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Simulation league 2 openings(strato-matic/pursue-the-pennant

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Simulation league 2 openings(strato-matic/pursue-the-pennant

Postby misterpele » Fri May 13, 2005 11:36 pm

The Internet Baseball League used the Pursue the Pennant board game during its first four years of operation. PtP was considered to be one of the most advanced and accurate table-top baseball simulations of its time. However, when PtP failed to produce a card set for the 1995 MLB season, the IBL decided that it was time to use the vast baseball simulation experience of its members to create the most realistic game available.
As a starting point, the IBL Game Design Team decided in early January of 1996 to attempt to reverse-engineer the PtP game system. This would serve a double purpose: (1) it would give the team valuable experience in the game design process, and (2) if successful, it would provide the IBL with a viable pseudo-PtP solution to the 1996 IBL season.

The IBL season started two weeks late, but the PtP system was
successfully re-produced! Cards were distributed in postscript form.
The only changes to the charts were the fence distances, wild plays,
and special rules for Coors Field. After the 1996 season, IBL members voted to continue to use their own card sets, and thus the design team started work on the 1997 set.

The IBL Game is now a product distinct from PtP, with its own charts
and rules. We believe that this is the best table-top baseball
simulation available, and that it is improving with every new set. We
hope that you enjoy our game!

Currently we are in the 4th week of the season and now have 2 teams open STL and POR. Both these teams are playoff contenders and just need a dependable owner. Go to to check them out. We also need co-owner and s a co-owner you will share input about team and help play some games. Then when a team opens up, co-owners are offered the team in order they came in the league. can say a lot of the our current co-owners have no desire to leave their teams, so if you become one and a team opens up you will be near the top of the list if not the top. That is how I started in 2001, I became GSL which is now COU co-owner and then the owner had to quit and I have been owner since. You can also be an associate which entails really no responsibility and when you learn the game enough you'd be called upon to run a team for a week or two if someone going out of town. At the moment we are just about to start the 2nd round of the draft. To find out more detailed information about IBL I recommend going here ... ution.html and reading through it and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

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