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Draft Analysis

Postby PlayingWithFire » Sat Jun 25, 2005 12:55 am

Just created this thread to let us who drafted our team at the beginning of the season analyse our draft half way through the season. Feel free to analyse mine :-)

Note to Mod: If you feel like this is the wrong forum, move it. Please, no web-hamster.

My draft.

1. Manny Ramirez--No one better is drafted any where close.
2. Todd Helton :-t --could have: ARam, Ortiz, Teixeira, M. Cab, Oswalt, Pedro.
3. Renteria--could have: Sheff, Edmonds, Dunn.
4. H. Blalock--could have took Peavy but no regret here
5. Reyes--no one. And I trade him for M. Giles anyway
6. Foulke--Turn him into a Gagne :-t (man, I thought it was brilliant.) Could have gone with Pods, D. Lee
7. Beckett--could have gone with doc the next round and go with Figgins.
8. V. Dub--no regret here. could have took C. Lee and Doc
9. B. Zito--eh, could have gone with... A.J. Burnett?
10. Vazquez--I am one of his biggest fan. Could go for Carpenter
11. Hunter--turned into a Huff. Could have: Chad Cordero, Buehrle, B-Rob, Freddy Garcia
12. Mesa--endless options here... But I traded him when he's hot for Foulke(after I traded Foulke for Gagne)
13. K. Griffey Jr.--Why did I drop him? could have: A. Jones?
14. Means less down here: Larry Walker
15. Jake Westbrook
16. Michael Barrett--Complete bust. Morris is available.
17. Jeff Bagwell
18. Raul Mondesi--Was my sleeper pick.
19. Bellhorn--you know how it turned out.
20. Contreras--Lost patience with him quickly.
21. Berroa--Fmr. Rookie of the year. Back-up for Renteria, both stinks.
22. Juan Gone--another sleeper. He's gone 2 days after I drafted him.
23. Bill Mueller--no comment.
Are you interested in joining a 28 teams dynasty league? If so, PM me.
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Postby beltrans_boy » Sat Jun 25, 2005 1:48 am

Interesting concept, I'll give it a try...the bold ones are the players currently on my team.

1. Tejada - 'nuff said. I got him 6th overall, and that was a steal
2. Rolen - Traded him before he got injured. Probably should've taken MCab or Teixeira in hindsight.
3. Pedro - Couldn't believe he fell this far. Too bad I traded him.
4. Huff - Terrible, terrible, could have had Peavy in this round...still waiting for that 2nd half surge
5. Dunn - He's doing everything he was drafted to surprises.
6. VMart - Turning it around as of late. Still satisfied with this pick, even though the numbers arent there yet.
7. Matsui - Can you find another .300 hitter with 30 HR potential in the 7th round? Didn't think so...
8. Burnett - Solid starter, no complaints here, would like a little more consistancy
9. Foulke - Ouch! But he's getting better, I think...
10. Wells - Nice value in the 10th round
11. Morneau - Nice upside in the 11th round, so far gamble hasn't paid off, but I think it will
12. Buehrle - VERY pleasant surprise here

13. Konerko - started out slow, but he's been en fuego lately
14. Wright - it killed me to trade this kid, but I got an offer I couldn't refuse.
15. BJ Ryan - VERY nice...has blossomed into a top closer
16. Casey - what can I say? Doing everything I drafted him to do, would like to see more power
17. K. Matsui - Ewww.
18. Morris - Great value in the 18th round with Morris
19. Greinke - Started off great, just couldn't keep him with those lashings.
20. Miller - OK, so he sucks...but I got him in the 2nd to last round
21. Byrd - He's been very solid for a 21st round selection
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Postby Arlo » Sat Jun 25, 2005 9:43 am

Just two picks for me this year: Batista at $16 and Affeldt at $11. Ya win some, ya lose some, I guess. Hey, hitting .500 isn't bad... :-D
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Postby DaQ » Sat Jun 25, 2005 10:18 am

14th pick, 14-team contract keeper league (pts weekly H2H). At the bottom of this post I listed some updates for my team.

1.) Miguel Cabrera - Franchise Player. Due to contract rules, I can have him as long as I want. Cabrera will be very valuable in this league at only 22. Stunned he fell so far - Tex was still there too.
2.) Randy Johnson* - Contract rules say 2nd pick gets the boot after the season. RJ was the best pitcher on the the time.
3.) Jake Peavy - Relieved he slipped this far - showing ace material so far.
4.) Mike Young - Very good SS at a weaker position. Valuable to my team and I've had him on my teams for three years straight (even in autodrafts :-o ;-D ).
5.) Justin Morneau - Young 1B. Battled by injuries and slumps so far, but should heat up very soon. Was the pick right after Derrek Lee.
6.) David Wright - Young 3B who is delivering now and has a ton of potential.
7.) Andruw Jones - Dissapointing until HR onslaught. Now he is a regular starter.
8.) Mark Buehrle - Best value pick by far.
9.) Jose Guillen - As long as he's focused, he is very good.
10.) Joel Pineiro* - Forgot to hit the draft button on the CPU and CPU took him for me (seriously). Looked good at the time, but I dropped him in late April and eventually picked up Carlos Sliva (I dropped a different player for Silva).
11.) Eddie Guardado* - Even though we count holds, I needed a saves guy and he was the one of the only ones left.
12.) Johnny Estrada - Younger catcher with some potential.
13.) Todd Walker* - Looked good until e got platooned and injured.
14.) Matt Holliday* Young OF in Coors
15.)Jerome Williams*
16.)Delmon Young - No one looked real great on the board and I was afraid someone would see Delmon up there.
17.) Phil Nevin - Nice backup 1B
18.) Juan Rincon
19.) Julio Lugo*
20.) Reggie Sanders - Valuable backup OF when I've had him in.
21.) Scot Shields
22.) Yhency Brazoban -Got lucky Gagne is hurt. May get traded b/c of recent changes in the bullpen.
23.) Tim Wakefield
24.) Joe Crede*
25.) Orlando Hudson - Needed a backup 2B and traded Kotsay for him in a draft-day trade (swap of last-round picks). May get booted soon.
MINOR LEAGUE DRAFT - Felix Hernandez, Jesse Crain (brought up by me), Alex Gordon

* No longer on the team (look below as well)

2.) Randy Johnson - I traded him for Jeremy Bonderman and a bit of cap $$. Has worked out so far.
10.) Joel Pineiro - After I had Lima for one start (Pineiro was on DL) and immediately dropped him, Pineiro was released after a few starts. Picked up Raul Ibanez.
11.) Eddie Guardado - With Sheilds, Brazoban and Crain sharing my starting RP roles (we have two), I traded Guardado and Lieberthal (picked him up just for the trade) for Ramon Hernandez and a little cap $$.
13.) Todd Walker - Dropepd him when he got hurt and platooned. Promoted Jesse Crain.
14.) Matt Holliday - Recently traded him for Placido Polanco.
15.) Jerome Williams - Dropped him when he got demoted. I picked up Carlos Silva. This has worked out well.
19.) Julio Lugo - Nice backup SS, but would never play with Young as mny starter. Traded him for Sexson since the other owner needed a SS. I used Sexson to trade for Brad Lidge as part of a 3-team deal.
24.) Joe Crede - Dropped him before the season started. Picked up Biggio.
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Postby AznHisoka » Sat Jun 25, 2005 10:37 am

My draft in a 16-team league

1. Carlos Beltran
Needless to say, he has been a bust. I traded him 3 weeks ago for Randy Johnson.
2. Gary Sheffield
Doing everything I expected. Could use a little more power though but I ain't complaining.
3. Roy Oswalt
Just solid. Pure solid. I can just plug and play with no worries.
4. Chipper Jones
He's good when he plays. But he's been a real disappointment.
5. Oliver Perez
The epitome of BUST. So far, it's 2 good, 3 bad picks.
6. Brian Giles
He's doing everything I drafted him for. I expect 25 hrs, 90 runs and a decent .280 average.
7. Jorge Posada
I'm pleased with his production. He ain't gonna hit 30 hrs and drive in 100 rbis, but 20 hrs and 70-80 rbis ain't shabby for a catcher.
8. Tom Gordon
Holds count and Gordon is getting his share of them. I still expect a couple more vulture wins from him before the season ends.
9. Phil Nevin
One of the reasons why I'm leading the league in RBIs. Just solid.
10. Coco Crisp
Another solid player for me. But I wanted more steals.
11. Akinori Otsuka
Not the lights out pitcher he was last year but has been good lately.
12. Lyle Overbay
Traded him for Greg Maddux after his hot streak that pushed his average to .370. Maddux has been ok.
13. Julio Lugo
By far, the best value pick of my draft. 20 steals, a good average, and a healthy amount of runs. This guy is underrated.
14. Raul Ibanez
Ditto here. Reason why I'm leading the league in hits. While others were getting Placido Polanco, I was getting a .300 hitter.
15. Scott Linebrink
Has helped keep my WHIP and ERA to respectability.
16. Damarso Marte
His WHIP has killed me and I expected more innings
17. Tom Glavine
Dropped him after 8 horrible starts
18. Omar Vizquel
has been a pleasant surprise. I expect 20 steals by the end of the season and a .280 avg, with 75 runs.
19. Salomon Torres
Dropped him.
20. Gil Meche
Dropped him.
21. Raul Mondesi
Cutted him
22. Steve Kline
Dropped after 1 day
23. Orlando Hernandez
Traded him for Sean Casey, who I later traded in a package for the Big Unit and Geoff Jenkins
24. Juan Gonzalez
This dude stinks
25. Junior Spivey
26. Dustin Mohr
It's the 26th round, what do u expect?
27. Tomo Ohka
28. Mike Remlinger
no comment.

The Good Picks
1. Sheffield at 2nd round
2. Oswalt at 3rd round
3. Brian Giles at 6th round
4. Phil Nevin at 9th round
5. Lugo at 13th round
6. Ibanez at 14th round

Bad Picks
1. Beltran at 1st
2. Chipper at 4th
3. Ollie at 5th

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Postby warrick95 » Sat Jun 25, 2005 10:46 am

Interesting concept...this is a standard 5X5 roto (12 team).

1(6): Alfonso Soriano, 2B: Very happy. Especially because this is a scarce position, I had Soriano in my top-5. I was a little worried that he might get taken right at 5, but the other guy thankfully went with Santana.

2: Mark Teixeira, 1B. It was a solid pick here, but probably because my options were limited. I was hoping for Helton. I ended up trading Tex, LaTroy Hawkins, and Joe Borowski for David Ortiz and BJ Ryan. Then, I dealt David Ortiz, Derek Jeter, Mike Lieberthal, and Jerome Williams for Bobby Abreu, Rafael Furcal, and Joe Mauer (my pick for catcher value pick this year). I needed SBs and am quite happy with how I made out, even with Furcal's horrific average. Abreu caught fire in Tex and Ortiz are doing their thing, too.

3: Derek Jeter, SS. Went with my position scarcity (MI) strategy. Jeter produced well for me when he was on my team (maybe nearly a month or so?), but I needed more SBs and pulled the trade.

4: Ben Sheets, SP. Damn ear infection. I'm still confident he'll be a top-5 SP for the rest of the year. He was a good value pick at 4, IMO, because coming into the season, I liked him more than players at the same position that were taken before him, like Hudson, Schilling, and Schmidt.

5. Mark Mulder, SP. Horrible pick right here. I was deciding between Mulder and Halladay. I thought Halladay would last longer because everybody was down on him, but boy was I wrong. I was stuck in the moment and dazed and thus picked Mulder. I regretted it immediately afterwards. Anyway, after Mulder strung together two or so good starts (the 10 IP one and another), I was able to deal him and Clint Barmes, who I had no use for, for Roy Oswalt. I'm a very happy camper right now.

6. Francisco Rodriguez, RP. Considering that I had him as the #2 closer on my board, I was overjoyed to get him here. I actually have him as the #1 now that Gagne's out. Closers taken before him: Gagne (2), Rivera (3), Lidge (4), Nathan (5), Foulke (5), F. Cordero (6). I ended up trading K-Rod, Glaus, Dempster, and Penny for R. Johnson and E. Chavez very recently. I still have four closers left and have 78 saves (17 over the next person...29 over the one after that). K-Rod's Ks will be missed, though. Hopefully RJ makes up for those.

7. Vernon Wells, OF. This was one of my favorite picks, but it seemingly hasn't worked out too well. But, I'm still in first place and think the best has yet to come with V-Dub.

8. John Smoltz, SP. I wanted Halladay here but ended up with Smoltz. At least I got him...because there was a giant gap between him and the next available SP.

9. Shingo Takatsu, RP. At least I got Hermanson afterwards.

10. Troy Glaus, 3B. Boom or bust pick and it boomed for me fairly well, as he didn't get hurt. Did as well as expected...power/no average. Traded him to improve my average. I have a lead of about 20 HRs anyway.

11. Preston Wilson, OF. He's getting hotter now. I dealt Rickie Weeks for Brad Hawpe in preparation for a Wilson trade, so I can still use the Coors factor.

12. Odalis Perez, SP. As my #4 starter, I was happy with this pick. He's been bothered by worriesome injuries all year, but now that I have a Big Four of RJ, Sheets, Oswalt, and RJ...with Lowe behind them, I can afford a shaky player here with a 1250 IP limit.

13. Joe Borowski, RP. After the other guy dropped Borowski, I was able to trade him, Burrell, and Brower (when he was rumored to be closing) for Barry Bonds. Please come back.

14. Mike Sweeney, 1B. I pick him every year and he goes on the DL every year. Solid player when he's in there.

15. Richard Hidalgo, OF. The third in my triumvurate of sleeper OFs (Wells, Wilson). My, they've done crappy. I started him all through April, then benched him through his minihot streak where he jacked six and then started him again because I thought he was hot again. I suck at playing streaks.

16. Pat Burrell, OF. What a pick, except I thought he wasn't for real in April and dealt him in May in the Bonds trade.

17. Brad Penny, SP. I thought this was a wonderful pick, but I threw him into the RJ deal. Lowe's relatively similar, perhaps fewer Ks, though.

18. LaTroy Hawkins, RP. Draft took place before JoeBo got hurt. I took him as a handcuff and dealt him in a nice trade.

19. Mike Lieberthal, C. Dealt him early. He's sucked and is inexplicably batting behind David Bell. Closser was my sleeper C pick. Glad I didn't get him.

20. Ryan Freel, Everywhere. Dropped him because he wasn't starting early on. At this point, I was afraid of my lack of speed. I was banking on Jeter getting around 20-25, which isn't a definite guarantee and depends on how well the Yankees play to need running.

21. Cliff Floyd, OF. Sweet. He's cooled down, but at least he's stayed healthy. I benched him for most of his hot streak, though, and have only gotten like a .270 player. I freaking hate playing streaks.

22. Mike Gonzalez, RP. Still on my team in hopes of a Mesa trade. His ratios have been disappointing due to injuries.

23. Jerome Williams, SP. Traded.

24. Jermaine Dye, OF. Dropped. Not bad.

I also dealt Yhency Brazoban for Travis Hafner, which I thought was great because Gagne was returning in a couple of weeks then. Not so great now, but I like Haf.

I picked up Clint Barmes and then dealt him. Barely got any production out of him either, because I was busy playing Richard Hidalgo. :-t

As you can see, my strategy mainly consists of aggressively pursuing trades with other teams. I'm not a great drafter or a great organizer, but come through with value trades that put my team over the top. I currently have an eight point lead in first place right now.
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Postby chris8 » Sat Jun 25, 2005 11:46 am

Great idea! Here's my draft in the H2H World Series - 10 team 6x6 (with OPS & Holds). Had the 3rd pick.

1) Alex Rodriguez No complaints here! Beltran & Pujols went 1 & 2, went with Arod, and very happy with his production.

2) David Ortiz 18th overall, took him over Schmidt, who was still available, and looking like the right decision. Had a great year so far.

3) Jim Edmonds The setup includes CF, OF, OF as the outfield positions, so with Beltran, Crawford & Pierre gone, I decided to grab Edmonds here to make sure I had a solid CF, and a slugging one at that, with the OPS category. Hasn't quite performed as I hoped, but hasn't been a bust either.

4) Curt Schilling Here is the first bust :-t . Took a chance on him, and I needed a supposed stud SP with 6 gone. Didn't work out - should have taken Peavy here instead.

5) Michael Young Solid, not spectacular, at a weak position with all other top SS gone, apart from Rollins.

6) Keith Foulke Needed a stud closer; Foulke was best left. Not happy with this choice at the moment.

7) Tim Hudson Pleasantly surprised to find him still available now (pick 63 overall). Now wish he hadn't been - get off the DL!

8) Carlos Lee ;-D Best pick of my draft so far. Has given me great value for where I got him.

9) Jason Bay Again, happy with his production, compared to where I drafted him.

10) Justin Morneau Traded him after his hot streak, just before he cooled off for a couple of weeks. Good trade at the time, but doesn't look so good now - see below for why!

11) Braden Looper Needed a second closer, and it was between Looper & Mota. Committed the cardinal sin of allowing my team colours to edge the decision Looper's way, and boy did that work out well! ;-D

12) Garret Anderson ;-D Excellent value in round 12 (pick #118). Got great production out of him before including him in the Morneau trade :-t

13) Brian Roberts Realised I was low on speed, and needed a 2B man. Roberts was available...the rest is history ;-D ;-D

14) Mike Piazza Don't usually worry about catchers until the last couple of rounds, but felt Piazza had too much value to let slip by here. Not regretting that decision.

15) Brad Radke Seriously short on starting pitching, so had to start building that up. Chose Radke over Buehrle, which could have been a mistake...

16) Mark Buehrle ...except Buehrle was still available 15 picks later ;-D

17) Jose Guillen ;-D Toss-up between Guillen & Roberts for best-value pick of the draft

18) Pedro Feliz All positions filled, so grabbed Feliz as a back-up for several positions. Has worked out well, especially at this round.

19) Scott Shields Needed to get two middle relievers for holds. Took Shields here - and he has been lights out...

20) Tim Worrell ...and Worrell here - he didn't last too long.


Added Jake Westbrook early on when someone (forget who) went on the DL. A couple of awful starts apart, he has been pitching well, with too little run support.

Dropped Worrell when the previous player came back off the DL.

Added Reitsma when Schilling went on the DL. Got him for holds at the time, but he's now helping out with saves.

Traded Anderson & Morneau at the height of Morneau's hot streak for Beckett & Lyon. Was really hurting with SPs with Schilling on the Dl, and not too hot on saves at the time. Worked well for a while, but now both are on the DL, and I've just dropped Lyon.

Picked up Chase Utley when Roberts was out for a bit. Still doing a good job for me.

Grabbed Dan Haren when Beckett went on the DL.

Just dropped Lyon for Duchsherer - may well keep D for holds even when Street is back.

I've made the second fewest moves of the league, and I'm currently in first place, which I put down to the great value draft picks like Lee, Roberts & Guillen. Also goes to show that you can still do well even if your top 2 SPs (Schilling & Hudson in my case) don't perform or go down injured.
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Postby raiders_umpire » Sat Jun 25, 2005 12:13 pm

12 team 6x6 (TB and holds) keeper had 7th pick....

1. Manny Ramirez--- not bad pick but could have had abreu
2. Miguel Cabrera---debated here with mcab and tex,,went with mcab
3. Mark Texeira--- could not believe he fell back to me in the 3rd round ;-D ;-D
4. Ben Sheets--- again not bad but could have had peavy,,, but i think sheets will be dominant in the 2nd half this year
5. Hank Blalock-- happy here as i passed on marcus giles to get blalock
6. Hideki Matsui--- starting to pick it up so this will still be a good pick come end of the year
7. Jose Reyes-- debated here with david wright, but figured i could use reyes speed and multi position eligiblity
8. Chone Figgins-- picked for 2 main reasons--speed and positions eligibility... has not disappointed
9. Roy Halladay-- steal of the draft
10. Octavio Dotel-- so many other choices i should have taken--hoffman, izzy, carlos lee :~( :~( but hey 1 out of first 10 not worked out,,,good so far
11. John Smoltz--- been awesome since the first game nightmare....
12. BJ Ryan-- needed a 2nd closer,,, has been great so far
13. Richie Sexson-- fell due to injury concerns i guess... has been a good choice
14. Garret Anderson-- again fell due to injury concerns...
15. Tom Gordon-- needed some holds
16. Ugueth Urbina-- needed holds, and he has got some saves as well
17. Jason Kendall-- needed a catcher,, earlier than i usually take a C, but i figured(wrong) that kendall would be good for a 330 avg in Oak
18. Juan Rincon-- loved his holds and overall numbers in the pen
19. Kevin Brown-- :-t :-t had him pegged for a great season... oh well 2 out of 19 still is very good... could have had reitsma
20. Mike Adams-- wanted a few more saves,, but dropped him for yhancy after 1 game in the season
21. Adam Eaton-- been a good suprise this late....
22. John Thomson-- figured the 2nd season with Atl would bring him around 15 wins or so,,, injury got me here
23. Shea Hillenbrand-- pleasant suprise as he got off to a good start....
24. Austin Kearns-- :-t :-t :-t thought this was his breakout season
25-27... Joe Borowski, Rocco Baldelli, and Woody Williams... hey i had to have baldelli on my team...

overall pretty good draft as i am in first place by a solid margin as of now.....

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Postby RAmst23 » Sat Jun 25, 2005 12:25 pm

Really like this concept, get to see how Cafe people value players. I'll try to condense my post a little, it's a 5x5 Roto league.

1. V. Guerrero
2. M Cab

3. Mark Prior - Disappointing, but has put up OK stats when he's around. Really thought he could perform this year, and in fact still may.

4. M Young
5. Roy Oswalt

6. Mike Lowell - there had been a run on 3rd basemen, and I thought Lowell would do fine. Very big bust, and also, Wright was taken in round 9!! I didn't like this pick when I did it...

7. Octavio Dotel - Yea, this pick worked great.

8. Vernon Wells
9. Richie Sexson

10. Chris Carpenter - He's really helped my team. Fantastic 10th round pick.

11. Justin Morneau
12. Mark Buehrle - Big help here too.

13. Preston Wilson - Thanks Preston.
14. Brian Roberts - What's this guy done??
15. Mike Liberthal
16. Ryan Freel - too bad I dropped him early on..
17. Matt Morris
18. Miguel Batista
19. Brad Penny
20. Luis Ayala
21. Pedro Feliz

If anything saved me, it was my picks later in the draft. Brian roberts, Matt Morris, Batista, and Feliz were great picks for me. I wasn't originally going to compete heavily in this league, but I kept doing well and stuck with it. Currently in 1st by a wide margin.

I've made on trade I'm happy with so far, and one not so much.

Traded Buehrle for Huff, because I thought both were going in opposite directions. Huff up and Buehrle down. Well that hasn't worked yet, but hasn't hit me that bad.
Sexson for Joe Nathan I'm really happy with. I have plenty of power and needed saves, and this really helped balance my team.

As with anything, WW pick-ups have helped alot. Brazoban, Bedard, Thomson (When he was, y'know, pitching), and Street. Julio Lugo has been amazing for my team, as has Johnson. Fun year so far!!
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Postby Steve-o » Sat Jun 25, 2005 2:50 pm

Needless to say, with this stellar draft, I am tied for last place in my big cbs 12 team money league. I picked 7th in a typical snake draft.

The scoring heavily favored SP, but was tweaked the day before the drat unbeknowst to me. Either way, this is the last time I ever go pitching heavy.

1) Randy Johnson - Should have gone with Tejada
2) Curt Schilling - another bust to this point, Tex was available
3) Adrain Beltre - ugh. After a little run on 3B I felt I had to get one.
4) Eric Gagne - at least I got one week out of him..
5) Carlos Delgado - the only good pick in my first 10 rounds
6) Ivan Rodriguez - has been decent, but the broken finger still scares me
7) Edgar Renteria - didn't expect the average to be this low...
8) Kerry Wood - yet another injured pitcher
9) Shawn Green - Very streaky
10) Andruw Jones - see above
11) Billy Wagner
12) Travis Hafner
13) Vidro
14) Escobar
15) Berkman
16) Bonds
17) Finley
18) Bagwell
19) Weaver
20) Jeff Francis
21) Ray Durham

9 guys on the DL at one point or another. One of the main things I learned was not to draft 2 injured guys. I put them on the DL form the start and lost all roster flexibility. Really hurt me the first few weeks. This draft was so bad that I actually started to record my fbb thoughts in a diary so I could use them for next year. Here are the highlights about drafting...
-Avoid injury plagued players in rounds 1-5
-Really, really follow the age 27 rule
-Average your sources, do not rely on one item (Shandler this year)
-Avoid hitters switching leagues – dramatic decrease in OPS
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