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Strong to Expert Keeper League forming

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Strong to Expert Keeper League forming

Postby joshuaeagan » Thu Feb 09, 2006 4:22 pm

Most of the people involved in this league are MINOR OR MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL EMPLOYEES. We all know our stuff. We have several openings - do you want to join? Prizes for top 4 teams.

Here are the details...

General League Information

20-team league
Four divisions of five teams each
Two 10-team semi-leagues
Roto Points
mixed AL/NL
auction draft over
League will be run through ROTOWIRE during the season



Money Pool

$50.00 buy-in
$10.00 league fees for Rotowire
$1,000 total prize money
Division Winners (4) $75
League Winners (2) 150
Champion (1) $400

The Champion will also be a division and league champion – therefore getting $625 in total prizes.

ROTO Points scoring 5x5

Hitting Categories:

Batting Average (AVG)
Runs ®
Runs Batted In (RBI)
Homeruns (HR)
Stolen Bases (SB)

Pitching Categories:

Earned Run Average (ERA)
Wins (W)
Strikeouts (K)
Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP)
Saves (S)


23 man active roster

Active roster consists of the following:

2 catcher
1 first baseman
1 second baseman
1 shortstop
1 third baseman
5 outfielders
1 Middle Infielder
1 Corner Infielder
1 Utility Player

9 pitchers

5 reserve spots (players who were released or sent down throughout season)
These spots are for players with past MLB experience. They are acquired via draft, trade or waiver pickup. Once you activate them to your roster – they can not be sent down unless their MLB club releases them or sends them to their minor leagues. In order to take them off of your active roster you must either release them or wait until their MLB team options them.
3 DL Spots
These spots are for players on the DL in MLB. Once the player becomes active in MLB, you have 10 days to activate them from your DL. If they do not become active in 10 days they are immediately released.
7 minor league spots (once activated by your club – can not be a minor leaguer again)
These spots are for Minor League Talent ONLY – NO MLB EXPERIENCE. These players can only be acquired via trade and draft. The players will be drafted via YAHOO Messenger after the auction is complete. If a minor league is promoted to MLB you DO NOT have to activate them. You can sit on them until you wish to activate him. Once you do however, he is a member of your MLB ROSTER or must be released.

Auction Draft:

Our Auction will be held on The date is mid to late March.

The auction will take several hours to complete.

There will be NO trades allowed during the Auction.

You will begin the Auction with $260 of salary cap money to spend during the Auction. The minimum bid will be $1, and all bids will be in whole numbers (no fractions), i.e. $1, $2, $3 etc. (Any calculations involving salary cap money that results in a fractional value will be rounded up if the fraction is .5 or greater.)

No team may make a bid for a player it cannot afford. For example, a team with $3 left and two openings on its roster is limited to a maximum bid of $2 for one player.

Following Years
In early February of each following year, each team may choose to protect a maximum number of 7 players. A date will be posted when all teams must declare who they intend to protect. Then when the following Auction begins -each team's Salary Cap used for bidding- will be reduced from $260 -based on a calculation of the salary money spent to acquire those players in the previous year's Auction.

Each team must acquire a minimum of 23 players and at a total cost of no more than $260. Reserve spots do not count towards your $260 Salary. Reserve Players drafted will assume a salary of $5.

Prospects may be bought through the auction but they are not eligible for your minor league roster and the same keeper rules apply to them as major leaguers.

NOTE: The $260 salary limit pertains to Auction Draft Day only. After Auction Draft Day, free agent signings and trades may drive a team's payroll past $260. However teams may not begin the 2006 season with a salary total exceeding $260.

Minor League Draft

The Minor League Draft will be held via Yahoo Messenger immediately following the main auction and reserve draft. Each team may acquire players (a) who are not on any team's major league or reserve roster; and ( who still have official rookie status, as defined by major league baseball
NOTE: The major league rule reads: "A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the major leagues; or ( accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a major league club or clubs during the period of a 27-player limit (excluding time in the military service)."
Selection takes place in 7 rounds of a simple snake draft, not an auction. Order will be determined by random number generation rankings on (dice settings to be determined by the League Commissioners)
In subsequent years, the selection order in each of the 5 rounds is determined by the order in which the teams finished in the previous season - in order to discourage tanking the picks will be in this order:

9th place – 1st pick
10th place – 2nd pick
11th place – 3rd pick
12th place – 4th pick
13th place – 5th pick
14th place – 6th pick
15th place – 7th pick
16th place – 8th pick
17th place – 9th pick
18th place – 10th pick
19th place – 11th pick
20th place – 12th pick
8th place – 13th pick
7th place – 14th pick
6th place – 15th pick
5th place – 16th pick
4th place -17th pick
3rd place – 18th pick
2nd place – 19th pick
1st place – 20th pick

Teams shall have 2 minutes to make their selection. If a team's time elapses, the team will be skipped and the next team will be on the clock. The team skipped can make its selection any time thereafter.

The price and subsequent salary upon activation of each farm system player drafted is $1


From the completion of the auction draft until midnight August 31, teams are free to make trades of any kind without limit. No trades are permitted from September 1 through the end of the season. Trades are eligible to be made from the day after the season ends until keepers are due.

Trades do not affect the salaries or contract status of players.

A farm system player may be traded during authorized trading periods, subject to prevailing rules governing transactions, as may a team's selection rights in the minor league draft.

Waivers/Free Agents

Waiver time is 2 days. There is a maximum moves limit of 25 moves during the season.

Waiver priority is determined in the opposite order of the Minor League Draft to begin the 2006 season. During the season and in following seasons, waiver priority is determined in order from last to first.

Free agents assume a $5 salary.


A player who has been under contract at the same salary during the 2006 season and whose service has been uninterrupted (that is, he has not been waived or released, although he may have been traded) must, prior to the announcing of keepers in the following season, be released; signed at the same salary for his option year; or signed to a guaranteed long-term contract.
If released, the player returns to the free agent pool and becomes available to the highest bidder at the next season's auction. If signed at the same salary for an option year, the player must be released back into the free agent pool at the end of that season. If signed to a guaranteed long-term contract, the player's salary in each year covered by the new contract (which commences with the option year) shall be the sum of his current salary plus $4 for each additional year beyond the option year

NOTE: This rule is to prevent blue-chippers, low-priced rookies who blossom into superstars, and undervalued players from being tied up for the duration of their careers by the teams who originally drafted them. It guarantees periodic transfusions of top-flight talent for Auction Draft Day and provides rebuilding teams something to rebuild with. And it makes for some interesting decisions at keeper time.


You draft Kendry Morales in the Minor League Draft. He receives 130+ at-bats in 2006. He costs $1. Signing Morales to an option year contract would be foolish because you would only retain his services for 1 year at $1. You want to sign him to a guaranteed long-term contract. You decide to sign him through 2010. Morales' salary zooms to $17 per year ($1 (2006) + $4 (2007) + $4 (2008) + $4 (2009) + $4 (2010)), but he's yours through the 2010 season. If he continues to mature as a ballplayer, you've got a bargain.

You draft Roger Clemens in the Auction Draft. He costs $25. You want to sign him to an option year contract since he may retire soon. So you retain his services for another year at $25.

NOTE: Once a player’s contract runs out, that player becomes a free agent.
The cumulative salaries of players protected prior to Auction Draft Day are deducted from a team's $260 expenditure limit, and the balance is available for acquisition of the remaining players needed to complete the team's 23-man roster.


You can keep all 7 minor leaguers if you wish – however you then forfeit any draft picks in the minor league draft.

Each team is afforded a maximum of 7 players in which they can retain, sign to an option year contract or to a guaranteed long-term contract, from their major league roster. A team may choose to retain additional minor leagues instead of major leaguers but must forfeit a future minor league draft pick. There is no minimum on the amount of players a team may retain allowing for teams to start from a clean slate.

The commissioner should promptly notify all teams in the League of each team's protected roster, including player salaries, contract status, and amount available to spend on Auction Draft Day.

EMAIL ME at if you are interested
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Little League Legend

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still going

Postby joshuaeagan » Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:23 am

still have a ew openings if anyone is interested
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Little League Legend

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3 spots remain

Postby joshuaeagan » Fri Feb 10, 2006 10:50 am

3 spots remain - anyone?
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Little League Legend

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Couple people dropped out

Postby joshuaeagan » Thu Feb 23, 2006 10:55 pm

Still 2 spots remain

Auction Date set for March 26
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Little League Legend

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Few Spots open

Postby joshuaeagan » Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:59 am

Because owners have dropped out/not paid.

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Little League Legend

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Postby gwynndman » Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:22 am

If you are interested contact josh as I think it will be a fun competitive league.
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Postby joshuaeagan » Fri Mar 24, 2006 1:02 pm

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Postby DocNo » Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:46 am

is this league going or not??
can't get an answer from Josh.
last I heard it was down to 12 with numerous 'on the fence'
I wrote him clearly, "I'm in, tell me it's a go and I will pay and join", but no answer.
Is it a go?
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Postby GMofFuture » Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:53 pm


I have e-mailed him a few times too with no responce. The draft is set to start in a few minutes and I dont want to miss it.

What is going on?

Ryan (The GM)
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Postby DocNo » Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:06 pm

no idea...even tried calling him...nothing.
If it is at noon, it has started, so I'm guessing either I (we) was excluded, or he could not get it organized.
Apparently many people joining/dropping out, but he should let us know what is going on.
Haven't a clue.
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Softball Supervisor

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