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baseball video game?

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Postby PlayingWithFire » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:55 pm

acsguitar wrote:If you like playing constant 2-1 games go MVP

slider and datafile, darn it. :-°

change computer pitching accuracy to -40 and CPU ball rate to +30 and change your own pitching meter difficulty to -50 and pitching accuracy to -50.

That way you'll actually unintentionally walk people when you are not "on"
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Postby Half Massed » Sun Oct 30, 2005 8:21 pm

bigh0rt wrote:
wrveres wrote:
free wrote:
wrveres wrote:
bleach168 wrote:For realism, I recommend Out of the Park Baseball 6.

The game is so detailed, it's sick.

    Salary arbitration.
    After trading deadline, players must clear waivers if you want to trade them.
    Single A, Double AA, and Triple AAA minor league teams.
    40-man rosters.
    Rule 5 draft.

And then are the things that make the game fun and interesting while being rare enough that it seems realistic

    Players have a national and local popularity rating.
    Rain delays and double-headers.
    Japanese and defected Cuban players entering the league before free-agency.
    Off-season and spring training injuries.
    Player personality. Some players want to play for a winning team, some are greedy, and some simply hate your organization.
    Bench clearing brawls and ejections.
    Players sometimes come out of retirement and start a comeback.
    Play enough seasons and you will start to see Randy Winn Jr., Roger Cedeno Jr., etc. No guarantee they will make it out of the minors though.

Game is $20 and the expansion pack is $10.

I would love to get together 30 different owners and start a real league ..
I would gamble that within the ranks of the cafe, we could find enough players, if that is even possible.

sounds like the depth is there, but how is the game-play? i've really never got into playing any sports games on the pc :-?

i think this is more of a management game vs a "playing game" with joysticks and all. I have never played, but I have played many similar games ..

You would be precisely correct. The OOTP series is not like a console game. Its entire purpose is to act as the Owner/GM/Manager of a club (or several), manage finances, talent, etc. It's the ultimate sim baseball game. It has the 'coach' mode free asked about, where you basically just go pitch by pitch, and can decide what you want your batter/runners/fielders to do, etc. I've participated in several on-line leagues, where 30 real humans will control their team, trade with other owners, etc. etc. It's a complete blast, if you find a strong league not run by kiddies and the like. I imagine if the Cafe got the masses to purchase the game, it would put together one heck of a competative league. I'd love to see a fictional one run, myself, to see how guys deal when familiar names aren't attatched. I always found fictional leagues to be much more fun than MLB leagues; current ones at least. I once did a league called MLB '85, where we started our league with the 1985 roster set and played it from there to see how it would all work out. Great fun.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Looks like a better version of Baseball Mogul, which I used to play and got really into. I'd be down to try that with a Cafe league too. I might get it anyways now. Thanks for the info on it ;-D
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Postby da1chipo » Sun Nov 06, 2005 9:58 pm

I just got OOTP 6.

Is there any way to make the sims go faster?
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Postby bleach168 » Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:39 am

da1chipo wrote:I just got OOTP 6.

Is there any way to make the sims go faster?

Upgrade your computer? :-D

P.S. I'm down for a league if you guys set one up. I've been playing for a couple weeks only. I think I got the hang of it though.
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