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Another first analysis questions.

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Another first analysis questions.

Postby The Sponge » Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:54 pm

I have been a fairly avid baseball fan for most of my life. However, this is the first year I decided to try my hand at fantasy baseball. I am posting this not because I want everyone to tell me how to build a team, but because I have a couple of genuine questions. I'm sure everyone is going to have their own opinion of what I should do, so don't be offended if I don't agree with you.

I am in one of the yahoo 12 team, roto leagues, and my team basically looks as follows:


C - J. Posada (NNY) - I think he'll do ok but he's definitely past his best years. I have scanned the FA market and there is currently nothing better that I can see. I'm satisfied with him to the point that I'm not fiend-ing over a need to trade him for a different catcher.

1B - D. Young (Det) - Temporary grab to cover the injury of my primary 1B. Most likely won't keep him as his RBI numbers do not appear sustainable.

2B - A. Soriano (Tex) - One of my picks. One hell of a 2B.

3B - S. Hillenbrand (Tor) - FA acquisition to cover 1B and 3B in case of injuries. His numbers shouldn't stay this high but while they last I'm hanging onto him. I'm comfortable with him as a safety player even when the streak fades.

SS - R. Furcal (Atl) - Sluggish start this year, but I wanted him more for runs and SB's then slugging power.

OF - M. Ramírez (Bos) - Sluggish start this year, seems to be picking up now. Finally.

OF - G. Anderson (LAA) - He worries me some. Good players while he's healthy, just has trouble maintaining health. I'm still actively scouting a backup OF.

OF - L. Ford (Min) - I rolled the dice here. I was hoping for a breakout year from Lew, but not sure it this will be the year. I'm fairly certain its coming but I guess I'll have to wait and see. His numbers aren't terrible enough yet to force me to do anything to him.

Util - J. Reyes (NYM) - Seems to be doing better than I expected. Picked him up as a backup for 2B and SS.

BN - C. Koskie (Tor) - Not sure what to think yet. Season is young, but so far haven't been too impressed. For now he's a keeper as no one better is available that I know of.

BN - J. Morneau (Min) - Was, and still am, quite excited to see what numbers he puts up this year. Provided this weekend shows him playing strong, He'll be back in my lineup on Monday.


SP - P. Martínez (NYM) - Gotta have some older experienced workhorses in the lineup. Pedro can still get it done. I'm quite happy so far.

SP - J. Peavy (SD) - Young blood, very impressive so far this season.

RP - M. Adams (Mil) - Hurting on saves, but reluctant to sacrificie overall ERA and WHIP for saves. Grabbed Adams hoping he could give me a couple of saves. I'm unhappy with his accompanying stats.

RP - B. Lyon (Ari) - Found him as an FA. Probably everyone was scared off by his control issues. So far, except for a small hiccup, he's doing ok. Hope it stays.

P - J. Beckett (Fla) - Another young blood, hope he stays healthy.

P - A. Otsuka (SD) - One of my unknowns. Great stats, but only 7 IP. Hard to tell anything yet.

P - D. Hermanson (CWS) - Picked him up hoping he'd get a few saves for me during closer off days. Maybe some setup work can pad some overall stats. Not sure yet.

BN- A. Burnett (Fla) - Another Young blood . Contract year. Should produce some good numbers.

BN- F. García (CWS) - Another younger pitcher, He's got hit a few times so far but rebounds from it fairly well. Hopefully continues it out all year.

BN- A. Pettitte (Hou) - Grabbed as a solid older pitcher that could be used as back up if one of the younger guys goes down.

Ok, to clarify. This team has given me a current position of 2nd place in my league, and I have taken the approach that less tinkering is better. I'm hesitant to start dropping players like bad candy less than a month into the season. However, I would love a bit of advice from those who know more than I.

My opinion:

Batting Strengths: 2B, 1B (if Morneau fully recovers), SS, and 1 OF (maybe 2). I think I could have some decent SB's and would think I would have a decent amount of Runs and RBI's.

Pitching Strengths: 4/5 starters have ERA's under 2.50, 2 of those are under era of 2.00. These same starters combined for 139 K's and 9 wins already.

Batting Weaknesses:1 OF, 3B, C. I'm concerned about potential homerun numbers, as well as overall batting average. My entire offensive numbers appear to be sagging and I'm hesitant to chalk that up completely to sluggish starts by Manny Ramirez and Rafael Furcal.

Any help any of you all could throw my way would be appreciated. I'm brand new at this but understand patience is the game and seem to be doing something right. If there is a glaring problem on my roster somewhere that I missed, though, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby The Sponge » Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:59 pm

Yeah, I'm a complete tool. As an addendum for my above post, since I forgot it, here is my pitching weaknesses.

Pitching Weaknesses: Relief Pitching is hurting. Until 2 days ago, I didn't have a single save, the few pitchers I've looked at for save opportunities are going to kill my overall ERA and WHIP. I'm not quite sure what to do about this.

I also am concerned that my starting pitching staff is a tad prone to injury. Pedro generally hasn't been injury prone, but his body is starting to feel the career. The same goes for Pettitte, and the 3 young studs of Beckett, Burnett, and Garcia, all have had some small issues in the past.

Sorry about missing this in the first post.

Thanks again. :-b
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