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I'm sure this has been discussed to death but....

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Postby baseball6791 » Tue Jun 28, 2005 2:56 pm

mkultra wrote:
j_d_mcnugent wrote:of course they know he juiced. everybody knows he juiced. he has already been exposed (to a certain degree) as a juicer. on top of that, THG wasnt banned at the time so MLB has no authority to ban bonds. if selig ever gave him that ultimatum bonds would just laugh in his face.

"We" know he juiced, but the public at-large doesn't necessarily think so. Barry Bonds is still seen as a role model by a lot of young kids. The MLB has no authority to ban him, but if there's ongoing public scrutiny (he either has a sub-par season or he pisses off management), he's going to be treated as tainted goods and kept out of the Hall of Fame, and no one's going to accept him eventually beating Hank Aaron for the home run crown.

I know that this is beating a dead horse (and I'm not challenging you, I'm challenging the idea of keeping Bonds out of the hall)... but Bonds's stats pre-2000:
8 Gold Gloves
7 Silver Sluggers
8 All-Star Appearances
Lone member of 400/400 club
445 HR
460 SB
1299 RBI
.288 Career BA
Top 5 OBP every year from 1990-1998, including 4 times as league leader
Top 5 SLG % every year from 1990-1998, except 1997, including 3 times as league leader
Top 3 in OPS every year from 1990-1998, including 5 times as league leader
Top 5 in HR every year from 1990-1997, including 1 time as league leader
Top 3 in BB every year from 1989-1998, including 5 times as league leader

If those are hall-worthy numbers I don't know what are...

As for this year, I think a conspiricacy theory is BS, the guy has just finally broken down now that he doesnt have roids to hold him up at his advanced baseball age. the giants/bonds are being secretive about it because they know that there is very little chance for him to come back, but they dont want the fans to know and lose intrest in the season all-together. If Jason Schmidt is traded it will be the final sign that Bonds is done for the year.
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Postby djack909 » Tue Jun 28, 2005 5:46 pm

Dumped him for Pat the Bat, before the 2nd surgery, and was called a fool. Thanx for the nice turn-around Pat. I said at the time I dumped him that he wasn't worth a DL slot. Thanx Pat. By the way, someone in my league is still wasting their only DL slot on that piece of garbage. Thanx Pat. Burrell 16 HR 60 RBI .291 and Eaton in the DL slot. Thanx Pat.
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Postby RAmst23 » Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:15 am

I don't think Bonds is faking anything, he just happens to be an idiot. Go to doctors on your own, have numerous surgeries, and keep your team out of the dark?
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