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Attention all owners of a "Japanese Hotrod"

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Postby GiantFan666 » Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:37 am

RugbyD wrote:
GiantFan666 wrote:Why exactly shouldn't there be a spoiler on a fwd? I didn't think aerodynamics really cared whether your car was rwd or fwd or awd for that matter... and to be totally honest most cars don't get anything from a spoiler until you get ridiculously over the speed limit. For the record I do drive a Honda so I am biased but if you don't think Honda
puts out some really nice engines, now thats just silly :-t

It's a huge difference. A spoiler's sole purpose is to create downforce on the rear of the car to make sure the back tires stay in solid contact with the road during acceleration. The effect increases with speed, but it still makes some difference at lower speeds. Stick your hand out the window at a downward angle going 40 and imagine that force multipled over a few square feet. This will invariably detract from the downforce on the front of the car (think see-saw), which will actually hurt the performance of a FWD car. An extreme illustration of the downforce effect is a drag racing car, and there are plenty of instances where they flip backwards b/c of the force differential.

And so you have all these dopes throwing "cool looking" (read: useless) spoilers on their car so they can negate several of the $$$ they dumped into an extra 100hp. It's like seeing someone who thinks they're really cool walking around oblivious to the 'kick me' sign taped to his back.

SAT flashback:
Honda Civics are to Jaguars
Nissan Skylines are to Aston Martins

Yeah, the most extreme example would be that of a drag racer flipping over ... but thats not very likely to happen on any daily driver rwd car... but I do see what you're saying...its just that most of the cars you're going to encounter at an intersection aren't going to run into that problem. The guys that buy the gigantic wings however are the same guys that are claiming they made 50 hp from adding a coffee can exhaust as well... or the guys that add nitrous to their car w/o building up the internals in their engine and wonder why they blow their engine a week later... And why import a Skyline? yeah they're nice cars and all, but for us in the US, they are ridiculously OVER-PRICED for the performance you get...
The prices they have on motorex (only legal importer) you could buy a new viper and still have enough money to build up the honda
to the point where it could compete w/ a skyline!
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