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JBL Keeper Might Have a Few Openings

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JBL Keeper Might Have a Few Openings

Postby Jonger » Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:46 pm

I run a free yahoo keeper league called JBL. It started in 2003 as two leagues of twenty (JBL1 and JBL2) and the top ten in each got to play one another the following season in a winners league called JBLW. But in addition to that, you get to keep your entire team from year-to-year in whatever league you are in. So if someone from JBL1 made JBLW, they would get a new team in the winners league but would keep their JBL1 team the following season.

Well, I decided to expand the league and create a JBL3 and JBL4 last year. So now there are four twenty team leagues (80 teams in all) and the top five from those leagues now make JBLW. So this will be the first season that JBL3 and JBL4 take part in the winners league.

Not everyone returns from year-to-year. A few people will simply choose not to return and some will be booted for inactivity. I usually replace those people within a few weeks of the season ending so that offseason trading can happen. The problem with that is that you never know if some of those new managers will keep their word and show up next season.

Well, next season is here and sure enough, some people (Not just new people) haven't shown up yet. I expect a few to show up before the deadline (Feb. 24th), but I'm not expecting to see a few. So I will need some new replacements to take over one of the vacant rosters.

The league is head-to-head. The scoring is standard yahoo scoring. The categories are standard, only WHIP and OPS are also in there. The only live draft is in JBLW at the start of each season. We do hold a two round supplemental draft in JBL1-4 before the start of each season. This is two rounds and everyone in the current free agent pool is available. Picking order is determined by how the teams finished last season with the No. 20 team going first. This is how the lower teams can instantly better themselves.

So JBL 1-2 will be starting their 4th season of play, while JBL 3-4 will be going into their 2nd. I also have similiar leagues in football (JFL), basketball (JRL) and hocky (JHL). JFL is also 80 teams, but JRL and JHL will remain at 40.

So please e-mail me (mailto:Parrish7233@Comcast.Net) if you'd be interested in possibly taking over one of the vacant rosters (Assuming some remain vacant for the next week). If you are interested, please respond back with the following info and I will then send you a list of the rosters for you to rank...

1. Name (First and last or just your first name if you prefer), age, location.

2. Brief history of your fantasy baseball background.

3. How much do you know about baseball?

4. What will you bring to JBL?

5. What will you do if you get a roster that you don't like?

6. How active will you be if it's late in the season and your team is near the bottom of the league?
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