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Help me buy the right TV!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:05 pm
by Phatferd
I was expecting to spend a lot of money on furniture and appliances for my condo, but a lot of people have given me their old stuff so I don't have to buy all of that stuff. Instead of just saving the money (like I probably should) I am thinking of spending what I would have spent on a nice TV/Home Theater System.

I don't want to spend thousands and I know I will need to for the best of the best, but if I just wanted to get a TV what would be a nice TV for a reasonable price? Like $500-$1000 (don't really want to spend $1,000).

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:16 pm
by acsguitar

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:20 pm
by Phatferd
I have no idea what's good. CRT, HDTV, Plasma, LCD. Then they start talking about 760p and 1080p (or something like that). Then they have 16:9 and 4:3, I have no idea what's better.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:23 pm
by acsguitar
New Egg is my advice. ... 6889107001

People seem to like this one alot!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 9:13 pm
by slomo007
For 1,000 you will be hard pressed to find a real HDtv.

There is what is called "HDtv compatible", which is the same thing as ED (enhanced definition). Basically they just don't have built in HD tuners in them and have lower resolution also.

Plasma/LCD is a big debate with good points on each side. Personally, I own a plasma. They are a little cheaper to buy, and have better contrast (the difference between blacks/whites). LCDs use less energy, and you also don't have to worry about "burn-in" if you leave an idle screen on too long. Obviously each side has its advantages, and there is no clear cut winner. I went with plasma, largely just because of the price difference.

I don't think you will be able to find a decent plasma at that price range though, I bought mine a month or so ago for a little over $2 grand (42"). That's about the price range for a very nice plasma set.

You could probably find a decent CRT (cathode ray tube) for that price range, and probably even find one with a built in HD tuner. That's probably what I would do if spending the extra money is not an option.