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BSSC Round 2 - Krusty vs. Groundskeeper Willy

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Krusty or Willy?

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Krusty the Clown
Groundskeeper Willy
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BSSC Round 2 - Krusty vs. Groundskeeper Willy

Postby ironman » Fri Oct 28, 2005 11:38 am



Wikipedia wrote:Herschel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofski, more commonly known as Krusty the Clown is a fictional character in the cartoon The Simpsons. (His name was originally Herschel Schmoikel Krustofski, but it has changed since the episode "Today, I am a Klown.") He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Krusty is the long-time clown host of Bart and Lisa's favourite TV show. The TV show is a combination of kiddie variety-television hijinks with a sidekick, and cartoons (including the Tom and Jerry parody Itchy and Scratchy). His sidekick Sideshow Bob, has been replaced by Sideshow Mel. Another sidekick was Sideshow Raheem, an angry young man, but no evidence exists to show if Sideshow Bob was a replacement for Sideshow Raheem. One Krusty trademark is where everything in connection with his name that would normally begin with 'C' is replaced with 'K,' as evident by the original spelling of his name, Krusty the Klown.

The character of Krusty was partially inspired by real-life clown "Rusty Nails" whom Simpsons creator Matt Groening watched as a child while growing up in Portland, Oregon. Castellaneta based his voice characterization on Chicago television legend Bob Bell who portrayed WGN-TV's Bozo the Clown from 1960-1984. Some of Krusty's biographical details echo those of comedian Jackie Mason, who voices Krusty's father, including being the son of an orthodox rabbi, and being temporarily banned from television due to a controversial performance. Other biographical details parallel Johnny Carson and Dean Martin. Krusty also bears a striking resemblance to serial killer John Wayne Gacy, also known as the 'Killer clown'. Krusty, with his 'Krusty Burger' chain, might also be a parody of Ronald McDonald, the notorious clown of the McDonald's burger chain.

The episode "Like Father, Like Clown" (based on the film The Jazz Singer), first released on October 24, 1991, expanded on his origin. According to it, he was born Herschel Schmoeckel Krustofsky and is of Jewish heritage. Krusty is a third generation American. In 1902, Krusty's grandfather Zed Krustofski left Imperial Russia for the United States and gained entry through Ellis Island. His son Hyman Krustofsky became an Orthodox rabbi and a leader of his community, whose wise counsel is continually sought. Rabbi Krustofsky, voiced by Jackie Mason, hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps (he brags that Herschel is on top of his Yeshiva class). However, Herschel wanted to become a clown because he wanted to make people laugh. Consequently, the Rabbi disowned him. Decades later, Krusty memorably reconciled with his father with the assistance of Bart and Lisa.

It was later revealed Krusty did not have a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, because Hyman feared he would violate the sanctity of the rites by "acting up." Krusty had two adult Bar Mitzvah ceremonies: a Hollywood gala, then a simple ceremony intended to reconnect with his father.

After leaving New York, Krusty started his 50-year show biz career as a street mime in Tupelo, Mississippi. He then appeared on a variety of Laugh-In style variety shows, but in the 1950s was banned from television for 10 years after saying "pants" on the air, which was not allowed at the time. In the 1960s he finally got his own television show, The Krusty the Klown Show, which featured Krusty discussing current events with serious guests (an episode of the show dated February 6, 1961 featured AFL-CIO president George Meany and a discussion of the "labor crisis in America"). The interview format got increasingly wacky, and by the 1980s the show had devolved into a children's entertainment show.

Krusty quickly became a multi-millionaire – mostly by mass marketing his name and image to a variety of suspect products and services. In the Simpsons' world, there are everything from Krusty alarm clocks, to Krusty dolls, to Krusty eye wash (many of which are owned by Bart) and Krusty Klown Kollege, which Homer attended. The more dangerous ones include: the Krusty home pregnancy test, which "may cause birth defects"; Krusty's brand of bubble gum, which contains spider eggs (which they knew about) and hantavirus (which they didn't know about); and Krusty's brand of cereal, which in one episode has a boast on the box first for a jagged metal Krusty-O in each box, and then flesh-eating bacteria in each box. There is only one lawsuit to date regarding these products, the time that Bart ate a jagged metal Krusty-O and had to have his appendix removed. However, it was suggested at the end of the episode that he would sue Krusty again after he ingested the flesh-eating bacteria that was put into the cereal. At one time, he had his own brand of Pork Products. This might have lead to his almost-fatal on-the-air heart attack and subsequent pacemaker. There is a list of Krusty related products at the end of this page. Krusty also operates his own television production company, Krustylu Productions (a pun on Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz's Desilu Productions).

His much-abused sidekick, Sideshow Bob, framed him for armed robbery – which resulted in Krusty's brief incarceration. In the interim, Bob ran the show, but was fired when he was identified as the real culprit.

Krusty is a hard-living entertainment veteran who has been down and out several times (always being rescued by the Simpson children) and remains addicted to gambling, cigarettes and alcohol (and, in one episode, Percodan). He seems to suffer from bipolar disorder, and, in a Soupy Sales parody, asked children to send him spare lithium from their parent's medicine cabinets after the nuclear power plant cut off its prescription drug plan. In "The Heart-Broke Kid" he says that his tolerance levels are so high from years of excess he has to smoke ground-up moon rocks to get high.

His show was canceled once after the debut of Gabbo the ventriloquist dummy, who was so popular Krusty was driven out of business. Bart tried to get the Gabbo show cancelled when he sneaked into the studio and switched on the camera during what was supposed to be a commercial break, revealing ventriloquist Arthur Crandall saying "All the children in Springfield are S.O.B.s" through Gabbo, a reference to a famous television urban legend about Uncle Don. A comeback special for Krusty was ultimately held (Parody of the Elvis comeback special), in which Krusty's many Hollywood friends bailed him out.

In 1996, after an IRS bust for tax avoision (sic), which resulted in his bankruptcy, Krusty faked his death and lived briefly as sailor Rory B. Bellows. Krusty insured Bellows's life in his own name and then staged an accident to "kill" Bellows, collecting the money to rebuild his life.

He seems to retire from and then get back into showbiz repeatedly throughout his career. His last retirement (a parody of Carson's retirement) was almost a permanent one because of recently-paroled Sideshow Bob's latest scheme – wiring plastique explosives to a hypnotized Bart and sending him up on stage (a parody of "The Manchurian Candidate"). However, a last minute change of heart at Krusty's touching mention of him in a speech (as well as a last-minute rescue by Krusty's chain smoking chimp, Mr. Teeny) stopped Bob's plan.

Krusty – minus his trademark clown-hair, pale "facepaint" and red nose – bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Homer Simpson. However, there also differences such as his cow-skull birthmark, his superfluous third nipple, and his small feet. In addition, in the episode "Bart the Fink", he was seen sans clown makeup, but in a bizarre twist, while swimming, yellow face paint washed off, revealing his trademark clown features, indicating that the look is indeed permanent. This would seem to confirm a remark he once made to Homer Simpson, in which he noted the afteraffects of his heart attack and pacemaker implant by pointing to his face and saying, "This ain't make-up!"

It has been noted that Krusty was supposedly illiterate in "Krusty Gets Busted" (first released on April 29, 1990), where Sideshow Bob framed him for armed robbery. He has since been seen reading with varying ability (many fans have noted that in the episode "Lisa's First Word", he is shown reading a wire service article in 1983). Through his unnamed mother, Krusty is supposedly an older half-brother to actor Luke Perry. His only other known relatives are his father, his grandfather, and his illegitimate daughter Sophie, (voiced by actress Drew Barrymore). Introduced in the episode "Insane Clown Poppy" (first released on November 12, 2000), Sophie is the result of an affair between Krusty and a female soldier during the Gulf War. Sophie seeks out Krusty, although her mother has developed a bitter hatred of clowns and displays it with her choice of artwork (which depict violence being done to clowns). Sophie had a brief crush on Bart Simpson but because of Bart's insecurity, the relationship didn't go very far.

Krusty's profligate spending has resulted in encounters with the local Mafia, not to mention schemes such as running a clown college to turn out proxy Krustys to appear at birthday parties, and running a concentration camp-like summer camp called "Kamp Krusty". He willingly sells out to commercial interests to sell all manner of second-rate goods – he even has a generic spoken endorsement: "I heartily endorse this e-vent or product!". His lack of care towards the quality of his merchandising is evidenced by the little attention he pays to the names of events he stars in: his Christmas show, "Krusty Kinda Kristmas"; his TV special, "Krusty Komedy Klassics"; and a tennis tournament he sponsored, the "Krusty Kharity Klassic" all use the unfortunate acrostic "KKK" (as in Ku Klux Klan). Unfortunately, the only instance of this he notices is the TV special, and that was only because the initials are shown behind him. In a hindsighted booking decision, Krusty was live at the Apollo Theater at the time. He also owns a toy factory in China that manufactures Krusty-brand toys, where a huge painting of him stares down at the workers, and a recorded message from him -- "Laziness is counter-revolutionary!" -- is played repeatedly to encourage the employees to work harder.

In 2003, Krusty was elected to the United States House of Representatives as a Republican (though he once joked of voting for Bill Clinton in 1992 whilst campaigning for the GOP). A year later, he served on a House committee to investigate Ziffcorp – run by one Artie Ziff until he lost 98% of the company to Homer for corporate malfeasance. Apparently back in showbiz (despite having retired several times), he balances a political career with his local cable shenanigans.


Groundskeeper Willy


Wikipedia wrote:Groundskeeper Willie is a fictional character in the animated television comedy The Simpsons, voiced by Dan Castellaneta. He is the school's groundskeeper, with a head of receding flaming red hair and an outrageously exaggerated Scottish accent. He consumes strong Scotch whisky from a flask he keeps on his person. His years of heavy work have given him an amazingly muscled physique. It has been observed many times, notably when he dug into a well to save Bart, who had fallen in during a scheme gone wrong, the time he rescued the boy--again--from a marauding timber wolf by wrestling it into submission, and an occasion in which he had to crawl through ventilation shafts to retrieve Santa's Little Helper. Needing some assistance to get through the narrow tunnels, he turns to Lunchlady Doris to coat him with oil, with the memorable lines, "Lunchlady Doris, Have you got any grease?" She replies by saying, "Yes. Yes we do." Willie bellows "Then grease me up, woman!" as he dramatically tears his shirt open, to which she replies, "Okey-dokey." Bart, however, isn't the most grateful child, and is more than willing to make the man the butt of frequent jokes. One of these pranks, involving creamed corn and a pump, actually destroyed Willie's tarpaper shack on the edge of campus and broke his leg; Wille sought a violent revenge, and it was up to Lisa to smooth things over.

Sometimes, Willie wears a kilt. He does not, however, wear anything under the kilt - the mark of a true Scotsman. At Scotchtoberfest, Bart attaches a number of balloons to Willie's kilt. This led to the kilt flying up. The gathered crowd gasped, and one woman fainted. In response, Willie cried, "Ach! 'Tis no more than what God gave me, you puritan pukes!"

In the second part of "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", Willie has his kilt on while being interviewed by the police. During the interview Willie uncrosses and then recrosses his legs. In response, the officers point a gun at Willie with a warning to stop doing that. The scene was a spoof of Sharon Stone's interrogation scene from the film Basic Instinct.

In the episode "Monty Can't Buy Me Love", Willie is re-united with his mother and father on the banks of Loch Ness, Scotland, where Mr. Burns leads a successful expedition to catch the Loch Ness Monster - Nessie - and bring it to Springfield.

According to Superintendent Chalmers, Willie is an escaped patient from a mental hospital that Skinner hired. According to Willie, he has worked at the school for 20 years, just as long as Principal Skinner, so he was likely hired soon after Skinner got his job.

At one time, Willie was engaged to Sherry Bobbins (a parody of Mary Poppins), until she recovered her eyesight--at which point, in Willie's words, "suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn't good enough for her anymore."

Willie's hobbies include videotaping couples in cars, something which proves to the benefit of Homer Simpson when he is later wrongfully accused of sexual harassment. He says America thinks it's wrong but every Scotsman does it.

Willy drives a tractor most of the time, the make of which is also Willy. However he also owns a James Bond-esque sportscar that runs on high octane fuel and has a built in television transceiver.

Willie has an older cousin named Gravedigger Billy.

Willie's nationality is also hinted to be the cause of his hostility. Example:

Willie: "Brothers and sisters are natural born enemies! Like Englishmen and Scots! And Welshmen and Scots! And Japanese and Scots! And Scots and other Scots! Lousy Scots! They ruin Scotland..."
Skinner: "You Scots sure are a contentious people."
Willie: "You just made an enemy for life!"

It was recently revealed that Willie's personal enemy is another Groundskeeper that speaks with a heavy Irish accent: Seamus. The two blame each other for whatever goes wrong with their lives, and engage in fistfights every now and then. Seamus looks a lot like Willie, except that he is taller and thinner, and wears a hat.

At the elementary school in the adjacent town of Shelbyville, there is a female groundskeeper who strongly resembles Willie

In Lard of the Dance Homer pretended to be a Scot to distract Willie and said he was from "North Kilttown". Willie responded: "Noo fooling, I'm from North Kilttown! D'ye know Angus McLeod?" This goes on until Homer accuses Willie of not being Scottish. At that point Willie realized what Homer is up to and, enraged, physically attacks him, accusing him of stealing his "retirement grease".

Willie claims to be deaf from a mishap with a boiler and reads lips (though somewhat unsuccessfully). He also revealed in a recent episode that he wears contact lenses.

One of his best-known quotes is "There's nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman!".

He was featured once in a Treehouse of Horror episode as a Freddy Krueger-like killer that stalked the Springfield Elementary Students in their dreams, and in another episode which parodied "The Shining", he was killed by an axe blow to the back by Homer (like actor Scatman Crothers in the film).
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Postby logan » Fri Oct 28, 2005 11:42 am

willy ;-D
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Re: BSSC Round 2 - Krusty vs. Groundskeeper Willy

Postby chris8 » Fri Oct 28, 2005 12:16 pm

Wikipedia wrote:

Willie: "Brothers and sisters are natural born enemies! Like Englishmen and Scots! And Welshmen and Scots! And Japanese and Scots! And Scots and other Scots! Lousy Scots! They ruin Scotland..."
Skinner: "You Scots sure are a contentious people."
Willie: "You just made an enemy for life!"

Can't possibly have an Englishman voting for a Scot! ;-) Krusty for me!
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Postby bigken117 » Fri Oct 28, 2005 12:43 pm

What was the line? "I don't want to fight, but my fists have been drinking all day" something like that. Go GKW!!/baseballcafe

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Postby Half Massed » Fri Oct 28, 2005 4:04 pm

Willie, you cheese eatin' surrender monkeys!
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Postby pokerplaya » Fri Oct 28, 2005 4:18 pm

Go Willy! Hope he wins the whole thing!! ;-D
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Postby curious_george_43545 » Fri Oct 28, 2005 4:25 pm

willy, I guess
Go Braves!
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Postby Pablo975 » Fri Oct 28, 2005 6:11 pm

Krusty is probably more important to the show, but....Willie is just written waaaay too funny.
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Postby go_jays_go » Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:06 pm

Willy. ;-D
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Postby prodpaul » Fri Oct 28, 2005 11:00 pm

Don't Blame me I voted for Krusty. :-D
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