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Your top 5 and bottom 5 baseball stadiums...

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Postby Longshot » Mon Jun 09, 2003 10:34 pm

I've only been to a couple, but I loved Safeco. What a greta field. It really has its own personality with so many things you dont realize unless you actually go there. The sound of the train horn every half hour or so (which always pisses off opposing pitchers. 10 points for facial expressions), the colors of the whole place and how every seat in the park seems to be perfect for watching the game. Also, the rain cover is really cool.

Living in San Diego, I can vouch for Qualcom being terrible. The Q is old and ugly with no personality whatsoever. Its all cement on the outside and its ugly on the inside. It was built for football so it has that akward oval shape that a ballpark shouldnt have. For Chargers games its a decent staium because of how gritty it is, but its terrible for baseball. Fortunately, PetCo park opens next year and it looks unbelievable. Its right in the middle of downtown and its made to look like an old school park. I can't wait for it to open.
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Postby Guest » Mon Jun 09, 2003 11:29 pm

Yankee Stadium has history, but it's not a nice stadium. It lacks character for a park that's so old. Plus, it's in the BRONX.
Wrigley has the most character of any park in the game. The new parks are nice, but they feel and look so superficial. It seems like they're trying to hard to feel like old parks, and they have too many gimmicks.

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Postby BobbyRoberto » Tue Jun 10, 2003 1:46 am

In response to Longshot: I live in Seattle and have been to Safeco many times. My experience is quite different from yours. I use a wheelchair and the wheelchair seating is terrible at Safeco. The 100 level seats are 41 rows back, under the 2nd-level overhang so you can't see the scoreboard or when fly balls go up in the air, with people standing and walking right behind me the whole game. It's terrible and one seat costs $45.00. The 300-level seats are nice enough, but still expensive, as are the concessions, and far away from the action.

I get really sick of hearing Dave Neihaus and Rick Rizzs constantly say, "Not a bad seat in the house." They should sit with me for a game. I was part of a season-ticket package for the Club level when the stadium first opened and the first game I went to, all I saw were the backs of the excited people standing up in front of me. I missed every run crossing the plate, I missed home runs going over the fence. It was a terrible experience. Since then, I gone to fewer and fewer games and have gone to more A-ball Everett Aquasox games.

The final years of the Kingdome had far better 100-level seats for wheelchairs.

As for other parks I've been to.

PNC is absolutely the best park I've ever been to. Everything about it was amazing, with the best part being wheelchair seating in the first row, down both sidelines, and for half the price of 100-level seats in the 41st row at Safeco. The park was beautiful, the food, as mentioned by others, was excellent. The atmosphere around the park was cool. I stayed in a hotel across the Roberto Clemente Bridge from the park and strolled over for the games I went to.

Jacobs Field was very nice also. It felt cozy and smaller than other parks. The 100-level wheelchair seating wasn't as great as PNC, but much better than Safeco.

And, going back some years, before I used a wheelchair, I went to Wrigley in 1989 and loved everything about watching a game there.

Another great park, but not a Major League park, is the AAA park in Indianapolis. Great view of the skyline.
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Postby Lepke » Tue Jun 10, 2003 3:56 am

The best ballpark ever was Robison Field.

It's had a roller coaster for God's sake!!!

Yet another reason why the St. Louis Cardinals are the greatest team...Ever.

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Postby DGroundhog » Tue Jun 10, 2003 8:45 am

Yankke Stadium is dump, and if you don't get mugged after the game, consider yourself lucky.

They should blow it up and build a stadium Upstate.

Shea at least has the history of partying on the pitchers mound.

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