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1 spot left 45.00 keeper league

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1 spot left 45.00 keeper league

Postby NYMetsGM » Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:53 pm

NFBL Constitution

I. Objective
The NFBL is a competitive Fantasy baseball governed by the ideals of fair play and good sportsmanship. It is a fantasy-scoring keeper league featuring minor leagues. There will be a minor league draft starting in January 21 st with 10 rounds of picks,then a live draft will be held on CBS Sportsline in March.Draft order will be done by an online simulator.The draft order for the minor league draft will be the oppisite for the MLB draft so whoever picks first in the minor league Draft will pick last in the MLB draft.

II. Scoring System
NFBL will use a Rotisserie scoring system consisting of 15 categories. The league champion will accumulate the most combined points in those categories. In cases of a tie, we will crown co-champions.

Teams will be ranked in the following 15 categories, with the lowest-ranked team in each category awarded a point, and the highest-ranked team in the category awarded 12 pts:

Pitching= Era,Wins,Losses,Whip.Holds,K's,QS,SV

III. League Composition
The league shall consist of 12 teams..Teams will have to use real MLB team names.

IV. Rosters
There will be a 30-man major league roster, as well as a minor-league roster of 10 prospects per team.there will also be 2 DL spots that wont count against your roster so there will be 40 open spots for minor leaguers and currett MLB players and 2 dl spots so a team may have up to 42 players on there roster .Movement between these rosters will be governed by applicable MLB rules.

A. 30-Man Roster,Each team will be able to start 24 players at a time you must have atleast 1 of each postion,3 of's,1 DH and 1 ult players,atleast 5 SP and atleast 4 RP.The other 5 spots can be used however you desire but they must be filled.

OF (3)

B.Players will be eligible for any position they've played in at least 10 games during the prior or the current season.

C. Minor League Draft and Roster
Players meeting simplified MLB rookie criteria (fewer than 200 major-league at-bats for batters; fewer than 50 innings pitched for pitchers) may be drafted for the minor league roster. The 2006 minor league draft will be held in January 21st.The Draft will be 10 rds and teams can trade draft picks for other players or draft picks but CANNOT trade a pick for a MLB draft pick in March

V. Keepers
Each team will be able to keep 15 players from there active roster and all minor league players are automatically protected.The players who are cut from each team will enter the offseason draft pool.

IX. Trades
The NFBL will be a free-trading league, with no protests allowed and trades overturned by the commissioner in rare cases only if no analog exists in the MLB..


Each team will be aloud only 1 add/drop per week.I will be doing the add/drops every Saturday by 4pm so any moves you want to make have them in by that time.Any team who puts a claim on the same player will have a choice on using there waiver ranking and the team with the higher rank will be awarded that player.I will only allow 1 move per team each week to cut down on players picking up guys for just 1 week then droping them.

The trading deadline is July 31. No trades are allowed after that date.

X. Sportsmanship
Membership in the league requires players to exercise common courtesy. This means no swearing or taunting. This also means active participation all year long, avoidance of narrow trading cliques to the degree possible, and prompt replies to any and all communications from league mates.

XI. Governance

Other rule changes will require a two-thirds majority vote.

The commissioner is the final in-season arbiter of the rules and other league matters. In the commissioner's absence, the deputy commissioner shall make such calls. The commissioner and his deputy (both volunteer positions) shall be subject to annual re-election by a simple majority vote.

League payouts

League Champ=$300.00

Second Place =$100.00

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