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Postby Jeff962b » Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:11 pm

Updated Fantasy Baseball League Specifics. This was sent to our current owners, but we are wanting more, serious, owners to round us out. Contact info at the bottom.

This e-mail is too explain to everyone what exactly we are doing with this season (and seasons from here on out) and to basically get eveyone on the same page and not confused. We will address a few things here in order to get everyone up to speed about what we want to do.

1.) Number of Owners - Last year we had 12, we want to atleast have 12 again, with hopes for the max number allowed of 20. Right now we are at 10. If anyone knows of anyone wanting to join us, by all means invite them.

2.) Rosters and Scoring - We will only have 2 changes from rosters last year. In order to have the league a little more realistic we will be changing from 3 OF’s to a LF-CF-RF system. After looking around at players on Yahoo, about 75% of the outfielders are eligible for 2 outfield positions. Long story short, it’s going to make everyone think a tad more. Also you will be required to carry 4 RP’s (relief pitchers) vs the 2 we required last year, this was done to get some middle relievers in real life into the league. Here are the roster settings…C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, LF, CF, RF, Util, SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, RP, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL, DL, DL, DL, and here are the scoring categories…R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP. All settings are viewable on the leagues webpage on yahoo.

3.) $25.00 - In past years, we were a free league. Unfortunately what came with that was always a handful of dead GM’s never doing the draft, roster changes, or player moves, etc. In order to insure our managers will most likely stay active for the entire season we are going to charge each team $25.00 to play. Now, this $25.00 will get each GM the following things. First, the league will be upgraded to a Fantasy Baseball PLUS League. This service costs $124.99 and includes Statracker for all owners, preferred draft times, a records page for the entire league, a draft kit for all GM’s, scouting reports for each GM, Buzz index, a league fee page for keeping track of who has paid entry fees, and last but not least a Prize for our league winner from Yahoo themselves. The left over money after the $124.99 PLUS Upgrade is paid will be put into a pot to be divided up at a later time for teams who finish the year around the top of the league. I am thinking the top 6 will get some sort of payback (the top 6 teams make the playoffs) but the payback amount will obviously depend on the amount of teams we have in the league. The more teams we can pay back the better. Nobody is here trying to make money off you guys. It’s simply to spark interest and promote activity. With all the stuff you will get for the $25.00, plus the chance to win it back or perhaps much more is a pretty solid deal. You can mail check or money order to Jeff Kuhn – 216 South Truman – Nixa, MO. 65714.

4.) Keeper League - Many of you have expressed an interest in having some sort of keeper league. I have always wanted to do that as well. A new GM, Trevor brought it up again, and we are going to do it. Here’s how. After this season of fantasy is over, I will be logging everyones FINAL DAY rosters for record. I will keep a record of the players on your specific team on the last day once our season ends. At some point before our next fantasy season starts next year I will e-mail all RETURNING GM’s a list of the players on thier final day rosters. Of those 25 players (we carry 25 per team like in MLB) each GM will be allowed to choose 8 (roughly 1/3rd) players he wants to keep, or Franchise. These 8 players can be all pitchers, all offensive guys, whatever that owner wants to do. It should be noted if you drop one of your preseason Franchise players you cannot claim him as a Franchise player next season. Only if you reacquire the samer player and he is on your final day roster can you do so. All owners must submit 8 players for Franchise listing.

5.) Drafting - This years draft will be important in regards to us now being a keeper league. So use good judgement when drafting players. 8 players taken in this years draft you will Franchise tag (unless you drop many players during the course of the season) and will be placed on your team next year. The draft next year would go as follows then. After each GM e-mails me back a form with his 8 Franchise players we will makea list of players NOT draftable next year. So rounds 1-8 will simply be owners taking the players they have franchised. Starting with round 9 all GM’s will then draft to fill open roster spots on his team. All the way up to round 25. The draft order will be determined on how teams finish this year. So basically pick number 1, round 9 will be whoever finished last the year before. The last pick in round number 9 will be the league champion.

I think that pretty much covers everything. If anyone has any questions by all means e-mail myself, or Jon. Our e-mails are and respectively. Or you can leave us a message on the league boards. The draft is 55 days away, which will fly by. The sooner we get everything going this year the better. Future years will be much easier. Were changing some things, but it’s for the better.
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