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Postby AcidRock23 » Thu Apr 28, 2005 9:57 pm

I'm partial to Steve Stone, I hope he's not the goat of this century... :~(
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Postby Trammell 3 » Thu Apr 28, 2005 11:30 pm

I will never again in my lifetime hear anyone near as good as Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey. As a kid growing up in Detroit I would fall asleep everynight listening to their broadcasts.

The worst is Bob Costas. He is the Brent Mussberger of baseball. Whoever is in the lead is the greatest team of all time.
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Postby thehat » Thu Apr 28, 2005 11:46 pm

TB13 wrote:
TheYanks04 wrote:You want bad...try Suzyn Waldman. Or Fran Healy. Or Keith Hernandez.

Waldman is the worst. She actually knows her stuff, but is a disaster to listen to. Carrey & Scully are the best.

It could be worse. At least you can' t see who's on the radio.
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Postby IAsoxfan » Fri Apr 29, 2005 1:24 am

Dmville wrote:
The worst?
the White sox Harrelson--"he gone"--Please make it stop. And also, how can a 3 hour broadcast have 4 hours of dead air? This guy can do it though.

"Put it on the board...YES" I think I picked up on the Sportscenter guys making fun of this guy during highlights once. I've always hated the White Sox just because of their that wrong?

I think it is sort of unprofessional for announcers to be too biased...even if its my team I rather hear an unbiased broadcast. At least with local broadcasts you expect it to be a little biased, but when Yankee games are on a national broadcast on FOX and the announcers are practically offering to perform sexual favors for them it is a little too much. Even worse is when they have one of the player's brother as a guest announcer for the game (or whole series)!!
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Postby with_pleasure » Fri Apr 29, 2005 1:56 am

Nomar4prez wrote:I like Jerry Remy. Of course I'm biased, but it just sounds like he really enjoys his job, and you don't know how many times I've heard him just start laughing, and not be able to stop for the entire inning. He makes each game different, and interesting to listen too.

I totally agree. I think Remy is fascinating. His accent is thick and he sometimes pronounces words and names ridiculously wrong as a result ("Renterier"). Sometimes I think he overwhelms Orsillo with absurdity, and the entire half-inning will be off topic and hilarious.

I also agree with whoever said something needs to be done about installing transplanted Yankee broadcasters (McCarver) on nationally televised games. ESPN is awful and Joe Morgan is the primary culprit. During Sox/Yanks games they say the most base-level, rudimentary facts about players on each team, like none of us has been following all year (e.g. "though Mark Bellhorn leads the league in strikeouts, the front office seems to like his OBP")

This is an awesome thread. Mostly non-partisan and happily nostalgic.
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Postby GiantFan666 » Fri Apr 29, 2005 2:21 am

That is one great thing about the net and now XM radio... the ability to hear your home announcers no matter where in the world you are... I remember it helping me w/ the shock of moving out of the Bay Area in '02 as the Giants were heading to the series... One announcer I don't miss for the Giants is Joe Angel who was just horrible except for one shining moment... One time when giving the standard notice about how the broadcast was copyrighted ...any re-transmission etc etc
you know the one, well anyways we've all heard it a thousand times at the end of the game, he's reading it as normal and then ends it w/
is a big fat no-no... as far as Giants announcer that are sorely missed..
that awrad would go to Hank Greenwald... who got into some major feud w/ upper management several years ago and is persona non-grata
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Postby bboy » Fri Apr 29, 2005 3:27 am

AcesFull wrote:I am sorry to offend al of you Vin Scully fans but he doesn't ever inflect his voice. In the middle of the game I just hear Bueller. Besides he has long spaces of dead air. That in my opinion is a big part of being a broadcaster. Vin Scully hands down the most boring announcer in all of MLB. I can't stand to watch Dodger games because of him.

Don't get to watch enough baseball on TV here in New Zealand but in general I don't mind "dead air". I can't stand sports commentators just talking crap for the sake of talking. The whole point about TV is you can watch it. Someone constantly repeating every minute detail of what you're just seen is annoying.

Commentators should talk about strategy, analyse the game, a bit of humour and I like a bit of history.

Just me though :-)
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Postby Steelers Rule » Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:11 am

thehat wrote:
xeifrank wrote: I always enjoyed Harold Carey, even though it sounded like he was drunk.



I don't think Harry just sounded like he was drunk.

I'll tell who I think is absolutely outstanding, and that's Steve Stone. Of course, he was also candid, which is why the Cubs sent him packing.

I also enjoy Jerry Remy in his role as analyst.

As for HOF member Scully, he still paints a picture like no one else. And thankfully, he does allow for some "dead air" moments. There's nothing more relaxing (for me) than cruising around town with the top down on a hot summer evening and listening to the ballpark. Just fabulous.
Stoney ;-D
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Postby Pogotheostrich » Fri Apr 29, 2005 8:37 am

Vin Scully and Herb Carneal are 2 guys that I really like.
I have never really liked Bob Uecker and thought he was overrated.
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Postby Nat Uralice » Fri Apr 29, 2005 9:25 am

Vin Scully is a pretty good announcer, IMO. Especially since he's by himself. McCarver is pretty terrible, as are the Royals announcers, whoever they are. Joe Morgan just gets annoying. This past Wednesday he called Olmedo Saenz "one of the greatest right handed hitters in baseball"......right. He also is very conceited and always tries to show up Jon Miller, who is I think is great at play by play. I'm partial to Michael Kay but that's probably biased. The ESPN baseball announcers are good for the most part (Dave O'Brien, that bald guy,etc.).
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