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3 (Three) Sports FANTASY LEAGUE

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3 (Three) Sports FANTASY LEAGUE

Postby Beckettfan21 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 4:37 pm

Stop Searching for a fantasy league when you can join three league's with the same owners in each sport.

We call our league the Tri-Fecta and since its inception in basketball of 2005, we have had 1 team that has repeatedly been abandoned for one reason or another. This team is very solid. If you have an interest in what you see, please email the address at the bottom of the page. I will interview all candidates prior to entering the league.


Hi, thanks for your interest in the league. What I have to offer is a 3-sport fantasy league that has a variety of draft styles, keeper formats, ect. Our league has 9 very active owners and we expect the 10th to be very active as well.

We have implemented a two-strike policy. If you do not set your lineup or do not respond to trades within 24 hours and the commissioner is notified then you will recieve one warning and the next time you are replaced with someone who wants to be here.

Our league has been in existence for one full season now and are midway through our second season of fantasy basketball. Only two teams have made the playoffs in EVERY league so far.

The baseball team that you would be taking over is $35.00 with winnner payouts to divisional champs and the league champ. The baseball league is auction style (FULL KEEPER) and we will hold a live draft on Feb 19, 2006.

V J. Martinez
M Sweeney
C Delgado
P Fielder
J Vidro
C Burke
J B. Reyes
A Huff
C Tracy
C Guillen
J Rollins
A Rowand
B Giles
J Edmonds
L E. Gonzalez
J Damon
P Nevin
F Thomas
A Dunn
J Lane
W Jered
J Wright
R Harden
B Lawrence
H Street
C Pavano
J Isringhausen
J Lieber
B Lidge
F Cordero
Z Greinke
J Bonderman

As you can see, a very talented a youthful baseball team.

The basketball team is one of the upper echelon teams in the league. Currently 4th and one game out of 1st place in the division for the #2 league seed. The basketball league is $25.00 (payable next season) and you would take over immediately, but would not be eligible to win the prize money (which would be donated to the league's fee for next season should you win).

B Haywood
N Krstic
Z Pachulia
P Gasol
K Martin
B Bowen
H Turkoglu
E Griffin
L Sprewell
G Arenas
E Watson
E House
J Dixon
Tyronn Lue
J Tinsley
S Parker
S Telfair
B Ronnie
A Maurice
D Paul
F Randy
S Claxton
B Davis
K Bryant
R Hamilton
C Billups
S Blake
B Knight
C Atkins
R Alston

We keep 8 basketball players, plus 4 players won in arbitration from other teams (non-keepers) then any developmental players (up to 4) whom teams may have. A total of 16 keepers should everyone be kept.

The football team is coming off of a second place finish in the league. This team will retain Larry Johnson as its #1 keeper option, then we have a weighted keeper system based on # of fantasy games played per player. This teams #2 keeper is L. Coles, #3 is J. Plummer and #4 is either C. Taylor or M. Bennett.

Keepers are determined by the following criteria to level the playing field each offseason:

Keeper #1: Can play in any # of games
Keeper #2: Cannot be the same position as keeper #1 and must have played in no more than 6 fantasy games.

Keeper #3: Any position, but no more than 3 fantasy games
Keeper #4: Any position, but can play in 0 fantasy games on the season.

So each team is equally well-balanced.

Football league is $25.00 (to be paid when season starts back).

I hope that you take this opportunity to join a truly competitive keeper league and we would love having a very active 10th owner on board.

AOLim: Commissioner101
Email: (
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College Coach

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Postby Beckettfan21 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:12 pm

I would love to take backup owners and start a waiting list should another owner ever leave

email : (
College Coach
College Coach

Posts: 143
Joined: 2 Feb 2006
Home Cafe: Baseball
Location: Great State of TN

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