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Doesn't get much better than Clemens

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Postby Octavian » Tue Jun 21, 2005 12:27 am

Yoda wrote:
chadxor wrote:
SominaDei wrote:
chadxor wrote:whatever. hindsight is everything. it's ridiculous you're all acting like clemens should have been considered a lock prior to this year. it's even more insane you're suggesting you expected these numbers

there were too many questions surrounding clemens this season. he wasn't as dominant as, say, randy, which hurt his stock. he also played for a team we knew would be horrible, not to mention there was talk of retirement

TWO years ago he was already written off. forget that? he was simply average two years in a row and one season wasn't going to change my opinion of that

and, oh yeah, he's turnin forty freakin three in under 2 months.

personally, no regrets not picking him up. he always went too high for my tastes and i still feel people are asking unfair value. sure, he's a workhorse, but what if he gets a mild injury? any other pitcher would be out for two-three weeks while clemens would be considering early retirement

No regrets in not picking up a guy that dominant? Whatever. You're just bitter because you probably wrote him off and now you're eating it. A lot of people had faith in Rocket... what questionmarks surrounded him might I ask? Health? No. Age? Cleared that concern up for the past 3 years. Houston sucking? Perhaps that effects his wins, but not his K, WHIP or ERA. There weren't many leagues that he didn't go within the first 3-4 rounds that I drafted in... so... people expected him to be an Ace again, and there was no reason for them to think otherwise.

Who wrote him off 2 years ago? Morons, that's who. :-t

Oh, and the not as dominant as Unit nonsense... Clemens pitched in the AL most of his career, since going to the NL he's been simply unhittable. Unit goes to the AL, he's getting knocked around. NL pitchers are where it's at, it's just easier to pitch in that league... you face 8 guys, not 9... among other reasons. Oh and before you get your panties in a twist and go on a "OMGOMGOMG Randy pitched in the AL with teh Marinars!" Yes, he did... and he wasn't nearly as effective on the Mariners than ANY of his seasons in Arizona.

now, even though i tried to end this utterly pointless subject, i guess i'll just continue to tease your fancy for inane conversation :-t

look man, i'm way too preoccupied with things to live in regret. as cliche as this may sound, i've got more important things to do than feel remorse over a fantasy baseball decision. what i do have time for is research, my leagues, and adjusting.

but, that is irrelevent. this is an argument about hindsight, which you don't seem to understand. i'm just saying (again) that prior to this season there were too many questions about him for me to consider him a top pitcher

i don't care what player it is, at 42 there begins to be questions about a player's health. you can go ahead and pretend that they're less of a risk, but they're not. bodies break down. who was to say that this wasn't the year for it to start?

when drafting clemens, don't even tell me you do so with the utmost confidence. admit that there was at least a little restraint. if there wasn't, well, congrats, you made the right call. but you're a rare breed that disregards the actuality of aging. i don't care if he was fine last year or the year before; it's gotta start sometime.

FYI, i had clemens 15-20 for this year and around 25-30 for my keeper leagues. i take few risks when i draft and i did (and still do) consider clemens somewhat of one. age scares me since i only do keepers. and when i say write off, i meant as a top pitcher. did anyone that didn't touch the pipe expect THAT performance last year? didn't think so.

Just because you took Greinke over Clemens... :-D

rofl, it's funny because it's true. ;-D
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Postby chadxor » Tue Jun 21, 2005 1:36 am

haha, ouch

it wasn't quite that bad, but it was close
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