Coping with the all-star break...

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I got some sleep, but before I did that I looked at the Games Played and Innings my team was on pace for and saw that I had too many OF and not enough C games, so I cut Wily Mo Pena for Bengie Molina. I also looked at the standings and figured out what I should trade for and what to trade away as half a season is a significant sample size to make more accurate Standings projections with.

And I also picked up Brandon Claussen.
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bigh0rt wrote:
Atrophying Testicles wrote:Hold midseason owners meetings at the bar to watch the homerun derby and discuss trades. Also since my private league with friends from high school is transaction fee based we give a 3 day period where transactions are free to retool your team for the second half and for the bottom dwellers to have time to improve their team without spending money on a lost cause.

Other than that, we do it to have a reason to go to the bar and get drunk. Personally, I'm using it as a reason to claim victory at the season's midpoint.

That's a great rule, and the first of its kind I've ever seen. I'm going to run that by my league as we revamp and expand upon our 7 year keeper league. Thanks! ;-D

My pleasure. It somehow got turned into a full week last night while we were all wasted after I claimed it didn't matter what they did, noone could catch me. Then I went home and stashed Brandon Lyon on my DL and picked up Jhonny Peralta to rot my bench so noone could have him out of spite.
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Have my leaguemates (friends) over for the all-star game and try to get some trades done.
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hmm.....what do I do when there is no baseballl?

Dream about baseball....
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Catch up on sleep (those west coast games take their toll after a while) and play MVP. ;-D
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handle early fantasy football business:

-draw draft order picks
-set a draft date

;-D :-D B-)
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I take advantage of the opportunity to get caught up on what's going on in the WNBA.

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Open a window ..
Go Outside!

That sort of thing :-o
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_Simulacrum_ wrote:I take advantage of the opportunity to get caught up on what's going on in the WNBA.


:-D ;-D :-D :-b
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I went outside and there was this big, bright yellow thing in the sky. It was weird...
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