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Roto Auction Keeper League- $20

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Roto Auction Keeper League- $20

Postby eamuscatuli » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:40 am

Check it out here: Hot Stove
I am looking for 12-16 teams for this 5X5 Keeper League.

To create a Rotisserie League that rewards player evaluation and allows a keeper format with a high talent turnover

League Structure
12-16 Teams (to be determined by available Owners)
Mixed Rotisserie 5X5
Auction Salary Cap Keeper League

Scoring System
5X5 Rotisserie (AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB) (ERA, WHIP, W, SAVES, K)

25 man Active Roster, 5 man Reserve/DL, 10 man Minors
Starting Lineup(C,1B,2B,SS,3B,CI,MI,OF,OF,OF,OF,OF,UTL,9 P)
3 Bench spots on Active Roster
Any player on Minors roster must be placed on Active Roster once that player has reached 130 AB or 50 IP in MLB
Owner has 72 hours to Activate, Waive, or Trade a Minors player eligible for activation
There are no minimum roster requirements for Active Roster, Reserve Roster, or Minors Roster, except each team must field a complete Starting Lineup

Salary Cap/FAAB
$260 Salary cap enforced December 1 through Opening Day
Teams will have a $50 Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) each season
The FAAB will be used to bid on free agents during the season
(Free agents are signed to 1-year deals so will never count against the Salary Cap)
FAAB dollars can be traded, however cap space dollars may not be traded
FAAB dollars do not carry over from year to year

All players acquired via the Free Agent Auction are signed to a 2 year contract at their Auction Price
Minor League players placed on the Active Roster are signed to a 3 year deal at $3 a year, after those 3 years the player may be offered an extension
After the Auction contract is expired(or 3 year Minors contract or 2 year Reserve Contract) the owner hast the option of resigning the player to a 1-3 year extension
A 1 year extension will be for $5 more than the current salary
A 2-3 year extension will be for $5 times the length of the extension for each year
(ex: Mo Curly gets a 3 year extension on his $5 contract, he will now cost $20 each of the next three years, the contract would be worth $15 for a 2 year extension)
After any contract extension the player may not be kept and is released into the Auction pool.

Each team may only keep up to 8 Major League (Active roster or reserve) players into the following season
Any player on a Minor League roster may be kept outside the 8 player Keeper limit
Keeper Lists are due on February 15 at which point rosters are frozen until the auction

Any player (including Minors) may be placed on waivers during the season, at which time any team may put in a claim on that player
Players are on waivers for 72 hours
A waived player will be awarded to the team with the least Roto points if there are multiple claims
Any claimed player transfers his contract to the claiming team
Ex: Team A waives Ed Matthews who is signed to a 2 year $15 contract. Team B claims Matthews and now assumes his contract in full.
If a player does not get claimed he is considered released and is now a Free Agent.
During the offseason there are no waivers, all players are released.
Trades may include players (Active or Minors), FAAB dollars, and/or draft picks
Trades are pending for 72 hours and are considered approved if a protest has not been filed
Any owner may protest a trade by contacting the Commissioner privately via email or the league forums
If a protest is received within 72 hours the Competition Committee will vote on the trade

League Officers
The Commissioner will be responsible for ensuring the rules of the league are being followed, and is responsible for maintaining official
League records on rosters, contracts, etc.
There will be a Competition Committee consisting of 3 Owners whose responsibilities will include voting on protested trades
and voting on proposed rule changes

League Fees and Payouts
The League Fee will be $20 a year
The combined League fees will be awarded at the end of each year as follows:
1st Place: 65%
2nd Place: 25%
3rd Place: 10%

Every February a Free Agent Auction will be held.
All bids are made in increments of $1 with $1 as the minimum bid
No team may place a bid more than their remaining cap less $1 for each open roster spot
During the Inaugural Auction each owner must have 2 players up for auction at all times, unless that owner's roster is full.
During all subsequent Auctions each owner must have 1 player up for auction. (this rule does not apply to Regular Season Auctions)
A player is sold only after 24 hours have passed without another bid.
There will be 3 Regular Season Free Agent Auctions during the season that follow the above rules, FAAB dollars will be used to bid on players.

Reserve Draft/Reserve List
After each team has met their 25 man Active Roster requirements a 5 round reserve draft will follow.
Each player drafted during the reserve draft will have a salary of $5 and the standard 2 year contract.
Players on the reserve list do not count towards the $260 cap unless Activated
Reserve players may be kept but must be placed on the Active Roster until Opening Day

Minor League Draft
A 10 round Minor League draft will be held at the same time as the Inaugural Auction
All subsequent Minor League Drafts will be held in July and will last as long as it takes each team to complete their 10 player Minor League Roster
Minor League Draft picks may be traded
The order will be determined by the reverse standings from the previous season (order will be random for Inaugural Draft)
The Inaugural Draft will follow a snake format(1-12,12-1), all other Drafts will be straight format(1-12,1-12)

League Calendar
February 1-14- Winter Meetings, trading resumes
February 15- Keeper Lists Due, rosters frozen
March 15- Auction, trading resumes after Auction and Reserve Draft
April 1- Regular Season starts
May 15- Regular Season Free Agent Auction
July 1- Minor League Draft, Regular Season Free Agent Auction II
August 31- Trade Deadline
September 1- Regular Season Free Agent Auction III
December 1- Offseason begins, rosters frozen
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