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Why is this team not dominating?

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Why is this team not dominating?

Postby Dabeej » Mon Jun 27, 2005 6:38 pm

I am currently in a 3-way tie for first place in a 10 team Head-to-Head Points League. The point modifiers are: R (1), 1B (1), 2B (2), 3B (3), HR (4), RBI (1), SB (2), BB (1), IBB (1), IP (2), W (10), CG (5), SV (10), H (-0.5), ER (-1), BB (-0.5), K (1)
I feel like I should be doing better looking at the competition. What should I do to sure up my team and separate myself from the pack. I use the bottom end of my rotation for FAs with two starts. My thinking is that I would like to trade for another top tier closer or stud 1B. Its a keeper league in which we keep 4 for next year. Here is my team and the two tied with me. Leave a link and I will help you! ;-)

My Team:
C M. Piazza (NYM - C,1B)
1B J. Morneau (Min - 1B)
2B C. Utley (Phi - 1B,2B)
3B H. Blalock (Tex - 3B)
SS É. Rentería (Bos - SS)
OF B. Abreu (Phi - OF)
OF M. Cabrera (Fla - OF)
OF J. Bay (Pit - OF)
Util M. Lowell (Fla - 3B)
BN J. Drew (LAD - OF)
BN A. Huff (TB - 1B,3B,OF)
BN K. Mench (Tex - OF)
DL C. JonesDL (Atl - 3B,OF)
DL N. GarciaparraDL (ChC - SS)

P Jo. Santana (Min - P)
P R. Oswalt (Hou - P)
P C. Zambrano (ChC - P)
P J. Nathan (Min - P)
P B. Ryan (Bal - P)
P D. Haren (Oak - P)
P M. Prior (ChC - P)
BN Ol. Pérez (Pit - P)
BN J. Contreras (CWS - P)
BN T. Jones (Fla - P)
BN S. Kazmir (TB - P)

Other 1st place team:
C J. Varitek (Bos - C)
1B T. Hafner (Cle - 1B)
2B T. Iguchi (CWS - 2B)
3B M. Ensberg (Hou - 3B)
SS B. Hall (Mil - 2B,3B,SS)
OF P. Burrell (Phi - OF)
OF C. Beltrán (NYM - OF)
OF J. Burnitz (ChC - OF)
Util T. Glaus (Ari - 3B)
BN V. Wells (Tor - OF)
BN P. Wilson (Col - OF)
DL M. BradleyDL (LAD - OF)

P P. Martínez (NYM - P)
P J. Smoltz (Atl - P)
P J. Isringhausen (StL - P)
P C. Young (Tex - P)
P B. Myers (Phi - P)
P C. Reitsma (Atl - P)
P J. Moyer (Sea - P)
BN A. Harang (Cin - P)
BN J. Lieber (Phi - P)
BN T. Walker (SF - P)
BN B. Radke (Min - P)
BN G. Mota (Fla - P)
DL C. SchillingDL (Bos - P)

Final 1st Place team:
C J. Posada (NYY - C)
1B A. Pujols (StL - 1B)
2B B. Roberts (Bal - 2B)
3B E. Chávez (Oak - 3B)
SS D. Eckstein (StL - SS)
OF I. Suzuki (Sea - OF)
OF S. Green (Ari - 1B,OF)
OF T. Nixon (Bos - OF)
Util S. Rolen (StL - 3B)
BN C. Figgins (LAA - 2B,3B,SS,OF)
BN R. HernándezDL (SD - C)
DL C. Guillén (Det - SS)

P B. Wagner (Phi - P)
P D. Willis (Fla - P)
P R. Clemens (Hou - P)
P K. Millwood (Cle - P)
P K. Rogers (Tex - P)
P D. Davis (Mil - P)
P C. Wang (NYY - P)
BN B. Tomko (SF - P)
BN R. López (Bal - P)
BN J. Bonderman (Det - P)
BN J. Mesa (Pit - P)
BN C. Capuano (Mil - P)
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My opinion

Postby kbarre » Mon Jun 27, 2005 6:50 pm

I'd get rid of Contreras, who although wins games, is probably blowing up other categories, and go for some good young pitching. Since you're in a keeper league, can you call minor league prospects? That might be an option.

I think your team is better than the 2nd first place team, but the 3rd team is pretty solid.

I'd look at your pitching situation, especially since you're in a points league. Is Tejada (not miguel) available in your league? He's 2-0 with a negligible ERA. Ervin Santana from LAA, Also, if your trade deadline isn't up, go for Schmidt if you can still buy him low. I did that in my league and I think it's gonna pay off. Plus, look into upgrading at SS, IMO....Maybe I just don't like Renteria.

I think your team will be fine.....
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Postby Dabeej » Tue Jun 28, 2005 2:16 am

I have been thinking about dropping contreras for a while now and am really close to doing it. We only keep four so I probably wont even bother with minor leaguers or late season call ups. Those young guys are available but the question is more of the more immediate future. Thanks for you response.

Any other opinions???
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Postby WittyC » Tue Jun 28, 2005 5:06 am

I wouldn't mess with your staff... pretty solid top to bottom, even for a ten-team league. ;-D

My only guess as to why you aren't dominating is just bad luck. The Pujols team has as much or a little more pop in the lineup, but your pitching is far superior. The Beltran team will fade... don't sweat them too much.

Without hesitating, I saw your biggest weaknesses as being at C. Piazza has shown some flashes this year, but I'm afraid he's just too far gone to be effective... especially in a 10-team league.

As far as your best trading pieces go, you're in a tough spot. You have a who's-who of underacheivers at UTIL and on your bench in Lowell, Drew and Huff. Their fantasy values are pretty much nil right now, and you won't get much back in a deal involving them.

If you can get someone to bite on Lowell or Drew in a combo with Piazza, that would be your best bet. Aim high at first, and try to get Pudge. He's performed below expectations, but with Mags coming back he'll be solid in the 2H. If not, I think that Mauer could prove to be a big upgrade, even though he hasn't put it all together yet this season.

Overall, I don't think you'll need to change much to make a run at your league title, but you might want to consider ditching Lowell outright if you can't get anyone with an upside in return. In a 10-team league, he simply shouldn't be starting.

Good luck... looks like you've got a solid squad. ;-D
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Postby Dabeej » Tue Jun 28, 2005 12:15 pm

Thanks for your input. I have been suffering through Piazza wanting to make a move but really there isnt a huge difference in points compared to the other catchers that are owned. The best FA catcher is Barrett who is a possibility but I kinda see it as a wash. I just hope that guys like Huff, Morneau, Ollie and Lowell (who was a FA pickup) can turn it around.
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Postby BTOWNHESS » Tue Jun 28, 2005 1:04 pm

you have a very solid team, youre hurting now because of the sub-par first halfs from Blalock Santana and Oswalt, its ok though i see all 3 turning it around. The major problem for you should be picking your 4 keepers because of all the young talent

IMO you should probably keep

Santana, Oswalt, Abreau, MCab

or switch out Oswalt for Morneau

either way its a good problem to have..
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Postby Dabeej » Tue Jun 28, 2005 7:35 pm

Thank you for your thoughts. My thinking is that my keepers will be Johan, MCab, Abreu and probably Prior instead of Oswalt but we'll see. I just hope my slumping team can turn things around. ;-D
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your team

Postby cfkel33 » Wed Jun 29, 2005 1:44 pm

i like your team the best out of the three. your lineup is as solid as the third teams. wouldn't sweat the second team. they'll fade. i'd try to maybe send one or two of your bats for another front line pitcher. is there any team in your league who may be hurting offensively but can afford to give up an ace? seems like pitching is weighed heavily in your league which leads me to believe that you have a good chance of winning. but if you want to separate yourself, i'd try to get another big name hurler.

i mean you already have santana, prior, c zambrano, oswalt, perez, ryan. adding another pitcher would just be gravy....
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Postby Dabeej » Wed Jun 29, 2005 3:09 pm

Thanks for your input. What are some of the names that I should seek for my staff and for what cost. I pretty much dont want to trade Abreu and MCab as they will be the base of my offense down the line. I also can't see trading someone like Morneau or Huff as I don't think I could get good value for them. Any suggestions on how I could pull this off? Thanks. :-)
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