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Please look at my team, some advice needed. (Leave a link)

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Please look at my team, some advice needed. (Leave a link)

Postby Tiki Barber's Barber » Sat May 14, 2005 3:56 pm

Any help is greatly appreciated :-D
12 team, 5x5 roto, current stats...

Code: Select all
Rnk  Pts   Manager  R  HR  RBI   SB   BA   W    S     K    ERA  WHIP
2    88.5  Beavis   7  8   7.5  10.5  9   8.5  9.5   8.5   10    10

P Wagner, Billy
P Buehrle, Mark
P Takatsu, Shingo
P Cordero, Chad
P Shields, Scot
P Urbina, Ugueth
P Fuentes, Brian
P Turnbow, Derrick
P Street, Huston
Bench Lowe, Derek
Bench Lopez, Rodrigo
Bench Loaiza, Esteban
Bench Bedard, Erik
DL Mota, Guillermo
DL Miller, Wade

(I start the Starting Pitchers on my bench only when they have a scheduled star)

C Hernandez, Ramon (C)
C Buck, John (C)
1B Huff, Aubrey (1B,3B,OF,1B/3B)
2B Figgins, Chone (2B,3B,SS,1B/3B,2B/SS,OF)
3B Ramirez, Aramis (3B,1B/3B)
SS Guillen, Carlos (SS,2B/SS)
1B/3B Delgado, Carlos (1B,1B/3B)
2B/SS Matsui, Kazuo (2B,SS,2B/SS)
OF Ramirez, Manny (OF)
OF Suzuki, Ichiro (OF)
OF Dunn, Adam (1B,1B/3B,OF)
OF Jones, Chipper (3B,1B/3B,OF)
OF Everett, Carl (OF)
Bench Roberts, Dave (OF)

My question: Do I have to trade for a hitter? Those are my worst stats, but when I look at my hitters, they look solid. I've been thinking of trading one of my closers and one of my hitters for a semistud hitter. What do you think? THANK YOU!! :-)
Tiki Barber's Barber
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Postby Semantic » Sat May 14, 2005 4:25 pm

It seems to me that you might just have a bit of bad luck at the moment. Manny and Huff are in slumps right now, but should get better as the weeks go by. Delgado, Aram, and guillen have all also underperformed. For a 12 team league, I would say your lineup is pretty solid, but if you really feel the need to make a move, I'd say you try to get rid of everett while he's doing well. Alternatively, you could package together something like Chipper Jones and Takatsu (or Turnbow - he might cool off still) for a pretty decent player. Good luck. ... p?t=127337
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Postby brycehearn » Sun May 15, 2005 10:04 am

In a 12 team league, i would think you have a top notch offense but as Semantic said they are just slumping right now. Huff did this last year too, w/ a prolonged slump early, but almost hit 30 HR anyway. Be patient as he will come around, and you know Manny will do better.

If anything I'd say you need a stud pitcher. You have lots of potential, but not anybody who's GUARANTEED to consistently win. Buehrle's the closest but has struggled in recent years. He should be good, but should be your number 2 starter. I'd try to package Everett w/ a closer or 2 for a great pitcher.


my team: ... p?t=126868
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