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BSSC Round 2 - Chief Wiggum vs. Ned Flanders

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Wiggum or Flanders?

Poll ended at Fri Oct 28, 2005 11:19 am

Chief Wiggum
Ned Flanders
Total votes : 30

BSSC Round 2 - Chief Wiggum vs. Ned Flanders

Postby ironman » Wed Oct 26, 2005 11:19 am

Chief Wiggum


Wikipedia wrote:Chief Clancy Wiggum (voiced by Hank Azaria) is a fictional character from the TV show The Simpsons.

Wiggum is the archetype of a dopey doughnut-eating cop, who is also not overly concerned with constitutional rights, being pushed to absurd levels. He has pig-like facial figures (pig being a common epithet directed toward police officers). Wiggum once complained that Sideshow Bob once called him "Chief Piggum". He is disturbingly uninformed on several issues ("Some Chinese people claimed they were celebrating New Year's in February ... good food though.") and flaunts his power, albeit with good intentions most of the time. He does not get along well with Mayor Quimby. He is generally incompetent, but is often assisted by his more intelligent (but still quite lazy and often rather cocky) "top (and only) cops" Lou and Eddie who usually accompany him. He exhibits a great lack of knowledge of Springfield's laws and often quotes sayings from the police handbook which cannot actually be found in the book ('like the book says, if you can't beat them, join them'). His early attempts to get into the Police Force were unsuccessful on account of his asthma, so he took a job as a campus security guard at Springfield State Universityfor. Wiggum was present in one of the University's germ research labs (run at that time by Prof. C. Montgomery Burns) when Mona Simpson and the hippie activist group she was part of sabotaged the germ experiments. Wiggum inhaled the fumes, which had the pleasant side affect of curing his asthma, but had no affect whatsoever on his acne. This allowed him to pursue his ambition to become a professional police officer, a position he recieved by being handed the badge on the street. Clancy's voice is based on that of Edward G. Robinson. He is the husband of Sarah Wiggum (whom he met when arresting her for possession of drugs that he planted on her in order to "make her notice him") and father of Ralph Wiggum. His relationship with Ralph is surprisingly loving and possibly redeems his otherwise lazy and self centred character.

Wiggum does not use his police handgun in a safe manner, nor is he a very good shot. There are many examples of his abuse. These include:

* Firing into a cloud on a city street.
* When Joan Rivers told a joke about him over the TV, he attempted to shoot out the TV screen by firing his gun three times. The shots all missed, but woke up his wife, who said, "Clancy, use the remote."
* Using his handgun to crack open nuts, then firing his gun at a nut when he was unable to crack open the shell of that nut.
* Attempting to shoot the Third Dimension.
* Using a shotgun to shoot a piñata, but with a blindfold: "Am I getting warmer?"
* At the wedding of Sideshow Bob and Selma Bouvier, he left his handgun on the table with the wedding cake.
* In Treehouse of Horror 15, he lent his handgun to Homer instantly upon request.

Wiggum's incompetence is brilliantly showcased in "Homer's Triple Bypass." In a parody of FOX's Cops, Wiggum investigates a cattle rustler and uses a tank to knock down the suspect's door ... only to find he has the wrong house. The occupant, Reverend Lovejoy, is very angry, especially since the cattle are in the neighbor's yard. Snake, the suspect that Wiggum is after, is able to make a clean getaway; Wiggum fails to give a coherent description of Snake or his direction of travel ("The suspect is hatless! Repeat, hatless!")

Wiggum also fails to comply with his police duties in a real emergency. In one episode, he refused to believe calls from people saying that an elephant (Bart's pet elephant Stampy) destroyed their property. After two calls, he thought a call reporting a "liquor store robbery in progress, officer down" was also a fake call. In another episode he mocks people who come in to report crimes to him by telling them he will "write on his invisible typewriter". This includes a man with a lighter saying "I just torched a building down town and I'm afraid I'll do it again." He also is unsure where our system of justice based on the idea that a man can change. He may also be apart of an enitre corrupt institute that is is the springfield police ( his badge says "cash bribes only").


Ned Flanders


quote="Wikipedia"]Ned (short for "Nedward") Flanders is a character on The Simpsons, voiced by Harry Shearer. Ned, along with the rest of his family, is a devout Christian, and is often used to satirize the "niceness" of doggedly upbeat born-again evangelicals. Homer once said that Ned is even holier than Jesus. Ned Flanders is named after Flanders St. in Portland, Oregon. Simpsons creator Matt Groening is originally from Oregon.

Ned has the habit of attaching "diddly" and other nonsense phrases to sentences ("Hi-diddly-ho"). He quit his earlier career as a pharmacist to open a store in the mall called The Leftorium, which specializes in products for left-handed people. Ned presumably named his sons Rod and Todd because both names rhyme with God. (An alternate theory on their names is that they are meant to rhyme with Maude, their mother whose name also rhymes with God, whom Ned worships to the point of idolatry.) Despite an outward appearance of exceeding meekness, Ned has an exceptionally well-built physique under his sweater-vest. This is even more impressive upon considering that Ned is actually a very young-looking senior citizen at the age of 60 as evidenced in the season 10 episode Viva Ned Flanders. He also possesses a large "package" as featured in the shower scene of Homer's singles dating video made after Maude's death.

Ned was raised in New York City by two nihilistic beatniks whose terrible parenting skills made him a childhood terror. He was eventually put on an experimental eight-month spanking therapy program (the University of Minnesota Spankological Protocol) which taught him to suppress all feelings of anger. Also, all of the family's board games contain no dice, as Ned believes that dice are "wicked". Rod says that they just move one space at a time, as it is "less fun that way".

Despite his firm religious beliefs, Ned is quite timid and often insecure. He is obsessed with following the Bible as literally as possible, "even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff" and is easily shocked when someone challenges his beliefs. This leads to his frequent calls to Reverend Lovejoy ("I... I think I'm coveting my own wife!") who gets increasingly frustrated with Flanders ("Ned, have you tried any of the other major religions? They're pretty much the same"). His sons are very sheltered and raised in an extremely strict climate of Christian morality. Most entertainment enjoyed by the family involves religion in some way. For instance, the family has at least five different Trivial Pursuit sets relating to different versions of the Bible. One of his childrens' stories concludes "And Harry Potter and all his wizard friends went straight to hell, for practicing witchcraft." Also, though they have satellite TV, nearly all of the channels are blocked out. Despite all this, Ned still holds a special reverence for the Beatles, remarking to Homer: "Of course I was into the Beatles. They were bigger than Jesus!". He has collected many Beatles-related items, including vintage records, Beatles-themed soda pop, Beatles bobble-heads, and a cardboard yellow submarine.

Despite being timid, Ned Flanders can sometimes fight for what he believes in, e.g. when Homer and Bart became Roman-Catholic, which makes him also religiously intolerant: after having shaken a Catholic priest's hand in Episode 1621 (The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star) he made a "note to self" to get his hand "re-blessed". In the same episode, Bart also tells he wants to convert to Judaism, and Ned took out a bottle of chlorophorm. He also showed his "soft anti-semitism" in the episode "A Star is Born-Again", in a day-dream about Hollywood's wickedness: Rod and Todd are in a Mercedes with two gorgeous women and say that they're movie producers ...and jewish.

Flanders' religious denomination (along with that of Rev. Lovejoy) is a matter of much speculation among fans. In Simpsons Episode 6x21 (Where Bart and Homer become Catholic) Rev. Lovejoy states that they will bring Bart and Homer back to the One True Faith: "The Western Branch of American Reformed Presbo-Lutheranism".

There was a relative of Flanders who served in World War II. He was a superior to Sgt. Abe Simpson. (Note: When Abe threatened to report Pvt. Burns to Flanders, Abe indicates that his rank was commander, which is not a rank in the United States army)

Inspired by the character, Brianists use the term "Ned" to refer to Christians in general and Protestants in particular. A "Head Ned" is a pastor or priest.

Radio talk show host and cultural commentator Michael Medved often says that he was the inspiration for the character Ned Flanders. Medved notes such similarities as the glasses, the mustache, the sweaters, and the faith-based lifestyle (except that Flanders is a born-again Christian, while Medved is an observant Jew).

Ned is widowed from Maude Flanders and is currently married to a Las Vegas waitress named Ginger. After Ginger managed to track down Ned (Homer's Vegas wife did the same), Ned and his boys tried to reduce Ginger's "peppermint-ness" and have her embrace their Christian lifestyle. However, Ned's goody-goody ways drives her crazy and she flees.[/quote]
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Postby raiders_umpire » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:05 pm

tough one for me, but i have to go with chief wiggum

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Postby Coppermine » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:26 pm

Yeah, tough one indeed.

I had to pick Flanders just because he makes Homer funnier... Wiggum is a fantastic character, one of my favorites, but Flanders is just necessary.
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Postby StlSluggers » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:51 pm

Going on the "Which could the show go without" philosophy, I have to vote off Wiggum. The show doesn't need Clancy, but it sure as heck likes having Flanders.

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Postby bigken117 » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:55 pm

This should be a good one. I'll go with Stupid Sexy Flanders.!/baseballcafe

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Postby logan » Wed Oct 26, 2005 1:06 pm

wiggum. aonther one of my favorite characters .
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Postby curious_george_43545 » Wed Oct 26, 2005 3:23 pm

Go Braves!
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Postby daullaz » Wed Oct 26, 2005 3:38 pm

As much as I love Wiggum, I went with Ned. Sometimes Wiggum does things so outrageous to detract from the believablilty of the character. I've bever had that problem with Flanders.
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Postby mweir145 » Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:51 pm

Flanders is a huge part of the show, have to go with him, but it's close.
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Postby Half Massed » Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:53 pm

Wiggum's a more entertaining character than Flanders in my mind, although Flanders is more necessary to the show. Mmm, I think I'll go with Wiggum here.
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