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Postby dimaggio5 » Fri Sep 16, 2005 2:00 am

Ok, we're approaching the end of the season. Who volunteers to be the first to give Year End grades to the Yanks?

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Postby TheYanks04 » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:09 am

dimaggio5 wrote:POSITION PLAYERS:
Jorge Posada- C+
Still a very good offensive catcher but you have to wonder if age is finally catching up to him. Could we have expected anything better than a C to B this year from him?

Tino Martinez- B-/C+
Carried the Yanks when they ran off a winning streak and showed some flashes of a greater time in recent Yankee history. Definitely proved that the Yanks should have kept him over Giambi in 2001. Solid team player and can still field with the best of them. His intangibles to the team are too valuable to measure

Robinson Cano- B-/C+
Decent glove and he can stroke the ball at the major level. Makes rookie mistakes but is still learning and this is expected. Should be a very solid to above average player. Since he really turned it up over the last 2 1/2 years and has exceeded most expectations, one has to wonder if he could be the start of something really special. Sometimes there are players that come out of no where and just exceed everyone's expectations of them. Remember how a kid named Mattingly crept up on the Yanks in 83 from out of no where.

Alex Rodriguez- A-

Still adjusting to NY and 3B which was expected. Starting to show the Yanks what they traded for. Has to become more clutch but that should all come together as he becomes more comfortable and another team leader on the Yanks as opposed to being one of the players amongst the clubhouse stars. Other than Tino for 1 month he was the only other reliable power stick in the lineup.

Derek Jeter- B+
Not having a typical Jeter year but still a good one. Still brings more intangibles to the Yanks than one realizes. Other than Tino and Bernie, is the only true effective player from the glory days of the Yankees left on the team. The fire still burns inside of him and one can only hope the young kids and some newer Yankees feed or learn from that competetive fire inside of him. God he's 31 years old now.

Hideki Matsui- B-/C+
Struggled greatly after a torrid 1st week of the season. Still a fundamentally sound and well schooled player. Has alot of baseball savvy and instincts. Should pick it up in the second half. Very important component if the Yanks are to win this year and for years after.

Bernie Williams- D-/F
Bernie gets by with his pride these days and that might not be enough. Defense never his strong suit is now the chink or gap in his armour. Just awful. Very sorry to see him decline so fast and far and at the rate he is. Occasionally shows some flashes of his past when hitting but looks so feable at times that I really feel so very bad for him. Time to bow out gracefully Bernie and let us remember the classy clutch player you once were.

Gary Sheffield- B+/B
Good production but there are times I just wish he'd get more productive at bats. Gary, please cut down on the swing and stop trying to hit 10 run home runs. Wish he's take the ball to right more as he has power to that field. Still wish we had Vlad over him. A star but never the leader.

Tony Womack- F

Thank you Tampa for locking us up for 2 years in Womack. A model veteran player however to place so much value in a player who was never hitting machine was foolhardy. A career 230-260 hitter whose prowness as a prolific base stealer disappeared around the the time Showalter was fired from Arizona. Tampa brain trust should have remembered that Showalter tried to make Womack a RF in 1999 or 2000 but that experiment cost Arizona a trip to the WS when Womack dropped a catchable fly ball in right in game 5 or 7 thus allowing the Mets to tie the score and set the stage for Ventura's extra inning grand slam to seal the Diamondbacks fate. Great player reseach and evaluation Tampa. Keep up the good work.

Jason Giambi- F
A horrible mistake and signing. Now with an aging Tino basically matching or besting him offensively and defensively it just heightens how bad Giambi's signing was. One thing to say... STEROIDS withdrawal syndrome

Randy Johnson- F
Randy Johnson where are you????? Does not dominant anymore. K's less than 1 batter per inning, has a ERA above 4, a WHIP around 1.2 I believe. This from a guy who averaged over 1 K an inning, a sub 1 WHIP and a ERA around the low 2 only within the last 2 years. Use to eat lefties alive but now even the Devil Rays lefties are stoking him. Kinda think his knee and the lack of cartledge is causing the drop off or it just may be that he's old, done and declining.

Mike Mussina- B
The only consitent SP the Yanks have. Mr Consistancy. Problem is he a year older and getting older. How many more years can we expect from him. Wish he'd finally get his WS ring with the Yanks

Carl Pavano- D+
Overpaid for thanks to the keen evlauation by the Tampa staff however he is not a bad pitcher. He is a very good pitcher whom just has to acclimate and adjust AL and AL East baseball. At times has shown some of his pitching prowness from last year, Will never dominant games with a great WHIP, ERA and Ks but will keep the Yanks in the game until the offense comes alive. Problem is the offense never wakes up. Almost a Jimmy Key clone and should do very well in NY once he;s adjusted to AL baseball but he just needs time. Should not disappoint next year.

Kevin Brown- F
Thanks Cashman and thanks for Jeff Weaver too.

Chien-Ming Wang- C+
Like Ted Lilly and Halsey before him has shown that he has the potential to pitch in NY. Nerves and fortuitude of steel. Nothing phases this kid. A very sold prospect and pitcher. Will never dominant lineups but will always keep the games close like Pavano. Will be a very solid 4-5 starter if the Yanks don;t trade him and give him a chance to stay in NY. However with George's fickleness you just never know. It's difficult to find pitchers who can handle the pressure of pitching for the Yanks and rare to find rookies who can. The Yanks had 3 and traded 2. Let's hope the mistake is not repeated.

Paul Quantrill- F
Thanks Tampa

Buddy Groom- C+
Has pitched rather effectively as a lefty reliever. Bargain basement find. Can't argue with his production and results when compared to the other high priced pithcers in the bullpen whom can;t get it done.

Mike Stanton- F
Why? A trade of garbage (Heredia) for garbage. Question is was this a Tampa or Cashman evaluation.

Tanyon Sturtze- C-
LAst year he was a bargain basement darling but this year he is another bullpen excess waste. Has moments of quality but then has moments where we remember why he was so cheap to get from Tampa. Must be more consistant and show some of the same form of last year.

Tom Gordon- B-/C+
Other than the first 6 months of his Yankee career Gordon has not been so automatic in setting up Rivera since last years playoffs began with Minnesota. One has to begin wondering now if he can ever pitch under pressure or big game situations. He really hasn;t been the same since the Redsox and Ortiz shredded him in teh ALCS and one has to wonder if his confidence is shaken somewhat. Remember that when Gordon was a Bosox about 5 years back he was torn to bits in the playoffs too when he was the Bosox closer. I believe it was agianst the Indians or Orioles but I think it was the Indians. He came into some games for the Bosox with the series on the line during the ALDS and came apart very ugly. Ripped and shredded. This was the past and then there was last year. One has to wonder if Gordon can ever execute in pressure situations.

Mariano Rivera- A
Mr Sandman and same ole same ole. Just sad that he's one year older and won;t get any younger while the Yanks aren;t getting any better. When he retires, the Yanks will realize that Rivera was the most important piece of that championship run. More important and valuable than even Jeter.


Joe Torre- B-
Defintely not his fault more a Tampa issue as he was given this team to work with. He difinitely misses Don Zimmer as the difference between Giradi and Zimmer is night and day. Zimmer is old fashion old school baseball. Giradi will be a great manager one day but Zimmer's value was just too great to overcome.

Don Mattingly- INC
Difficult to rate a first time batting coach especially when the offense is not clicking and he has to work with a bunch of hackers and free swingers which the Yanks are. I will wait a year or two to see how Cano and a few others respond.

Mel Stottlemyre- C+/D
Same as Torre. Is the pitching woes his problem or a product of working with what your given. Not his fault he was given either a injured RJ or declining star, a year older Mussina, a way past his prime Brown, a one year wonder plus arm problem Wright, and a Pavano adjusting to the AL East. Pavano just has to get used to the AL style of baseball. They say a teacher is only as good as his student's potential well Mel has really gotten some ugly dogs recently and there was and is no way to save these frogs.

Joe Giraldi- INC
The potential is there and I gotta believe that when Torre retires it will be Joe and not Mattingly whom will manage the Yanks. Project in Progress and should be a good manager one day.


George Steinbrenner - F
You have to admire his commitment to the Yankees and his desire to win. However it seems that you can never teach an old horse new tricks and George never learned how to build and maintain a championship team. He is as much responsible for this current quagmire as Cashman is and Tampa. He ruined the Yanks in 79 had a reprive and ruined them again in 81 had another reprive in 95 and now is back to his old ways. How much more dysfunctional can you get when you have leadership in both Tampa and New York and you play each side off against each other plus you have a unspoken bias against New York whom was responsible for creating the championship teams from 96-2000. George when will you finally learn and stop alienating the advisors whom have the best interest of the Yanks and you at heart. Billy Connors is just looking for someone to buy him a free lunch and dinner and your that sucker.

Brian Cashman - F
An overwhelming F. He is a very mediocre GM with no feel or insight for players whether his own or others. So clueless in his evaluations and trading that he sometimes behaves like a fantasy baseball GM trading assets because he just happened to read the Batting and Pitching leaders or game box scores in the papers. I wouldn;t be surprised if he posted on the Yahoo or FBC boards to get baseball advice on trades or player evaluations. Anyone can trade or manage a team of stars when they have a payroll of 200 million and a fanatical fan base of Yankee fans. However it is the GMs like Gene Michael, Omar Minaya, Bouton in I think Washinton, Sabean in SF, Jokety in St Loo, Williams in Chisox whom are head and shoulders above the rest. Maybe Billy Beane too but I'm not a fan of money ball and I have to wonder how things would change if Oakland had a 200 million payroll too for better or worse. Cashman you are a pretender and a rankl amatuer. IN other suck.

I would me a bit more harsh on some and not as harsh on others. I think blaming George is ridiculous.

A sub-par offensive year. Had to have Flaherty catch RJ because he is not a good pitch caller.

Had a decent year compared to what was expected going in. To expect a return to MVP form was never a realistic expectation going into 05. It has been a horrible signing, but Giambi was an asset this year, not a liability.

Old, slow bat...washed up and nothing but a defensive replacement.

There is NOTHING good to say about this guy. Bad all-around.

Pretty solid with the bat though inconsistent. Brain locks on defense sometimes.

Solid year though not his greatest in the clutch.

MVP type numbers...chokeitis in the playoffs again.

Good numbers but we expected more power. Somewhat erratic.

Pretty bad all-round. Time to retire sad to say.

Solid year...battler....avg and OBP dipped.

Injury plagued year. Solid when healthy.

Did what was expected as a backup C.

Would have been an F if not for late season surge...Chokitis in the playoffs.

Injured most of the year.

Garbage even when healthy.

Good when healthy.

Savoir of the team. Simply outstanding and far better than anyone could have hoped for.

See Chacon only not nearly as talented.

Total trash.

Outstanding as usual.

Good in the regular season...blows in the playoffs.

OK when healthy for his role.




Not as bad as the rest...still blows most of the time though.

Usual good off field...bad on field. How many games did he give away thanks to his use of Embree and Leiter?

All our original starters blew...he never seems to be able to fix anything.

Gets credit for Giambi...loses that for Posada though.

Should have been fired after 2003 WS.

Spends the money...fault lies with his not taking action with Stottlemeyer, Cashman, Newman, Conners and others. It is a strange world when George can now be legitamately criticized for not firing people who deserve it. To blame him for Cashman and the others blunders is a bit of a reach. It is easy to criticize the top guy when things go badly, but other owners would have cut bait and rebuilt. George tried to win and would have if his people were competent. That is the only real criticsm of the man that holds merit at this point imo. What is he to do, be the defacto GM, pitching coach and minor league scout too?
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Postby Lofunzo » Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:25 am

How does Chacon get an A and Wang gets a B-?? :-? I also don't see how Franklin got anything other than an F. Proctor>>Franklin.

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Postby dimaggio5 » Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:29 pm

George's does spend the money but I still remember the dark days of the 80's to early 90's. To be exact 1982 to 1993. Very very dark and miserable years for the Yanks. He hasn't changed one bit. He's just a little more mellow these days. George is a generous man but his is a dollar smart and a penny fool. He does deserve to share a lot of the blame too for the Yankees recent failures. Cashman is not 100% at fault. The Tampa contigent with Connors, Newman and Oppenheim (and believe or not, there is a former MLB umpire also in that braintrust whose name I can't think of right now) have all played a part in this quagmire of a 200 million team. Stick Micheal, highly respected in baseball, has absolutely no say anymore in the running of the Yanks. Why? Answer, Georgie Boy. In fact, since 2001's WS loss, Tampa has played a major if not dominate role in all of the player moves. Now, do you think Tampa could easily push aside Micheal, Torre and Cashman without the blessing of Steinbrenner? George's Tampa Thugs rule and run the Yanks. They're like the mafia down there in Tampa.

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Postby blankman » Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:07 pm

I'd definately much rather have Proctor over Franklin

Kept simple and rushed as I have an exam I need to study for:

Many of these grades are influenced by expectations so a B+ for Jeter and a B+ for Cano don't really equal the same quality of play

Posada C
Giambi A This grade is all about context and what was expected of him
Cano B+ Better than we could have hoped and hit well in the postseason
Jeter B+/A- Best leadoff man in baseball
A-Rod A Blew his A++ in the playoffs
Matsui B Power numbers missing. Sucked big time in the playoffs
Sheffield B+ Very good, but not quite what he gave them last season. Terrible postseason too.
Bernie C-/D+ Did all he could, but he's done.

Sierra C Hurt too much
Womack D- Useful as a pinch runner but nothing else
Tino C- One hot streak saves his grade
Crosby C+ For the expectations he did a decent job. Great bunter
Flaherty C+ Sort of turned RJ around

Pavano F
Wright F
Moose C+ Injuries did him in
Brown F---
Wang A-
Small A-
Chacon A+ The best starter all year
Leiter C On and off, pitched Erstad well in the ALDS
May, Redding F----
Henn F

Proctor D Good at times, usually half decent
Embree F--------------------- Worst grade on the team
Felix F Hurt and sucked when not hurt
Franklin F
Sturtze C Too tired and hurt to be effective all year
Gordon B+
Mo A++
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Postby BronXBombers51 » Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:47 pm

My grades are also based on expectations, just like blankman. I also put alot of weight on postseason performance.

Jorge Posada- C+
He had a down season for sure, but he remains a solid defensive backstop, and you can't expect his offensive production to last forever. Considering his age and the wear and tear on his body, he did a decent job. He also stepped it up big in the playoffs, and for that, he deserves alot of credit.

John Flaherty- C
Relative to what was expected of him, he did a decent job. He kept that big moron happy all season, so kudos to him.

Jason Giambi- B+
Made an amazing turnaround and had a tremendous season. He was very good in the postseason as well. Giambi was a major asset to this team in 2005.

Tino Martinez- C+
Tino didn't do much during the last few months of the season but he absolutely carried the team through tough times in May. That month alone was more than anyone could have expected from him. When you factor in that with the solid defense he provided in late innings, Tino was a major asset to this team.

Robinson Cano- B+
The Rookie of the Year in my opinion. Not only did Cano have a spectacular season overall, but he really turned on the burners during the last month of the season, and he had a tremendous playoff series. He leaves something to be desired on defense and he made alot of rookie mistakes, but he came out of nowhere to be a major player on this team.

Tony Womack- F
Nothing to say. I don't think the Yankees were completely fair to him, but he did nothing when he had his opportunities.

Alex Rodriguez- B+
Yeah, he put up amazing numbers during the regular season, but he is the biggest choke artist I've ever seen. I'm weighing playoff performance VERY heavily, because that is what the Yankees play for. Rodriguez was an absolute piece of garbage when it counted, and for that, his grade drops a full letter. He's lucky it's not further down, because believe me, I contemplated it.

Derek Jeter- B+
Not his best year, but still very solid. Once again, he steps up when the Yankees need him in ALDS Game 5. The guy is truly the captain of the team.

Hideki Matsui- B
Had a decent year, subpar on defense, and he was the biggest goat in Game 5 of the ALDS. He left 8 runners on base. He's performed under pressure in the past though, so I am not as pissed with him as I am with some other chokers.

Bernie Williams- C-
I hate to say it but he's probably fortunate I'm giving him this grade. He's my favorite player and he's the classiest guy around, but he really struggled this year, on both sides of the ball. I hope he retires a Yankee, or they bring him back as a part-time player.

Bubba Crosby- C-
For what was expected of him, he did an ok job. He served as a good defensive replacement, and provided a decent speed/bunt threat. You can't complain with what the kid did.

Gary Sheffield- B
Good regular season although his numbers were down. Played through injury again though. I'm happy next year is his last in New York. He crapped it up during the playoffs, just like last year during the final 4 ALCS games. He's also a prick. I don't like him, but you have to respect him.

Ruben Sierra- D
He got hurt and when he came back he sucked. So much for a big bat off the bench.

Randy Johnson- D
Were his numbers equal to what a 'D' guy might be? No. But when you consider that he was supposed to win 25 games with a sub 3.00 ERA, he was god awful. The Big Unit? More like the Big Bust. Sucked in the playoffs as well.

Mike Mussina- C+
He's losing it, but he had flashes of greatness. He just can't stay healthy and/or consistent. He had a big start in the playoffs, it wasn't his fault we lost.

Carl Pavano- D-
It's not his fault he got hurt, but his terrible home ERA was his fault.

Jaret Wright- F
Thank God his shoulder clause kicks in and his contract is terminated after next season.

Kevin Brown- F-

Chien-Ming Wang- A-
Tremendous season. If not for injury, he'd win ROTY. The man stepped up big down the stretch run, and had a decent game in his first ever playoff start on the road. Awesome to see a big Yankee pitcher rise out of the farm system and succeed like this.

Shawn Chacon- A
Amazing. I was very skeptical of the deal when it happened, but boy, was I wrong. Chacon was lights out all season with the Yanks, and delievered an amazing postseason performance. He BETTER be back next year.

Aaron Small- A
Great job by this kid. What a great story. He was about to quit baseball at the All-Star break, then he gets called up and winds up going 10-0, saving the Yankees' @$$es. I wouldn't know what to expect from him in the future, but he was amazing this year, and he won't be forgotten.

Al Leiter- C+
The one huge game he needed to pitch in (his first against Boston) he did a great job. He got lit up alot, but he also got some big outs out of the bullpen. Overall, the Leiter signing was a positive.

Darrell May, Tim Redding, Sean Henn- F, F, F

Scott Proctor- D
Better than the rest of the clowns, but that's not saying much.

Alan Embree- F

Wayne Franklin- F

Felix Rodriguez- F

Sturtze- D-

Gordon- C
Sucks when the pressure is on. I'd let him leave in the offseason, or bring him back strictly as a middle relief man.

Mariano Rivera- A+
Need I say more? Simply astounding. The man continues to dominate the league. He had his best season probably ever, and followed it up with another tremendous postseason performance.

Joe Torre- A-
Torre was handed a pile of bullsh*t this year and he turned it into a division championship. This was easily his best coaching job, it's a travesty if he gets fired.

Front Office- F
I'm not going to pin it all on Cash, because I don't know if he actually made any decisions, but I'll group Cashman and the rest of the Tampa guys and the scouts all together. They failed miserabley...again.

George Steinbrenner- C+
He is the best owner in baseball. He puts the money back in the team. He needs to learn to trust baseball minds though. If he wasn't so tempted to listen to such morons, he'd get an A. But he makes bad decisions with who to listen to. If he listened to the Stick Michael's of the world, the Yanks would be on top every year.

Overall Season Rating- C-
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Postby blankman » Mon Oct 09, 2006 9:23 pm

Are we doing this again this season?

Without too much thought yet, here are my preliminary grades for 2006, many of which are largely based on expectations

Posada A-
Rebounded well from last year.

Giambi A-
Battled injuries all season and still put up strong numbers. Awful average though.

Cano A-
Got hurt, but came back as the best hitter in the AL. The minus is because of his horrid postseason.

Jeter A+
Simply, the MVP ;-D

ARod C-
Down year at the plate and some of the worst fielding I've ever seen. Horrible in the postseason again too.

Melky B+
Rebounded from last year's debut and proved to be a good fielder. Servicable at the plate, but he needs to develop some more power or speed to be a corner OF. Grade mostly based on expectations

Damon B
Also battled injuries and put up a pretty good year with a career high in HRs. OBP needs to get better though.

Abreu A
Best pickup in years. ;-D

Bernie B-/C+
An improvement from last year, he did a nearly adequate job filling in after injuries in a larger role than was expected of him. Awful and lazy in the field though.

Sheffield, Matsui-
Missed too much time to give them a grade

Phillips C-
Had a good stretch but faded as his at bats did. Good defense.

Guiel D

Cairo D-
His "energy" can't help his .600 OPS :-P

Fasano D
Nothing more than a backup as expected


Wang A
Pitched well in the postseason too

Mussina B+
Was on his way to an A/A+ season, but he faded and wasn't good in the playoffs

Johnson F
An ERA of 5 on the season? A horrible postseason too.

Wright D+
stayed healthy for a change, but couldn't get through the 6th. Awful in Game 4. He provided more than I expected out of him though, which doesn't say much.

Lidle D+
Inconsistant. Terrible Game 4 as well

Pavano F----
Hurt and even lied to the team about injuries. Pitched hurt for a few starts without telling anyone and then he couldn't keep pitching?

Chacon F

Small F


Bruney A
In limited work he looked great

Proctor A-
Was worked to death by Torre and finally emerged as an important part of the bullpen

Farnsworth D
Could have been worse, I guess.

Myers B-
Servicable. Blew in the playoffs.

Villone C
Overworked for most of the season. Effective for the 1st half, but came crashing down in the 2nd half.

Rivera A+
Old reliable

Torre B-
Did well to keep them in it without Sheffield or Matsui, but again overworked the bullpen by overusing Proctor, Villone and perhaps even the fragile Farnsworth. Questionable playoffs

Pena A
Helped Posada incredibly with his defense

I have no idea what if anything he did

Mattingly A-
Almost every hitter except ARod improved, but playoffs were embarassing

Guidry B
Not sure on this one. Wang and Mussina pitched better and Proctor became a major key. And yet Farnsworth blew, Randy sucked, Wright sucked...

Cashman/George(Front Office decisions) D
Did well to wait out the Philles on Abreu. Otherwise, more junk, with the lone (hopefully) exception of Bruney.
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Postby Lofunzo » Tue Oct 10, 2006 12:43 am

Too hard on Bernie and RJ.

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Postby blankman » Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:14 pm

Bernie is one I struggled with. That grade was not really expectation based. It was more about pure performance.

Now if I was going to grade him on expectations, I'd give him a B+ or so.

The only thing Randy did well was stay healthy. $16M ought to buy you a pitcher thats not below the league average in ERA.
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Postby Lofunzo » Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:34 am

blankman wrote:Bernie is one I struggled with. That grade was not really expectation based. It was more about pure performance.

Now if I was going to grade him on expectations, I'd give him a B+ or so.

The only thing Randy did well was stay healthy. $16M ought to buy you a pitcher thats not below the league average in ERA.

Fair enough but an F??

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