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PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2005 8:08 pm
by Registered_Guest
Funny thing is, I don't see a move they can make that will definitely help them.

Neifi was solid for awhile, but now is back to showing he's a utility guy. Nomar's expected back, so we won't look to upgrade there. Aramis/Lee/Walker/Barrett are fine. Hollandsworth's a 4th OF, but he's going to play vs. all righties anyhow with Baker here. Hairston is fine with me. Burnitz will always be fine with me (look where we'd be if we had Sosa :-o

I'd fire the hittng coach or something. For the life of them, they suck against soft tossers. Everyone other than Lee and Walker has been swinging at the 1st pitch. They looked better in Florida (at seeing more pitches -- especially Barrett (who had 5-6 walks; while having like 13 all season previous to those).