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Weekly lineups vs daily lineups

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Postby Drdobs » Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:02 pm

Grouperman941 wrote:
TheYanks04 wrote:
I would note however, that weekly vs daily has NOTHING though to do with controlling activity or trying to control computer junkies. The simple fact of the matter is what type of model do you prefer and what are you trying to achieve?


Remember, you still have daily transactions, it is just that the player picked up will not be able to go active until the next weekly roster change. So people who pound the wires still have the edge.

I think the decision comes down to this quote. There isn't really a magic answer. Ford Chevy Tastes great Less filling.

I had only played weekly leagues until last year when I joined a cafe league. In my first league, lineups were done by fax (LOL) so it had to be weekly. All roto.

The main league I play in now is weekly because not everyone wants to be spending every morning or early afternoon checking lineups. They have lives outside of the league.

I prefer weekly I think it requires tougher decision making and better planning, and if you make a mistake in judgment Monday morning, you pay for it all week. You need a different mindset.

In daily, lineup decisions hold less weight because you can simply fix/change things the next day. The week I benched Pierre for hitting .150, he stole like 6 bases. If it was daily, I could have recognized he was having a better week and switched him back in.

More people seemed to lose interest in my daily league last year than my weekly FWIW, both keepers.

In concur with the statement that people do tend to lose more interest in daily league's and the reason being is simply that you mis a day or two and you have a feeling of being behind and now "Only if I got on the computer before that game started" begins to creep into your mind. You then start to self defeat and eventually players just start blowing out which defeats the entire purpose. I've played in both and skilled players almost always tend to play in the weekly leagues for most of the reasons mentioned above.

I think the other important fact that nobody here is mentioning is that even though you think injuries HURT YOU more in weekly lineups, that is simply not true. Remember, the ENTIRE league is bound by the same rules therefore the fact that you will have some guy blow out his knee on Tuesday and you're stuck with him the rest of the week, the rest of the league has this same risk and inevitably whatever happens to them will help you and vice versa. It's a wash.

This reminds me of the guy who plays blackjack and the knucklehead in the chair sitting in front of him is a poor player and takes hits when he shouldn't. He certainly ends up taking a 10 that you were hoping to catch and you inevitably blame him but the reality is that statistically speaking, the cards no not and you were just as likely to catch your 10 because of him hitting.

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Postby Dan Charette » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:13 pm

Daily all the way. Especially in h2h. All the subs and extra pitchers, playing the right batters against the right pitchers. Checking the categories every day and altering your lineup accordingly , while the opposing manager is doing the same. It's called being a manager. That's what the game is for . To be able to adjust on the fly is some of the most challenging and fun aspects of the game.
Having rules or extra categories controls the fairness, in so it gives you a chance to manage differently. You can try to win in different ways. Some of the toughest decisions happen late in the week, when you have met inning limits and you have to choose weather or not to start a pitcher. Or you can add a pitcher off the ww , but he may burn you with a bad game.
I lost in the finals of 1 league last year, when I added Jessie Crain to try and lower my whip and he got shelled and I lost whip . If I hadn't of pitched him , I would've won whip and the league. That couldn't happen in a weekly league. I wouldn't trade that type of action for a weak , weakly league. Daily all the way.
For hitters later in the week. Bench players can help in certain categories. But when do you put in your extra speed and runs guy at the expense of home runs and rbi's ? Those are some of the types of decisions that make daily fantasy baseball so much fun.

Play Ball ! !

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Postby BravesGuy » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:17 pm

I can roll either way. I like weekly when its H2H and daily when its roto. Never done a weekly roto, but that sounds like it would be a bit odd.
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Postby Rohan » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:40 pm

seancasey21 wrote:Why would you want to commit to a fantasy baseball league that lasts 162 games and only have to check it once a week? I wouldn't want to and have never been in a fantasy baseball league with weekly lineups-promotes inactivity to me. Doesn't make sense and people who do check more frequently SHOULD have an advantage. On Yahoo, if you are going to be gone for a few days you can always set your lineups ahead of time.

On Yahoo, if you are going to be gone for a few days you can always set your lineups ahead of time.

H2H on Yahoo would make no sense. Too bad sportsline isn't that way.
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