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Keeper Player taxes/fees

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Postby George_Foreman » Fri Feb 03, 2006 7:07 pm

klvrdude wrote:I'll try to explain why I'm not in favor of a flat fee for all players.

To pick a flat amount seems arbitrary to me. A $5 dollars increase has significantly different meanings to different situations. Say for example that there are three players drafted at $50, $25 and $10.

In the 3rd year of the league a Pujols type player is now $60???

Yes, and that's why it would be a bad decision to keep him. The point of the $5 increase is to reward people for making good drafting decisions in previous years. While drafting Pujols for $45 certainly isn't a "bad" decision, it's kind of a no-brainer. But drafting David Wright for $10 is a good decision, and you are rewarded for it over the next few years by getting him at $15, $20, $25 when he's probably worth more. However, you can't just live on your past draftign acumen because eventually this catches up to you.

Basically, this system rewards you for making good keeper decisions, but the rewards deteriorate over time.
And well this may work for your middle tier guys it certainly doesn't seem right for WW players that come up in the middle of season like King Felix and Wright type players. So I can have King Felix or Wright in the 3rd season for approx $20 b/c my WW position was 1 better then someone else?

Simple solution: make all WW pickups be valued at $15 or something like that for the next year. Alternatively, just don't allow people to keep waiver wire pickups.

What I'd really like to replicate, if it is at all possible, is something similar to real ball. For instance, Manny's next contract is not going to be growing by ~10% each year. I'd something that limits the keeper taxes or fees on players that have already peaked, increase for those are peaking and have modest gains for those who are middle of the pack role player.

This seems kind of odd to me. Basically, keeper strategy becomes irrelevant here. First off, everyone's base "keeper value" is just going to be their actual value from the previous year. So the only people who will be worth keeping are the ones you expect to improve. But then you put an additional tax on those players that are expected to improve. So basically, you're eliminating any real keeper value there could be.

I guess I just don't see the purpose in having a keeper league if you're not going to reward people for good decisions they made in previous drafts. I mean, that's about 90% of keeper leagues; keeping players who will out-perform their cost for the next year. By making sure that the value for these players is eliminated by over-taxing them, you're kind of defeating the purpose of a keeper league, IMO.

EDIT: Tal's ideas are pretty interesting ones if that's what you're going for. They maintain a level of reward while accelerating its decay, which might be what you're going for.
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Postby sLim » Fri Feb 03, 2006 7:51 pm

from what i understand from ur thread...

the best way i see it possible for your league...would be to use real players salaries...and set a competitive salary cap that all the teams can agree with...or some kind of ratio where $1,000,000=$10...something like that...
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