)
1 cornerman (first or third)
1 designated hitter (player of your choice)
5 outfielders
9 pitchers

The draft is conducted in March. Draft order will be 1-20 snake for each round. This will continue until all rosters are filled. The last place team will open the draft; second last will be second etc. A player’s value will be determined by different methods. If acquired during the draft, a players value will be determined by the round that player was selected. Those players who are kept (roster protected) will have their salary as determined in the ROSTER PROTECTION section below.
Round Cash Value
1 $45
2 $40
3 $35
4 $30
5 $25
6 $20
7 $18
8 $16
9 $15
10 $14
11 $13
12 $12
13 $11
14 $10
15 $ 9
16 $ 8
17 $ 7
18 $ 6
19 $ 5
20 $ 4
21 $ 3
22 $ 2
23 $ 1

At the conclusion of the draft, all teams will have a team salary of $349. At the conclusion of the draft, every team’s salary cap is then raised to $425. This allows teams to replace injured or unproductive players with free agents that are more expensive. It also allows team to trade players without one team getting too out of control with expensive players. This eliminates many problems as it has built in checks and balances. Only active players salaries are counted against the salary cap. Injured reserved players salaries do not count against the cap
At the end of the regular draft there will be a supplemental draft of two rounds of reserve players. These players will have a salary of $5. Beyond the Supplemental draft there will be a Minor League draft in which you can choose 5 minor leaguers, you dont have to participate in this draft as minor league players can be picked up at any time during the season as long as they have rookie status (45IP/150AB). It is in your best interest to participate as the top prospects will be selected in this draft.

A player may be assigned to any position to which he appeared in 20 or more games in the preceding season. If a player did not appear in 20 or more games at a single position, then he may be drafted only at the position at which he appeared most frequently. Players who are eligible at more than one position may be shuffled during the course of the draft.

ROSTER PROTECTION (At the conclusion of the regular season)
* All players receive an automatic $5 raise.
* Every team’s salary cap is reset to $349.
* Trading season is again wide open.

These are not the complete rules, but the basics to give you an idea. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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