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"Sim League" Openings

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"Sim League" Openings

Postby remangiii » Sun Jun 01, 2003 3:04 pm

I have a few openings in a sim league which I run. To access stats and standings you can click here and the rules can be viewed here. Below is a little bit about each team and a link to there roster. We have done two years already and are ready to start the offseason. For thoose who arent familiar with Sim Leagues you get to play GM. If you have any questions or would like to join please email me at or AIM me at remangiii. Thank You.

Blue Jays

Finally got thoose pitching woes worked out by adding Andy Pettitte, Jeff Weaver, Joe Kennedy, and Javier Vazquez. However there is still much work to be done as Vernon Wells, Josh Phelps, and Carlos Delgado where traded away and the hitting suffered. A new GM will also have to worry about losing Vazquez to free agency. Still with Bobby Keilty and Jason Stokes in the minors the future is bright for the Roy Halladay lead Blue Jays.


Really just a GM away from a 90 win season. Japense import Alex Cabera has avearged 98 walks, 31 homeruns and 111 RBI in his first two years to go with a .296 batting average. Kevin Appier went 17-11 with a 3.17 ERA and John Lackey has won 30 games over the past two years. Believe it or not Curt Schilling was the 3rd best pitcher last year. Troy Percival was great in the first year on the sim converting 4-/43 saves with a 1.06 ERA. But when he strugled Franky Rodriguez stepped in and save 11 of 14 games with 2.26 ERA striking out 76 in 71 innings. The year before he had a 1.15 ERA and got 67 in 62 innings.


Well at least Tejada is signed long term. Chavez, Zito, Hudson, and Mulder are all gone. On the plus side there is a lot of young talent in Austin Kearns, Kevin Mench, Jason Marguis, Runelvys Hernandez, Nick Neugebauer, Rich Harden, Dontrelle Willis, Jermey Brown, and John Ford-Griffin. Plus vetearns Ray Durham and Urbina.


They somehow managed to win the AL west with an 81-81 record. But little is going right. Rafeal Soriano, Gil Meche, and Ichiro carried the team. Sean Burroughs was alright.


Doesnt look like the Padres but a pretty good team. Mostly money problems. Offense features Miguel Olivo, Luis Castillo, Ryan Klesko, Jimmy Rollins, Mark Texierra, Marcus Giles, and Jose Cruz. Cruz hit 35 homeruns last year and drove in 101 runs and is signed for the next two years at 1.25M and 1.55M. The pitching staff features young stars like Josh Beckett, Coby Lewis, Carlos Hernandez, and Dewon Brazleton. Minor league system isnt bad.


Very good team. Swept the Arizona Diamondbacks, considered the best team in the league, in the first round of the playoffs. The 41 year old Chuck FInely has proved to be ageless winning 37 games over the past two years. Derek Lowe replaced Matt Morris and has won 44 games with no higher than a 2.76 ERA. Rich Ankiel has won 23 games over tha past two years and Orland Hernandez won 13 games this year. Closer Jason Isringhausen converted 34 of 37 saves with a 0.96 ERA. Ken Griffey hit 35 homeruns, Durazo 29 (with a .429 OBP), Pujols 32, Luis Gonzalez 33, and Tino was useful at 1B hitting 23. The only disappointment was Rolen who hit .224 but drove in 123 the year before. A good young starter away from a World Series win.

Great Rotation. Pedro, Brett Myers, Wade Miller, Johan Santana, Kim. Not bad lineup with Tori Hunter, Nomar, Posada, and a productive Mondesi. The new gm will have to deal which the likelyhood of losing Lance Berkman to free agency and will have to decide whether or not to pick up an 18M option on Jeff Bagwell who hit 50 homeruns but is 35 years old. Won 104 games the year before but just 81 this year with alot of new faces.

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Postby ggatwork » Wed Jun 04, 2003 6:22 pm

Sounds interesting. I sent you an e-mail so I can join.
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Postby remangiii » Sat Sep 06, 2003 1:21 pm

These teams now open

Toronto Bluejays

Solid 84 team. Features a top 4 of Roy Halladay (17-15 3.36 ERA), Joe Kennedy (19-10 2.58 ERA), Jason Arnold (8-8 3.41 ERA), and Rick Ankiel (10-7 3.53 ERA) with Billy Koch (3.17 ERA 37 Saves) closing it out. Somewhat lacking offensively but Luis Castillo (.305 BA .391 OBP 56 SB 15 CS) and Hank Blalock (.293 31 HR 107 RBI) are two guys you want on your team. Richard Hidalgo had an off year but hit at least .294 with at least 35 HR and at least 113 RBI the previous two years.

Minnesota Twins

Great Team which just missed the playoffs after back to back 100 win seasons and a WS berth. Aubrey Huff (at least .302 BA 42 HR 117 RBI each of the past 3 years from 3rd base) has been great. Lots of solid players.

Seattle Mariners

Back-Back AL West Champs. Great Rotation (Matt Morris, Kerry Wood, GIl Meche, Freddy Garcia, Rafeal Soriano) and two very good hitters in Sean Burroughs (.324 23 HR 100 RBI) and Randy Winn (hit .399 .482 .709 in 53 games after trade to Marines, .416 OBP for the year)

Oakland A's

Not your fathers A's but a ton of talent. Austin Kearns, Jason Bay, Vernon Wells, Jason Stokes, Rich Harden, Dontrelle Willis, Nick Neumberger, Runelvys Herandez, Edwin Jackson are just some pyoung players in the organization. 31M in cap space.

Detroit Hotrods

Relocated Montreal Expos. First 6 in lineup go: Brad Wilkerson (OBP last 3 years .407, .409, .429 with power and high batting average), Jose Vidro, Paul LoDuca, H. Choi (at least 30 HR and 97 RBI past two seasons), Andruw Jones, and John Ford-Griffin.

LA Dodgers

One-Two punch of Odalis Perez and Bartolo Colon with Eric Gagne closing it out. Offensive stars in Joey Thurston (.311 .380 OBP 41 SB 15 CS) and Adrian Beltre (.319 28 HR .418 OBP 113 RBI)

San Diego Padres

Pretty Good team with Josh Beckett (19-11 3.29 ERA), Josh Fogg (12-12 2.90 ERA), and Coby Lewis (16-7 3.94 ERA at the top). Jeff Francis (1-0 3.86 ERA in 14 games) will join the rotation next year. Offensive Talent on team includes: Marcus Giles, Felix Pie, Ryan Klesko, Luis Gonzalez, Mark Texerria, and Jose Cruz.

And now the Fixers upers:

Cincy Reds

Underachieveing team. Pitching Staff features Jason Schmidit, Javier Vazquez, Wase Miller, and Joel Piniero. They are very talented but lowest ERA was 5.71 and lowest loss total was 13. Adam Dunn (50 HR in 2003) is poised to explode at any moment.


Well Barry Bonds will pass Hank next season but otherwise they have nothing going for them after a bad GM killed them.

We have a new league site:

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