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Postby AussieDodger » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:26 pm

Stop me if there's no such thing , also looking for a free auction league.
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I can help you if your willing to start paying in 2007

Postby Beckettfan21 » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:32 pm

Owner left us short while offseason progress was already started:

Here is the team:

B Inge
T Helton
J Uribe
J Vidro
C Jones
R Furcal
J.D. Drew
C A. Wilson
R Klesko
M Bradley
A Kearns
G Sheffield
F Gutierrez
V Wells
J Jones
P Lo Duca
V Castilla
B Colon
J Weaver
B Looper
A Benitez
J Wright
J Williams
D McGowan
E Guardado
K Benson
D Haren
S Burnett
A Guzman
T Hudson
K Escobar
H Ramirez
K Honel

**************Here are the rules of the league **********

******2006 Rule Changes to take effect as of 1-1-06******

1. Roster limit increased from 15 reserves to 20 reserves.
2 (14) pitcher rule disbanded. Max 40 appearances per week (see below for more details).
3. Minimum two week roster freeze on added players has been dropped. You may add/drop free agents at anytime. - Note - Rule for adding a player after Noon Est on Monday and using him in the current scoring period still applies (see below under Add/Drops).
4. Minor league player restrictions changed (See Below under "Minor League Players"


Beginnning the day contracts are due if any team is over the salary cap they will recieve the following penalties.



Ties will be the highest number of runs scored by a team in that week using the top 5 point producers from that week. .


Add/drops are processed by the owners in accordance with league rules. Waivers rank will apply to any players dropped.

Any player picked up off the free agent list after Noon EST on Monday cannot be used until Noon EST of the next Monday's scoring period.

Players picked up after the auction draft will not be eligible to be signed to a multi-year contract.


Any owner picking a player up and using him during the current scoring period will lose any points received for their teams lineup on that day. YOU CANNOT HAVE A PLAYER IN "ACTIVE" STATUS AT ANYTIME DURING A CURRENT SCORING PERIOD IN WHICH HE IS PICKED UP.

Scoring period begins on Monday at 11:59am EST and ends on the following Monday @ 3:59am EST


Minor league players may remain in minor league status under the following conditions:

1. They are not brought into RESERVE or ACTIVE status at anytime.
2. They are under 300 ab's and 100 ip's

Once either of the above options have occurred, the player must then be signed to a contract within 48 hours. Often this is not caught by the commissioner the very day it happens, so the right to review the ab's/ip's based on the date of request of contract length is at the commissioner's sole discretion.


All Lineups are due each day by NOON EST. (CBS rule, not mine). However, if there is a message on the message board at least 1 hour before a player plays that you would like inserted into your lineup, then I will be more than glad to do so. However, the player you substitute him for must also not have played yet that day. If this becomes a daily issue with the owners I will just set the CBS rule and let it be. I understand that some owners do not have as much time as others, thus granting this special permission in the event you cannot make it in on time somedays.

Scoring Periods run from Monday's first game until Sunday's last game. (NO PLAYERS MAY BE PICKED UP AND USED AFTER NOON ON MONDAYS DURING THE CURRENT WEEK'S LINEUP).

******** (32) APPEARANCES PER WEEK*********

New in 2006 will be the 32 appearance rule for pitchers. This means that your team may have NO MORE THAN 32 (STARTS) for starting pitchers in your fantasy roster for that scoring week (Title week excluded). Your team may have no more than 40 combined Starting Pitchers and Relief Pitcher Appearances.

This can be tracted by doing the following:

1. Go to Stats.
2. Create a Custom Stat for Your team - Fantasy - and custom stat.
3. Enter the custom stat field "App" which stands for Appearances and this will show you the total # of starts per team per week.

CBS will determine all "appearances" but the rule states that anytime a pitcher is called into the game by the manager that an "appearance" has been made. Regardless of whether or not an out has been formed.


All trades are approved unless the following is occuring:

1. The trade places a team over the Max # of pitcher/players
2. The trade places a team over the salary cap
3. An owner has not paid for his team in the league that year.

^^^New for 05-06'^^^

"If/When" a new team is brought into the league, the owner bringing in that new owner will not be allowed to trade with that owner until the next full season starts.


At times during the season you may experience errors in the CBS live scoring. DO NOT REPORT THESE ERRORS TO ME. Only report errors to me after CBS has updated its site for the next day. Live Scoring is a "fantasy fun feature", it is not always accurate.

There will also be times during the season in which a player may get a base hit that is ruled an error during the game but then later changed by the official scorer after the game (CBS will not catch this). It will not be credited to you unless you catch it within 24 hours of the mistake.

Any scoring errors that occur or can be disputed will be handled by written note on the message board in private. I will need detailed information of what has occurred.

For instance if you email me and say:

"Barry Bonds should have had 11 points last night, but he only got 8" then your email will not be reviewed.

It must clearly state why Bonds should have gottten 11 and only got 8, such as:

"Last night Barry Bonds hit a 2 run HR. He got (4 pts) for the HR, (2) for each RBI is 8 and one for the run scored (1pt) for a total of 9 points. He also had a double that night (2pts) for a total of 11, however CBS only has him for 8, please help?"

Would be a good indication of what I am looking for.


The playoffs will consist of 6 teams. The two teams winning their respective divisions will be seeded #1 and #2 based on best overall record. Seeds 3-6 will be determined as follows.

#3 seed: Best overall team that is not a division winner.
#4 seed: 2cnd Best overall team that is not a division winner
#5 seed: 3rd best overall team that is not a division winner
#6 seed: 4th best overall team that is not a division winner

In the event of a tie for any seeding slot the following will occur.

If two teams tie for the division crown the tiebreakers will be as follows: (Head to head) (breakdown records) (division record) (record .vs other league's winner) (record .vs other playoff bound teams)

If two teams tie for seed #1 from opposite divisions we will look at: (in this order)

Head to head meetings/ breakdown records/ record .vs remaining 4 playoff teams/ most points scored YTD

If there is a tie for seeds 3-5 we will look at: h2h record/record .vs other teams/most points YTD

If there is a tie for the last remaining playoff spot this is what will occur:

head 2 head record/ record .vs division teams (if in same division)/ record .vs teams in other division (if in same division)/ record .vs other 5 playoff teams/ most points year to date/highest points in a single week.

If any tie's cannot be broken by this process we will start with the two teams involved and start from the last regular season week (points scored) until one team outscores the other.

Any tie between seeding will be broken down by a coin flip for the last possible resort.

****PLAYOFF MATCHUPS**********

Week 1:

Game 1: #6 .vs #3
Game 2: #5 .vs #4

Week 2:

Game 3: Worse seed remaining .vs #1
Game 4: Other winner .vs #2

Week 3:

Winner Game 3 .vs Winner Game 4 (championship)
Loser Game 3 .vs Loser Game 4 (3rd place)
Loser Game 1 .vs Loser Game 2 (5th place)

Seed #9 .vs Seed #10
Seed #7 .vs Seed #8

*********PLAYER CONTRACTS**********

Explanation of a contract:

Will always have a 1yr contract. Their status cannot be changed midseason or at the end of a season. They automatically go back into the auction the next season.

When a player's "contract years" is in the same year as the season we are playing, then at the end of the year the owner who has that player will be shown a new value for him (adjusted to his level of play during his current contract) and that current owner has the right to resign him or release him to the auction.

When a player is resigned during arbitration, any owner will then have a 24 hour window to acquire that players services by offering a larger $$$ contract AND matching the # of years the existing owner has offered.

----------1YR PLAYERS:
These are players who either at auction where won by an owner and signed for only 1yr or were acquired off waivers. These "1yr" players may be dropped at anytime by the current owner WITHOUT PENALTY.


------During Season:

If you drop a player who is signed to 2+ years of contract then you will recieve a 35% penalty imposed on your team's salary cap for the current season we are in as well as any following seasons the player should have been signed for.

------During OffSeason:

During the offseason you may release a player that is in a long term salary at 20% of his salary for each season he is signed.

There will be a 10 day waiver period during the offseason. If the player your dropped is claimed by another team during this time you will not face a penalty for that player.

If the player is not claimed you will be charged 20% and the player will enter the next season's auction draft.


On each team's lineup page there is a category for franchise players.

A franchise player only has exception under the following condition.

---------When a players contract expires, if he is a (F) Franchise player, then that owner will be allowed to resign him at his current contract. If that is indeed the case, that owner may resign that player while extending the franchise tag to him once again.

The franchise tag must stay with that player if he is resigned, if he is not resigned at that time the current owner will be allowed to franchise another player on his roster after the auction for that year.

**************HOW TO APPLY****************

Send a private message to me as soon as possible. Please tell me your team name, email address, your name and why you would become dedicated to a free team and start paying the $15.00 league fee in 2007.

THANKS, it is all responses will be held until Wed.....the best "team name and spokesperson will be chosen"
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Postby Dynasty Deacon » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:39 pm

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