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made some moves. Anything else I need

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 6:00 pm
by ja515y
currently in 5th. 13 points out of 1st in roto.

low in- avg., runs,
mid pack in - Hr, rbi, sb, k's, whip, saves
good in- wins, era

+80 innings pitched

12 team roto yahoo+ league, non-keeper

C- Posada
1ST- D. Lee
2ND- C. Utley
3RD- M. Ensberg
SS- É. Rentería
OF- G. Jenkins BN- M. Holliday
OF- C. Beltran BN- W. Taveras
OF- J. Damon
Util- T. Helton

SP- F. Hernandez, L. Hernández, R.Halladay,
R. Johnson, J. Blanton
RP- H. Street, U. Urbina , B.Looper, T. Gordon, J. Valverde. DL- K. Foulke