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Does collusion have to be "willing"?

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Postby CBMGreatOne » Mon May 09, 2005 4:31 pm

Vetos are at the discretion of those voting. I haven't seen any fantasy sites that suggest that the only grounds for a veto is collusion. This trade is really bad, and I'd probably veto, but I'd have to know a little more about roster context. This year in my H2H basketball league, some bad trades were made at the end of the year between playoff teams, and teams not within a sniff of the postseason. I will allow trades by teams that are very active and clearly trying to win more liberally than I will by teams that don't log in and set lineups for a month and then all of a sudden trade their first rounder for a 6th rounder and the WW flavor of the month. You have to look at intentions first. Then yeah, Pujols for Finley and stuff like that should also be vetoed right out of the water, IMHO.

Yahoo words it "If four or more managers feel that this trade is *unfair* it will be vetoed." Unfair can mean more than just collusion.
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Postby great gretzky » Mon May 09, 2005 8:30 pm

"unfair" is a more than general term.

unfair to whom? Is a bad trade unfair to the entire league predominantely, or unfair to the person doing the trade?

I think that in general you have to let lopsided trades through, as as an active owner in every league I play -- I reserve the right to "overpay" if it ultimately helps my team.

However, I do agree that players who are in the first 2 rounds or so deserve special scrutiny. After that, question marsk enter the fray.

I think the question you have to ask isn't "could he have gotten more" but "does it help his team"

finley for pujols will never help your team. I can't think of a singular instance that would help one to one. maybe if you had tex/ortiz and helton too AND the league was completely on crack.

and I think the "what if" scenarios are a little tough. I mean anyone can get hurt at any time. Unless it is someone absoloutely norotious for injuries or suspensions, I don't really see how valid that argument is.

I mean brian roberts COULD be the most valuable fantasy player this year. Anything COULD happen. But baseabll (and fantasy) is not as much about COULD as it is about PROBABLE.
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