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beltrans_boy wrote: I don't know what those 2 examples have to do with 2005's Derrek Lee though...I mean, yes, baseball is a game of skill, but luck plays a part in it. If we can remove the luck from the equation, we can get a better picture of what's happening on the field. That's what I'm trying to do here.

i enjoyed your previous post that focused on Lee's power numbers.
why not just use SLG though? i appreciated that. nevertheless, i guess we will just have to agree to disagree about BABIP, which i believe to be a fundamentally flawed metric for evaluating pitchers, much less hitters. IIRC, I specifically point to a BP and and Tom Tippett study which address those concerns.

I think with Santana and Chavez, my point was you can ascribe luck, declining skills whatever you want when dealing with such a small-sample. too, i was really referring to Santana's post ASB performance, which while inhuman, I wouldn't feel comfortable calling luck either.
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