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Postby cordscords » Sat Jun 25, 2005 2:52 pm

14 Team, Standard 5x5, 11th Pick

1- Helton
2- Crawford*
3- Blalock
4- Peavy
5- Hudson
6. Dotel*
7- Halladay*
8- Ordonez
9- L. Castillo
10. Ryan
11. J. Guillen
12. Izturis*
13. Estrada
14. Penny
15. Gordon*
16. Byrnes*
17. Millar*
18. Eaton*
19. Reed*
20. Crain*
21. Polanco*
22. DeJesus*
23. J. Gonzalez*

*'d Players have been traded, or dropped.
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Postby baseball6791 » Sat Jun 25, 2005 3:24 pm

k, this sounds kind of interesting. bold players are still on my team (not too many of them :-b ):

1. Johan - felt very good taking him with the 8th pick. no regrets here.
2. Rolen - seemed good at the time, carried my team last year, could have had pedro, tex, mcab, ortiz, or sheff though :-t
3. Delgado - probably one of my worst picks of the draft, with tex, edmonds, and peavy all still available
4. M Giles - another bad pick, thought he'd return to his old form and give me a solid 2B, could have had jeter, clemens, oswalt, sheets, doc
5. Lidge - with closers flying off the board early and having a sentimental attachment to lidge from last year i went with him. dont regret it too much but there were some good players still on the board
6. Huff - a great bargin in the 6th round i felt... now if hed only start hitting, i could have had dunn, beckett, or DLee
7. Kendall - another position that was going fast, although i could have had glaus, doc, or dlee :-t
8. Mussina - starting pitching was thin, had only taken one pitcher to that point and figured mussina would get some wins :-t could have had DLee, doc, or burnett :~(
9. Drew - :-P could have had harden or sexson
10. Torii - good value in the 10th, traded him after his early hot streak
11. Otsuka 8-o i dont even know what i was thinking (we dont count holds)
12. Odalis perez - i felt like he was a pretty good pick for the 12th round
13. Crosby - needed a SS and he was still on the board
14. Wade miller - took a flier on him in the 14th, still hasnt proved me right
15. D Wright - one of my favorite picks of the draft, loving the kid and great value in the 15th round
16. Morris - took a chance, taded him early though :,-(
17. L Ford - ended up dropping him, could have had morneau, burrell, or BRob :~( not really anything interesting from here on out
18. Lawton - another bench OF who i dropped
19. Kearns - jumped on the bandwagon but it didnt pay off
20. McPherson - ended up dropping him when he got sent down
21. Sweeny - value pick of the draft ;-) although BRob got taken 2 picks later :~(

Rolen/Odalis/OCab (picked up when crosby went down) traded for Tejada/Loazia ;-D
Drew/Bonderman/Haren (picked up both off FA) traded for MCab/Burnett ;-D ;-D ;-D
Delgado/Morris/Mussina traded for Sheets/Drew/Myers (had a bunch of good 1B at that point, needed some pitching)
Giles/Giambi/Lowry (picked up the latter 2) traded for Dunn/Boone/Hafner as part of a 3 way trade ;-D ;-D ;-D
Hunter/Myers traded for Ichiro/Schilling 8-o 8-o 8-o
Ichiro/Boone/Burnett/Looper traded for Crawford/BRob/Hudson/Graves :-?
Hafner/Drew/Kendall/Graves/Loazia traded for Blalock/Renteria/Nathan
Dropped Kearns
Dropped Sweeny
Dropped McPherson
Dropped Ford
Dropped Lawton
Dropped Crosby
Dropped Otsuka
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Postby lildonut » Sat Jun 25, 2005 4:15 pm

I had the first pick of a 14 team H2H league draft.

1) Arod - Needless to say im happy with my pick.
2) Pedro - Great great pick for me
3) Nomar - hes a SS fell in love with his spring. bye bye 3rd round pick for the year.
4) DLee - Along with Arod was/is carrying my offense
5) Peavy - Been pitching great with a few rouigh patches, very happy
6) BWagner - happy with his production.
7) VWells - also thoguht hed have a comeback year, he was hot of late but seems to have cooled off again. ok pick
8) Morneau - Thought hed have a great year too. bad so far
9) Vasquez - Another person i though would turn it around this year, was doing well but has been shaky again his last few starts. happy
10) Mauer - thought hed be great too, injuries are a killer - not so happy
11) Finley - Turns out hes been injured snce day 2 of the season lol
12) Livan - was pitchnig great, turned him into harden
13) Wickman - has turn into a solid closer, no injuries yet
14) Womack - only one im mad at i honestly looked at brob here but i thought damn brob is platoonng and womack is playing for the yanks now. yay me
15) MBradley - was doing great for a 15 round pick before he got nijured.
16) ABoone - heh thought id take a risk on the sb's, had him for his few hr's early in the season before i dropped him
17) FThomas - thoguht id stash him for hr potential later in the season
18) Loaiza - been pitching really well now he just needs more wins
19) Baldelli - ya i learned you shouldnt try to stash 2 guys on the dl when you only have one spot hahahaha
20) DDavis - got impatient with him before he went on his hot streak lol damn.
21) Brazelton - young guy didnt pan out

Everyone 14 round and down except bradley and loaiza are gone. My early picks except nomar, and my to great late picks in bradley and livan have been carrying my team. with a few good ww pickups this year my team is doing pretty very well
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Postby George_Foreman » Sat Jun 25, 2005 4:32 pm

14-team cafe roto keeper league, 9th overall pick

1. Beltre - i realize i probably could have got him in the second round and his performance thus far is more like a 20th rounder, but i still like him from here on out. coulda had teix, but not really anyone else i was considering here.
2. schmidt - what can i say, major buy low candidate at the moment, IMO.
3. M Giles - some pop is returning to his bat; i had him pegged for a better year than soriano. whoops!
4. K-rod - i liked this pick and i still do. great numbers thus far, although injury hurt his playing time. it's good to have a stud closer locked up for the forseable future.
5. Vazquez - i have javy on all of my teams this year, and i liked getting him at this spot. despite those first three games, his numbers are respectable and should improve as the season goes on. halladay went before him this round, and i wish he'd have sliped. i coulda had D. Lee, but you win some, you lose some. ;-D
6. shawn green - okay, probably early again. oye, what a mediocre first half for him. jason bay or andruw jones would have probably been better picks.
7. brian giles - liked him then, like him now. he's been very good thus far, and everything i could have asked for from this spot.
8. c. cordero - i'm a frickin GENIUS! ;-7 seriously, though, with him and cordero, i think i have the best relief core in the league (especially with gagne down), and will for the next 5 years. kolb was the next closer taken, and dotel the one before.
9. kaz matusi - i traded up to pick this guy. can you believe that?? i traded UP to pick this guy. other people in the league were irrate that i had grabbed him before they could. this was probably my favorite pick coming out of the draft.... OOPS!! coulda had livan, BJ Ryan, or *cringe* mark burehle.
10. randy winn - didn't run as much as i had hoped...
11. luis gonzalez - this one turned out well. :-) although pat burrell 6 picks later would have been a better choice.
12. kris benson - decent numbers so far, and missed time with an injury. he'll be solid the rest of the way, IMO.
13. a. boone - well, he had a bit of a slump early on.... tadahito iguchi would have been a better choice.
14. lyle overbay - i'm really high on this kid, despite his recent struggles. i think he'll have a good second half and will be under consideration for keeper status.
15. randy wolfe - heh. ramon hernandez or wade miller would have been a better option.
16. mike cameron - he's been up and down. posting numbers in line with what i had expected.
17. cliff floyd - ;-D probably my best value pick of the draft. although gonzo comes close.
18. paul byrd - best value starting pitcher for me thus far. very nice ratios after a rocky start. i just wish he'd strike some people out! urbina, brazoban, and ted lilly were taken near this spot.
19. rick ankiel. :-o ryan freel is the man i should have taken.
20. kip wells - glavine, lowe, wells, and john thomson were taken after wells. thomson is the only one i might prefer, and he's been injured.
21. jorge julio - while he hasn't been traded in to a closer's job, his ratios have been pretty good. although today's drubbing by atlanta could change that. :~(
22. luis matos - ensberg was taken with the next pick. doh! haren and bedard were also near this pick....
23. b. molina - i waited until everyone else had a catcher then took a guy who's out-performed half of them. ;-D
24. Ryan madson - good numbers and 3 vultured wins are nice.
25. nick johnson - okay, i take it back. THIS was my best value pick of the draft. i didn't have him doing anythign like what he's been putting up, but i had him high enough on my draft board to be excited when i got him. go, nick! scott hariston, julio taveras, and kenny lofton don't even compare.
26. ryan klesko - i had to drop him recently, but he put up solid numbers while he was playing for me. better than catalanotto and choi.
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Postby Big Pimpin » Sat Jun 25, 2005 5:08 pm

8 team, Roto, 6x6 (Ks for batters, Ls for pitchers)-had 8th pick

1. Beltran (couldn't believe he slipped this far, maybe everyone else knew something I didn't)
2. RJ :-t (could have had Abreu...)
3. MCab ;-D ;-D
4. Thome :-t (could have had Tex)
5. M. Young ;-D
6. Ollie
7. VMart
8. Nathan
9. B. Wagner
10. Harden
11. Pods ;-D
12. Lowell :-t :-t - BROB WENT IN THE 12th ROUND!!
13. Mota :-t :-t :-t :-t
14. CPatt
15. Livan (traded CPatt and Livan for Sheets)
16. Tom Gordon :-t
17. Pettitte (traded him and Floyd and Overbay for Huff)
18. Wickman (traded him and Tino and Bay for Tex) -DLEE WENT IN THE 18th FREAKING ROUND!!!!!!
19. Berkman
20. Freel
21. Wilky
22. Barrett
23. W. Miller
24. Utley ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D B-)
25. Lugo
26. Otsuka

Some of these were reaches, some have panned out ok. Dropped Gordon, Freel, Barrett, Lugo, and Otsuka for guys like Floyd, Hinske, Bay, that I ended up turning into Tex, Huff, and Sheets, so that's been good.
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Postby Quadron » Sat Jun 25, 2005 5:29 pm

This team was autodrafted, so I guess I'll be analyzing Yahoo's performance in the 10 team 5x5 H2H league. I got 3rd pick.

V. Guerrero - Thank god he got back from injury
A. Ramírez
M. Teixeira - Playing 'mazing
R. Furcal - Steals, but his BA is pathetic
M. Giles - Where is the RBI?
B. Boone - Most overdrafted player ever. I dropped him.
C. Zambrano - Traded him and Greinke for Benitez and Odalis (ugh...DLs). He's a rollercoaster ride.
C. Patterson - Traded as part of a deal to get Manny. He's a hack.
R. Halladay - Traded straight up for Mulder before the season... ugh. He's doing pretty well.
B. Zito - Traded him.
M. Alou - LOL
M. Piazza - He's been doing nicely
C. Cordero - I sold him, but he's doing well.
Z. Greinke - He's up-and-coming, but has a high ERA and no run support.
M. Buehrle - Doing very well. Traded him and Jacque Jones for Mariano and Benitez.
J. Weaver - Ehhh. He's volataile
J. Rincón - Steroids boy. Near worthless in 5x5 H2H scoring.
P. Wilson - Dropped him. He's doing ok, I suppose.
J. Piñeiro - Ehh
Mi. Sweeney - Hurt
M. Lieberthal - Dropped him.
C. Blake - Psh.
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Postby silverZ » Sat Jun 25, 2005 6:21 pm

1. Tejada - 8th overal...a steal if you ask me
2. Ichiro - Hasnt been his usual self but not a pick i regret
3. Peavy - Another steal if you ask me
4. K-Rod - a full round after lidge,ryan,cordero and dotel...excellent pick i would say
5. Huff - WILL HE EVER HEAT UP?!? wish i had gone with blalock insted, hopfully he'll heat up in the 2nd half
6. Godzilla!! - Hasnt shown the power i've wanted but good runs and RBI
7. Kent - He slipt alot futher then i thought he would...i traded him for Halladay after his early season smash
8. Irod - Could have gotten varitek but meh
9. DLee - Biggest steal in fantasy baseball history.
10. Garcia - Hes been solid so far and a great 3rd pitcher
11. Wilkerson - Hasnt shown his power yet but he'll heat up
12. l. Walker - The vet hasnt been getting the AB's i thought he would...probably my worst pick.
13. Rincon - Hasnt been the same as last year..another bad pick
14. Lilly - What a bum. Burnett,Zito,Arroyo werent picked...damn my bluejays bias
15. j. Lane - He has a great start to the season but i dropped him over a month ago.
16. Tsao - never again will i draft a rockies pitcher.
17. Maddux - Traded him for hafner 3 weeks in..
18. Crisp - Good 5th outfielder
19. Lowe - Traded him for Mesa..
20. Millar - dropped him about 2 hours after the draft :-B
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Postby reiser » Sat Jun 25, 2005 8:49 pm

this is fun! ok, Cafe 12 team Keeper, trad roto (start 9 P, 13 Hitters) 5x5 (2nd Place currently)
Drafted at the end of the snake.
1. Crawford
2. MCab- not bad for a 13th and 14th pick. MCab compensates for Crawford's relative disappointment to date.
3. Nomar-risk/reward loser. wasn't a season killer thankfully.
4. Lidge-shaky start, back to Baby Gagne numbers.
5. Reyes- it's a keeper! he could be good! someday!
6. Harden- The best young pitcher in baseball not named Peavy?
7. DLee- I are a genius!
8. Berkman- the 1b eligibility is nice. thanks for the Wilkerson #'s.
9. A Jones- long suffering Andruw fan here finally breaks out.
10. Varitek- not big on spending high picks on catcher's, here's why.
11. Giambi-ok, i guess it was the steroids.
12 Castillo-big Castillo fan here, SB or no steals.
13 Escobar- get out there and pitch!
14 Maddux-15 wins, in the bag.
15 AJ Pier-numbers close to Tek.
16 V Castilla-thud.
17 Urbina-10 saves
18 G Atkins-eh.
19 Durazo-big disappointment here.
20 D Davis-bout what you expect out of the 250th player.
21 C Floyd- risk/reward winner.
22 Haren-impressive
23 Kotchman-unimpressive
24 Millwood-Peter Gammons says he has heart
25 W Williams-thought i might catch a wells/petco effect
26 Foppert-sucks
27 Gross-someone explain the blue jays to me.

all in all, a pretty good team. WW ppickups of Nick Johnson and DMac helped when Nomar went down. Offense is in cruise, winning depends on pitching for me.
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Postby WittyC » Sat Jun 25, 2005 9:42 pm

12-team h2h 5x5 league. Somehow, some way, this team is in first place... I was picking fourth.

1. Beltran - Dealt him for Tejada after three weeks. God I love owner loyalty.
2. Sheets - Early for him, but I don't regret it. Could have had Pedro. :*)
3. Chavez - No complaints. Slow start was tough to weather, though. Thought about taking Sheff here.
4. MGiles - Should have waited for better value late in the draft. :-t
5. Huff - See every other draft above. <img src=/forums/images/smiles/kiss.gif>
6. VW - I caught some heat for this pick. Hopefully the best is yet to come. D-Lee still on the board. :-t
7. Halladay - Single-handedly kept my team afloat. I have set up a non-sexual shrine to him. ;-7
8. Burnett - The only skill I have -- value pitcher picks. ;-D
9. Mota - Nearly pulled trigger on Andruw Jones, who went 2 picks later. :~(
10. SGreen - Eh? Thought he could break out at the BOB...
11. Kolb - Note to self: no more closers before 12th round. Ever. <img src=/forums/images/smiles/kiss.gif>
Let's skip to...
14. Morris - More value pitching... I can roll the dice on these guys, I swear.
15. Burnitz - Drafted by accident (ran out of time). For the first six weeks of the season, looked like my best pick wasn't even made by me. :-b
18-19. Eaton and Loaiza - Loaiza gets no cred for how good he's been. Can he get a win please? Should have dealt Eaton when he was hot.

That's about it for me. This team has been beating people up over the past month and I have a 9.5 game lead in my money league. Patience was key with this team.

The worst part is... I've been a huge D-Lee fan ever since he signed w/ the Cubs, but I just kept letting him go b/c I had drafted perenial slow-starters Chavez, Wells and Huff. Whoops! !+)
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