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Dear Brian Cashman, get Terrence Long.

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Postby dimaggio5 » Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:14 pm

davidmarver wrote:
dimaggio5 wrote:
davidmarver wrote:
OK, I erred on the Finley and I’ll admit that and own up to it. However boy you can spin. SPIN SPIN SPIN. Half the facts half the story. A lil bit of information is a very dangerous weapon in your hands. What half decent player didn’t you name from the Royals? What was wrong with the production of these players from those Padres teams: Bubba Trammell, D Jimenez, Ron Gant, Burroughs, Rondell White, X Nady, Mark Loretta, Ricky Henderson? They Hit, Stole, Scored and Droves runs in didn't they? Say, you even had Tony Gwynn and Langford off the bench. Bay and Greene in 2003. That't not too bad. How can you even mention Mark Quinn and consider him to be “support” but yet not even consider Rondell White adequate for Kotsay. Was Bubba Trammell that much of a stinker? Gee the stats for those teams don’t look so bad? You’ve really reached for the bottom of the barrel with these straws. Let’s clarify some stats. First of all, seeing all those names from the Royals one can’t help but to be surprised why they hadn’t won the AL Central given all that talent. But upon closer examination of all those players, they were Royals but at different times. Some were not yet established yet (Sweeney) or were still rookies (Beltran). And what’s not shown in the stats was that Damon had Carlos Febles batting around him in the 9th or 2 hole from 99-2000. As for the 2001-03 Padres, I see a lot of names in front of Kotsay and Bubba or Nady behind him. That’s not too bad wouldn’t you say? Let’s look at Bubba’s numbers with the Padres. Looks like he produced for you guys.

If you honestly consider D'Angelo Jimenez, Sean Burroughs, half a season of Rondell White, Ron Gant, a rookie Nady, and 40-year-old Ricky Henderson as protection you have to be kidding me. Talk about spin there. Bubba Trammell had one nice year, yes, but never approached the year Gaetti had in KC or some of the years Palmer and King had.

Here's the # of runs Damon's teams have scored:
1996 Royals - 746 (Damon's first full season)
1997 Royals - 747
1998 Royals - 714
1999 Royals - 856
2000 Royals - 879
2001 Athletics - 884
2002 Red Sox - 859
2003 Red Sox - 961
2004 Red Sox - 949
AVERAGE - 843.88 runs

Here's the # of runs Kotsay's teams have scored:
1998 Marlins - 667 (Kotsay's first full season)
1999 Marlins - 691
2000 Marlins - 731
2001 Padres - 789
2002 Padres - 662
2003 Padres - 678
2004 Athletics - 793
AVERAGE - 715.86 runs

Now please tell me how Kotsay has had as much support as Damon when the teams Damon have been on have AVERAGED more runs scored than the most runs scored for any of Kotsay's teams. You cannot make that argument.

AL- DH, NL - Pitcher ;-7

That is your entire rebuttal...that the NL has a pitcher while the AL has a DH? Wouldn't that mean Damon would have better people batting in front of him (not a pitcher) and behind him? You just proved my point.

If you go back to my prior post which started this specific thread, I intentionally excluded mentioning his stats with the A’s and Bosox in order to avoid another round of “petty statistics” spinning so I focused only on the Royals and continue to do so.

Why are you putting petty statistics in quotations when it's your own quote? If you want to compare only the Royals offenses to Kotsay's teams go for it. It really isn't comparable. The Royals' offenses dwarf the Padres and Marlins teams Kotsay was on.

Your about as witty as my 3 month old niece after she's breast fed. Sharpen your reading comprehension skills and look back, I had already made two camparisons bright star you figure the other one out Bambi. ;-)

So you want me to sharpen my reading comprehension? You spelled comparisons incorrectly and the sentence(s) grammatical structure is terrible. Where was the baseball in that argument?

As far as the comparison of fielding stats between Kotsay and Damon, not to be mean here but Who really cares. It’s so insignificant and extremely petty. Stadium dimensions, infield defense, outfield defense, night game, day game, flyball pitcher, groundball pitcher, game situations, team defense all play a part in contributing to stats. What’s next? How many times a game Kotsay farts in CF (10) compared to Damon’s (3)? Insignificant and Petty.

Who really cares? Every outfield assist he makes is practically a run saved, which is just as good as a run scored or produced. Not only does Kotsay throw runners out, but when the ball is hit to him, often times the third base coach will hold the runner because Kotsay is so good at throwing runners out. When was the last time a third base coach held up a runner when the ball was hit to Damon? C'mon now, that's very very very infrequent. Kotsay easily saves 15-20 more runs a season in the field in comparison to Damon...10 strictly through throwing out and at least another 5-10 through runners holding. This doesn't even bring fielding range into consideration yet. To completely disregard defense, as you have, is like farting (using your argument's basis) and not moving to avoid the smell.

There's a larger picture if you haven't figured it out already. :-?

Yes and fielding is HALF of it. Half of baseball is spent on offense, half on defense. While Kotsay makes up 1/9th of the offense, it's more than likely he makes up more than 1/9th of the defense seeing as he plays centerfield. It's possible that I am underestimating how important defense is.

The main focal point of this issue started with, should the Yanks trade for Kotsay yes or no and give the A’s their asking price of Duncan and Hughes yes or no. Nothing more nothing less.

No, the focal point was finding an alternative to acquiring Terrence Long. I'm telling you; Mark Kotsay is an above average centerfielder and would be a very good acquisition. The Yankees would be better with do you know Duncan or Hughes (there's no way Kotsay will cost both...probably not even one of them) will even produce at Kotsay's level? Duncan's a .272 career minor league hitter. Kotsay's major league average is higher than that. Yes, he is young and shows promise, but isn't that one point you argued against Kotsay? That he's just a 'promising' player; nothing more than "junk".

Only in your mind and world could you have arrived at these conclusions. The main focal point of THIS ISSUE. The issue between you and I that has extended this tired thread. Your honor I rest my case. I think the evidence shows that the plaintiff is an incompetent and mental BooB. Case dismissed. This now concludes our programing. (music...fade to black) Cut.

And you want me to sharpen my reading comprehension?
The main focal point of THIS ISSUE.

That is not a sentence.
The issue between you and I that has extended this tired thread.

That is not a sentence; it is a restatement of the previous 'sentence'.

How did you become a lawyer and what evidence have you presented? I am baffled :-? .

Please try to stay on topic here...why would Kotsay not be a good fit on the Yankees? Why is Johnny Damon such a better player? Please try to present to me why without calling me a "BooB" or re-telling the entire story of the 1996 and 1998 Yankees because, frankly, I have better things to do than argue with you if you aren't going to retain anything I've written.

Golly Gee, it took you a whole day to think of these whippy comebacks. Yep they be some zingers I recon. Your a real fart fella now don;t you forget that.

PS so I'm careless who cares..some folks actually have what's called a life.
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Postby dimaggio5 » Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:17 pm

Atrophying Testicles wrote:Mark Kotsay play some good baseball.

P.S. 1998.

Mark Kotsay play mediocre baseballl.

PS 1981-1992

It's not just the Tradition.....its Aura and Mystique
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