Top Five Best 1-2 Punches in Baseball

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Post by AT »

gabenterprises wrote:I'm a huge Sox fan and I love Ortiz and Ramirez, but I'm surprised nobody is arguing for The Yanks 1-2 as equal. I guess its all about the big game/big AB hit that guarantees Ortiz and Ramirez the lead, huh? Rodrigues and Sheff lack the number of game winners...

If it were a big game question I'd rather have Matsui and Sheff than either of them and ARod. Yanks building a rally against Cleveland on Saturday after a 3 run 8th inning bomb by Matsui, Bernie singles on first pitch, Jeter reaches...Cano can't get the bunt down, screws up a hit and run (which joe should've been shot for calling) and hits into the preverbial 4-6-3. Womack moves to 3rd, Sheff gets a walk, and sure enough...ARod on the first pitch grounds out lazily to short with the tying run on 3rd, the winning run on 1st and 2 out.

Moral of the story. I was literally screaming for Matsui to have been at the plate there.

Yankees 1-2 of clutch hitting is Matsui and Sheff. I'd put them just behind Ortiz and Manny.
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Post by MMoNeY24 »

I was actually talking about this yesterday with my buddy...

Best 3-4 Hitters:

1. Ortiz/Manny
2. A-Rod/Sheff
3. Guererro/GA
4. Pujols/Edmonds
5. Blalock/Tex
6. D-Lee/Aramis
7. Delgado/Cabrera
8. Mora/Tejada

Best 3-4-5 Hitters:

1. A-Rod/Sheff/Matsui
2. Pujols/Rolen/Edmonds
3. Blalock/Teixeira/Soriano
4. Mora/Tejada/Palmeiro
5. Abreu/Thome/Burrell
6. Ortiz/Manny/Nixon?
7. Delgado/Cabrera/Lowell
8. D-Lee/Aramis/Burnitz
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No love for them Braves huh? Jones/Jones will be pretty damn potent in a couple of weeks or so.
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Post by 9er Fan »

What about Lugo/Huff? :-°
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12 team 5x5 roto
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Post by George_Foreman »

ReginaldVelJohnson wrote:Everyone is forgetting Mora/Tejada.

yeah. i'd put them right behind pujols/ednumnds (although jimmy is hitting in the 2-hole nowadays....)
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Post by HAC Wolves »

If healthy i Rank em

A Rod/Sheff
M CAb/Mora
D Lee/A Ram
Jones/Jones in the ATL
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Post by RugbyD »

No love for Patterson/Perez? shame shame....
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Post by Tavish »

Right now I'll take Ortiz/ManRam, by the end of this season I'll take my blind neighbor/Bonds.
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Post by beltrans_boy »

Tavish wrote:Right now I'll take Ortiz/ManRam, by the end of this season I'll take my blind neighbor/Bonds.

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Post by Strasil42 »

Atrophying Testicles wrote:If this were 1-2-3 there is no comparison to Sheff, ARod, Matsui. Otherwise it has to be Manny and Ortiz.

;-D ;-D
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