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Where would the Tigers be without Bondo and Maroth.

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Where would the Tigers be without Bondo and Maroth.

Postby Dannomyte » Mon May 09, 2005 12:33 pm

They would probably have almost as bad of a record as the Royals.

The Tigers have won 9 games on days that either of these 2 have pitched and the Tigers only have 14 total wins. Not to mention that the bullpen has blown 2 games tha they were in line for wins. These guys aren't perfect by any means but they are by far the best we have to put out there every 5th day. I feel 100% comfortable when I look at the game for the day and see that 1 of these guys is pitching.

The rest of the rotation needs to grow a pair and challenge some hitters. The BB/K (40/37) ratio for Robertson, Johnson and Ledezma is disturbing. Robertson has been the most disapointing imo. He had a decent season last year and seemed to be poised to build on that. I hope he turns it around soon. JJ is what most people expected. Spectacular 1 start then craptastic his next start. Ledezma is only 24 years old so his struggles aren't that big of a suprise. If these guys don't get there stuff straight in a hurry I hope the Tigers make a move to shake up the rotation.

Is there another player in MLB whose numbers are more misleading than Jamie Walker???? Sure his numbers look nice but this guy never gets inherited runners out. I wish there was a stat for that because this clown would rank right up there as one of the worst pitchers with inherited runners on.

Farnsworth has been solid. Looked great before his shoulder strain.

German still looks lost at times. Tons of potential and too little mental make up?? Only time will tell.

Urbina has been pitching very good lately. Hopefully he keeps it up so we can get something decent for him before the deadline. It's amazing how many warning track fly outs this guy gives up. The team he goes to next better hope they play in a big park like the CoPa!

Percival has looked better lately. He will be fine barring any injuries.
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Postby moochman » Thu May 12, 2005 6:41 pm

The Tigers starting pitching has been a pleasant suprise so far. I expected Bonderman to improve on last season and he is off to a great start. 3.47 ERA. All-Star this season? Hmm. 20 win season? Hmm. Thinking >17 wins.

Maroth is doing much better than I thought he could. I looked at him as a .500 pitcher but no better. If he can keep it up he'll win >14 games. 3.83 ERA.

Robertson has been an enigma. He has great stuff, but lacks the mental edge to be dominant. Having Kluck as pitching coach, while helping Maroth, hurts Nate. IMO. He needs to try and be a power pitcher and go after hitters instead of the nibbling change-up type the Kluck wants all the Tiges to be. Still plenty of time for him to turn it around. 3.25 ERA. He'll win much more with that ERA. >15 wins.

Johnson is either hit or miss and seems to be hitting a lot more than missing lately. Again, I think that Kluck's influence is a negative. Johnson has good enough stuff to go after hitters and struggles when he tries to nibble. When he is on he's great, but sucks totally when he is off. As his 4.25 ERA will attest. His fade late last season worries me and I see a repeat of those troubles keeping him from winning more than 12 times.

I know I sound like a broken record but Wil Ledezma has much better stuff than Kluck alows him to use. He needs to go after hitters with his best two pitches and not worry about trying to fool them so much. He has great movement on all of his pitches and should be concerning himself more with locating his fastball than learning to throw a change up. 6.59 ERA is just wrong for the talent he has. May need more seasoning. 8 wins maybe all we can get from Wil.

The bullpen is too inconsistant to rely on. Ugie's is Ugie which makes him better than the Percival we've seen so far. Farnsworth has the best stuff on the staff but is a flake, so will have rough outings. German is doomed, IMO. Kluck has him easing off of his fastball to locate it instead of learning to fix his mechanics so he can locate his 98+MPH stuff. I disagree about Walker. I don't trust him but he isn't the worst MRer. Ginter is an unknown and I wonder if he would take Ledezma's spot in the rotation if he can't get it together.

I'd rate their pitching at a B- so far. ;-D
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Postby mcqfesijiba » Fri May 13, 2005 5:13 pm

I'd say Ginter would be the guy used for a spot start if needed, but if Ledezma was removed from the rotation, I would expect Sean Douglass and Ledezma to switch roles. Douglass gets a shot at the rotation spot while Ledezma gets sent down to get a little more minor league work in. Douglass is having a very nice season at AAA, but his previous Major League stints haven't been very good. Douglass may be a AAAA pitcher or maybe he's figured things out to be a usable back of the rotation guy. If Ledezma doesn't pick it up soon, we'll probably find out.
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