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Pitching strategy question HELP! FAST!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 12:25 am
by FlawedReasoning
Okay... I'm going into a weekly H2H match where the other guy has much better pitching than I do but I probably have him beat in saves. He's got Oswalt and Schmidt and a few other real good pitchers, BUT they're all only one starters this week.

Quick strategy question: I pretty much have to start Odalis even though he's got a matchup at Coors, so should I just cut my losses with ERA and WHIP and also go with Bedard, Haren, and Capuano... All of whom are also two-starters? This way I'll almost be assured to win Ks and Ws. I can't figure anything else out.

I'd really appreciate the help! ;-D

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 12:41 am
by FlawedReasoning
Deadline approaching! Help!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 12:52 am
by FlawedReasoning
It's either this or go with Myers and Kolb in my extra pitching slots... I'm afraid of Kolb now and Myers is great but I don't know if his next performance will be enough to offset whatever terrible things might happen at Coors.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 12:57 am
by BritSox
The only reason to start Myers (good as he's been) in Coors is if you need wins and K's from him. As you can probably get more of those off your original proposal, plus given how sucky Kolb has been, I think you should go with what you suggested.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 1:08 am
by FlawedReasoning
Hey... Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. :-)

Sorry for the mixup. I meant that Myers will not be able to offset whatever terrible things happen to Odalis in Coors... But since Odalis is one of my best pitchers, I think I pretty much have to go with him.

Anyway, Penny comes off the DL next week, so I'm just going to try this awful experiment for one week and see what happens... Then next week start with Sheets, Odalis, Myers, and Penny.