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Post Your All-Star Ballot

Postby davidmarver » Sun May 29, 2005 11:54 pm

Can't believe we haven't had one of these yet. Post your All-Star ballot. Please justify your picks. Whether it's homer-induced, because you like a certain player, doesn't matter, just explain why you chose that player.
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Postby davidmarver » Mon May 30, 2005 12:09 am

I'll start thing off:
1b - Albert Pujols ; Arguably the best hitter in baseball. Love watching him hit.
2b - Craig Biggio ; Always fun to watch. This vet has been playing great this season; he deserves this all-star appearance.
SS - Khalil Greene ; So much fun to watch. Makes highlight reel plays regularly. Plus, I'm a Padres fan :-D .
3b - Chipper Jones ; The face of the Atlanta Braves. As much as I hate him, it's nice to see this perenial star back to performing real-well (batting .333).
C - Ramon Hernandez ; Hands down the best NL catcher and that's not homer-induced. Leads all NL catchers in runs scored, RBI, slugging percentage, etc. Also fourth in throwing out runners.
Of - Ken Griffey Jr. ; As long as he's healthy, he's got my vote. One of the best ball-players ever. Off to a good start. Fun to watch.
Of - Miguel Cabrera ; Leads NL in batting average. I was at a game earlier this year where he hit a homerun on top of the Western Metal Building. I owe him a vote for that spectacle.
Of - Bobby Abreu ; Really unsung player, as far as the casual fan goes. He won't be voted in, but he really deserves to be an all-star. Has practically carried the Phils without Thome.

1b - Mike Sweeney ; Gotta vote for the underdog. Sweeney is the player in KC worth watching that we can vote for.
2b - Brian Roberts ; Can't ignore his first half numbers. Scrappy little player showing this much power? C'mon, you gotta vote for him.
SS - Miguel Tejada ; Best run-producing middle infielder ever, possibly. Guy is unreal.
3b - Alex Rodriguez ; Pains me to vote for a Yankee, but his numbers are incredible and no other third-baseman has really stepped up.
C - Jason Varitek ; I vote for him because he's likely the only hope Posada doesn't get voted in. In reality I'd vote for Mauer since he's the future stud catcher, but I vote Varitek to block a Yankee.
Of - Ichiro ; Too much fun to watch; have to vote for him.
Of - Vladimir Guerrero ; I don't care if he's hurt, he's the best AL outfielder and he gets my vote.
Of - Torii Hunter ; His catch against Barry Bonds in the infamous tie all-star game makes him a lock for my all-star ballot no matter what. So much fun to watch.
DH - David Ortiz ; As if we had a choice.

If we voted on starting pitchers I'd choose Jake Peavy for the NL and Roy Halladay for the AL.

So there's my team. I know there's probably a lot of head-scratching, but that's my ideal game to watch.
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Postby theskaboss » Mon May 30, 2005 12:14 am

NL (becuase i'm not a huge AL fan at all)

C - Hernandez (Legit Power, .300+, ~30 RBI)
1B - D Lee (just a tad better than Pujols, but I dont epect it to last)
2B - Kent (great #s even after slump)
SS - Barmes (if furcal had a higher average it'd be him...easy)
3B - Glaus (HUGE power and rbis, and legit ba)
OF - M Cab (great all around)
OF - Abreu (great all around)
OF - C. Lee (Power, RBIs, lame BA though...)

SP - Peavy (S.T.U.D.)
SP - Willis (been amazing so far)
RP - Hoffman (16 SVs, 3.05 ERA, .85 WHIP)
RP - Turnbow (Becuase he effing owns! :-D )
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Postby Rirruto » Mon May 30, 2005 12:28 am

NL C Ramon Hernandez: Having a fine all around season in a not so friendly home field.
AL C Jorge Posada: Great offensive numbers as usual

NL 1B Derrek Lee: MVP candidate up to this point
AL 1B Mark Teixeira: Coming off a career year and picked up where he left off

NL 2B Craig Biggio: Who says he doesn't have anything left in the tank? Pretty good numbers for a 40 year old, he deserves it, especially if he's retiring this year after a great career
AL 2B Brian Roberts: MVP candidate up to this point

NL 3B David Wright: Slight homerism but if you've ever seen the kid play, you know he is a natural and gives 110% He's gonna be a perennial All-Star and the numbers are great coming out of the 6 and 7 spot primarily
AL 3B Alex Rodriguez: Dude's been a straight up monster

NL SS Cesar Izturis: Field is kind of weak this year but he's been doing great coming out of the leadoff spot for LA this year and great defense
AL SS Miguel Tejada: Great year so far, what did you expect

NL OF Bobby Abreu: One of best all-around players in the game and seems to be going for another 30/30 season
NL OF Carlos Lee: Having a solid season after joining the Brew Crew
NL OF Miguel Cabrera: This guy is amazing, and he's only 21, someone check that kid's ID

AL OF Gary Sheffield: On his way to another great season at the tender age of 37
AL OF Ichiro Suzuki: One of the best all around players in the game
AL OF Manny Ramirez: The only guy who can give you 40+ RBI with a .240 BA.

NL SP Pedro Martinez: Torn labrum what? Him, his performances, and his numbers are just ridiculous.
AL SP Johan Santana: His ERA might not be amazing but has been still very dominant
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Postby beltrans_boy » Mon May 30, 2005 12:49 am


C - Ramon Hernandez (Didn't put much stock into the guy at the beginning of the year, but he can flat out produce, especially given the limited C options in the NL)
1B - Derrek Lee (Pujols is great, but if we're talking about this year's numbers, you can't argue with Lee)
2B - Kent (He's slowed recently, but his numbers are far and away the best of any second baseman in the NL)
SS - Barmes (I know he's a rookie, but his numbers blow away every other NL SS)
3B - Glaus (Power numbers are disgusting, it's hard to slight Chipper, but Glaus is unbelievable right now)
OF - Cabrera (High avg, high power, high peripherals, any questions?)
OF - Abreu (50-50 anyone?)
OF - Dunn (Sure avg is low, but OPS of 1.018 is too hard to ignore)

SP - Pedro (He's healthy, and he's dominant. Nobody in the NL can touch Pedro right now)
SP - Meyers (He's always had the talent. Right now, he's putting up top-5 numbers)
SP - Peavy (ERA with those K numbers? Hard to ignore)
RP - Hoffman (the most dominant relief pitcher of the last 15 years)


C - Varitek (He's quietly putting up the best C numbers in the majors)
1B - Teixeira (Given his latest hot streak, Teixeira rightly claims his title as the best 1B in the AL)
2B - Roberts (Tough not to pick Soriano, but Roberts has been unbelievable so far this year)
SS - Tejada (Are there really any other options here?)
3B - ARod (He's soft, but he's also been the most dominant hitter in baseball this season)
OF - Sheffield (The man's swing is so violent it borders on criminal assault)
OF - Ichiro (One of the best pure hitters in the majors. Definitely the most exciting player to watch)
OF - Vlad (He's hurt, but he's also underrated in real life, and he's one of the best hitters in baseball for most of his career now)

SP - Santana (the most dominant pitcher in baseball)
SP - Halladay (Workhorse, doesn't get much respect in Toronto. He's quietly having a Top-5 season)
SP - Buehrle (The pale horse ace is at the top of his game right now)
RP - BJ Ryan (The K machine has 40 K's in 26 innings, 14 saves and a miniscule 1.38 ERA)
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Postby daullaz » Mon May 30, 2005 1:04 am

American League

C - Jason Varitek. Leading all catchers in HRs and average (50 AB minimum).

1B - Mark Teixiera. Tough call between him and Sweeney, but went with the kid.

2B - Brian Roberts. Slowed down as of late (didn't really think he would hit 50 HRs, did ya?), but he still deserving of starting at second.

3B - Alex Rodriguez. Positively pounding the ball, leading AL third-basemen in runs, HRs, RBI and average.

SS - Miguel Tejada. Way out in front in HRs and RBI. Average is looking nice too.

OF - Ichiro Suzuki. Johnny Damon. Gary Sheffield. All three contributing in the average and runs department. The OFs in the AL are kind of weak right now.

DH - David Ortiz.

National League

C - Ramon Hernandez. The best statistically of a very weak bunch.

1B - Derek Lee. Playing better than Pujols in every category this season.

2B - Jeff Kent. Average has come down after a hot start, but power numbers are still there.

3B - David Wright. Troy Glaus has the numbers in Arizona, but Wright is quickly taking over the top of the 3B mountain with Rolen out.

SS - Clint Barmes. Finally cooling off, but blistering start should be rewarded with an All-Star nod.

OF - Bobby Abreu. Miguel Cabrera. Milton Bradley. Abreu and Cabrera are no-brainers for their power and high averages. Bradley gets the nod over Carlos Lee with a much better average and more runs.

Those are just the guys I'd vote for if I was voting today. By the time I turn a ballot in, it will probably be a little different.
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Postby Quadron » Mon May 30, 2005 1:10 am

This is who I predict to win. Remember that name-recognition and popularity play a part...

C - Posada
1B - Teixeira
2B - Soriano (Roberts has been doing well, but Soriano has the name)
3B - A-Rod
SS - oooh tough... Jeter might get it though Tejada is the better player
OF - Ichiro
OF - Vlad
OF - Manny
SP - Johan Santana
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Postby NY Yankees Fan 2004 » Mon May 30, 2005 1:28 am

A little early for this, but so far:



Catcher: Jorge Posada- got off to a slow start, but has been on fire lately (Javy Lopez is hurt and Pudge is declining)
1B: Mike Sweeny-- Too bad he is on such a pathetic team. He has been their only bright spot this year.

2B: Brian Roberts- Of course :-D , but seriously you can;t argue with the start that he has had:

3B: A-ROD- Just a flat out Monster

SS: Miggy Tejada-- He is such a beast- Nuff said

OF: Vladimmir Guerrero-- He is hurt, but is such a monster and can dominate at any time

OF: Ichiro-- The guy can do it all and he is fun to watch (although he has been struggling lately)

OF: Garry Sheffield: Nothing will stop him, he will play through any type of injury and still put up MVP numbers

DH: David Ortiz- No other competitiion


Catcher- Ramon Hernandez- his simply been the best this year, so far

1B: D. Lee- how can you argue against this start, has just been unreal and has been carrying that team, definately deserves the nod over Pujols
2B: Has been struggling lately, but he got off to such a great start and is simply the best NL second baseman

3B: Troy Glaus- deserves this with the type of season he is having. He is on pace to hit 50 dingers:

SS: Clint Barmes-- Very impressive and with no good NL SS he gets my vote

OF: Bobby Abreu-- Flat out beast-- Could go 40-40 this year

OF: Carlos Lee- Got off to a slow start, but has been amazing lately. Truly deserves this

OF: Miguel Cabrera- Great young hitter and this guy is a future MVP waiting to happen..


NL:: Starter- Proving all the doubters so far, he has been amazing.. The Mets Bullpen have costed him many wins..

NL: Closer- Jason Issrighausen: Even with a DL stint he has managed to go 14/14 in save chances with a 0.55 ERA

AL: Starter: Roy Holliday- He is finally back to his dominant Cy Young Form

AL: Closer: BJ Ryan.. 40 K's in 26.0 IP is just insane,, the guy has been pretty much lights out
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Postby blankman » Mon May 30, 2005 1:28 am

kingctb27 wrote:OF- Manny Ramirez - Has to be on the team with 11 hr's and 40 rbi's thus far.

Yeah, thats right. 3 Red Sox. :-D

You've got to be kidding me if you're rating players on the season thus far (which by your explanation you are). He has the RBI because of the team he's on, not because he's playing well. Manny and his .253 average a starter? Make sure to never call yourself unbiased
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