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Ideas for improvement

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Ideas for improvement

Postby mcgoku » Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:02 am

What's up
I am currently in 8th place out of 9 in a 5X5 Rot league.

any ideas on improvement.

C B. Inge
1B C. Lee
2B C. Biggio
3B A Beltre
SS É. Rentería
OF J. Damon
OF S. Sosa
OF J. Lane
OF B. Clark
1B J. Thome

SP B Sheets
SP B. Radke
RP Fr. Rodríguez
RP C Cordero
P H. Street
P C. Sabathia
P R Lopez
P M. Hampton
P A. Burnett
P P. Astacio
P M. Mussina

It seem to me that I have a solid team but I never break 7th place.
Some of my guys are in slump but should I wait it out or make a big trade to shake it up.

Thanks Matt
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Postby The Mighty Trow » Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:57 am

you have a fairly solid team IMO... Its still early, and i would try not to panic over early slumps... the numbers tend to even out at the end of the season. patience is a tough game to play though...

perhaps bundle biggio and a stud pitcher to someone for an upgrade at second?
The Mighty Trow
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Postby Snuff » Tue Apr 26, 2005 1:20 pm

Ditto, give it a week or two see what happens,maybe look around see who else is slumping.Look for some opportune trades. just hold on some start off fast then fade, some start slow and just light fire,,,its baseball for crying out loud,,,,lol
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Postby theowannabe23 » Tue Apr 26, 2005 1:53 pm

got to agree, that's a pretty solid bunch overall... you have some pretty damn solid arms, I wouldnt mind picking up another OF bat if I were you as well, though... so maybe moving an arm for a bat might help you out.... look for slumping good hitters... thome... maybe Mark Texiera even? You never know how quickly others will give up on someone unless you ask! Good luck.
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Postby AT » Tue Apr 26, 2005 2:35 pm

This team simply isn't very good for a shallow roster 9 team league to tell you the truth. All this "you have a solid team, wait it out" chatter is basically a false sense of security. Take my suggestions or just leave it and consider me a jerk, but I'm trying to help.

(I'm assuming you meant D. Lee at 1B rather than C. Lee)
First of all, is there a bench in this league and who is on it if there is one?

Next, you need to drop Craig Biggio and find a replacement on the wire. You're probably getting killed in steals so I would try to get Julio Lugo in this spot who should be available considering your league depth, or get Ronnie Belliard and ride his hot bat until he slumps, then get Lugo or another player.

Sit tight with Beltre and Renteria, you can't really trade them for good value right now (I don't think) and you can't drop them. Your outfield is average at best for your league and it won't be easy to trade to improve it.

Now onto the pitching...
Sheets, no problem. (Gotta make up some wins elsewhere...)
Radke? Doesn't belong on a shallow team like this without a K/BB category in your scoring. Trade him if you can for a closer since most people disagree with me.

KRod and C Cordero are rocks. Don't touch them.
Huston Street does not belong in a league like this. Dump him for a starter or closer if one is available. (Turnbow, Wuertze, Borowski, Burgos are good candidates)
Sabathia will be real good this year, don't touch him.
Same with Rodrigo.
Same with Hampton.
Same with Burnett.
Astacio should be dropped and doesn't belong on this team.
Mussina should be considered trade bait for an offensive player. Target a team with a strong offense and weak pitching. You can afford to lose Mussina and people will see value from him if they need a pitcher.

Is this a Yahoo League?
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Postby mcgoku » Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:13 pm

Yea i just dropped Astascio for A Burgos.
Good idea about Mussina. I will try to package him with Radke or Street for another RP or an upgrade at 2B.

Yea it is a yahoo league

Thanks everyone for your ideas

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