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Went from 1st to 3rd and struggling (Will answer yours!)

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Went from 1st to 3rd and struggling (Will answer yours!)

Postby rudeswings » Fri Jul 08, 2005 1:37 pm

I was in 1st place until the end of April and since then, I've been on a steady decline (or the other teams have been on a steady rise)! I know my team looks good for the rest of the season, but now that we're at the halfway, I'm starting to get a little antsy. Am I just panicking too soon and just need to wait out the slump, or am I really in trouble?

The 1st place guy is standing strong at 40.5 points and keeps rising daily, the 2nd place guy is steady at 37, and as for me, I seem to keep dropping at 32 points.

This is only a 5 team league, so I know trends, streaks, and what not REALLY affect the standings from one month to another, but I don't want to slide into a point of disrepair.

I've been struggling in HR's, RBI's, AVG, K's, and WHIP practically all season long.

Also been trying to trade for another big ace, but keep getting no response (even for outrageously great deals), so I think I'm just gonna have to look to the free agents.

I'm a real newb also, so please leave some detailed advice, THANKS!! Also LEAVE YOUR LINK TOO!!

Here's how it looks:

I'm in a 5 team Yahoo roto league, no keep, day 2 day changes

Stat Cats: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

MY TEAM's roster (as of 7/8/05):

    C J. Posada (NYY)
    1B T. Helton (Col)
    2B A. Soriano (Tex)
    3B M. Ensberg (Hou)
    SS F. López (Cin - 2B,3B,SS)
    OF V. Guerrero (LAA)
    OF J. Damon (Bos)
    OF C. Crawford (TB)
    Util B. Roberts (Bal)
    BN J. Edmonds (StL)
    BN C. Lee (Mil)
    BN P. Konerko (CWS)

    SP D. Willis (Fla)
    SP J. Garland (CWS)
    RP B. Ryan (Bal)
    RP C. Cordero (Was)
    P B. Lidge (Hou)
    P M. Morris (StL)
    P S. Shields (LAA)
    BN R. Oswalt (Hou)
    BN M. Buehrle (CWS)
    DL E. Bedard DL (Bal)
1ST PLACE TEAM's roster (as of 7/8/05):

    C I. Rodríguez (Det)
    1B D. Lee (ChC)
    2B C. Biggio (Hou - 2B,OF)
    3B Á. Rodríguez (NYY)
    SS D. Jeter (NYY)
    OF A. Dunn (Cin - 1B,OF)
    OF B. Giles (SD)
    OF A. Jones (Atl)
    Util D. Ortiz (Bos)

    SP M. Clement (Bos)
    SP M. Mulder (StL)
    RP M. Rivera (NYY)
    RP E. Guardado (Sea)
    P B. Myers (Phi)
    P C. Zambrano (ChC)
    P R. Clemens (Hou)
    BN C. Lee (Cle)
    BN P. Martínez (NYM)
    BN J. Schmidt (SF)
    BN B. Zito (Oak)
    BN J. Beckett (Fla)
2ND PLACE TEAM's roster (as of 7/8/05):

    C V. Martínez (Cle)
    1B A. Pujols (StL)
    2B J. Reyes (NYM)
    3B H. Blalock (Tex)
    SS R. Furcal (Atl)
    OF B. Abreu (Phi)
    OF M. Ramírez (Bos)
    OF M. Cabrera (Fla)
    Util M. Mora (Bal)
    BN E. Chávez (Oak)
    BN A. Ramírez (ChC)
    BN C. Delgado (Fla)
    DL B. Bonds DL (SF)

    SP M. Mussina (NYY)
    SP F. García (CWS)
    RP J. Isringhausen (StL)
    RP T. Hoffman (SD)
    P C. Carpenter (StL)
    P B. Sheets (Mil)
    P B. Webb (Ari)
    BN F. Cordero (Tex)
    BN T. HudsonDL (Atl)
    DL A. Benítez DL (SF)
TOP FA BATTERS (as of 7/8/05):

    C. Floyd (NYM)
    H. Matsui (NYY)
    J. Bay (Pit)
    R. Sanders (StL)
    J. Guillén (Was)
    C. Figgins (LAA - 2B,3B,SS,OF)
    K. Griffey Jr. (Cin)
    G. Anderson (LAA)
    J. Dye (CWS)
    Lu. González (Ari)
    D. Dellucci (Tex)
    S. Green (Ari - 1B,OF)
    D. Wright (NYM)
    G. Sizemore (Cle)
    J. Burnitz (ChC - OF)
TOP FA PITCHERS (as of 7/8/05):

    J. Bonderman (Det)
    C. Politte (CWS)
    D. Turnbow (Mil - SP,RP)
    C. Capuano (Mil)
    A. Burnett (Fla)
    D. Davis (Mil)
    C. Young (Tex)
    J. Crain (Min)
    T. Jones (Fla)
    D. Hermanson (CWS - SP,RP)
    A. Pettitte (Hou)
    K. Rogers (Tex)
    J. Duchscherer (Oak)
    D. Haren (Oak - SP,RP)
    P. Byrd (LAA)
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