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is Willy Taveras better than Juan Pierre?

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Postby scb175 » Sun Jun 12, 2005 3:40 pm

Well, I got Pierre on my team and I just picked up Willy off the WW for Lew Ford.

I need steals badly, and he's gone 3-4 today to bring that AVG. up to .297

Watch out Pierre
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Postby toofunnyy » Sun Jun 12, 2005 3:56 pm

baseballnewb, you picked a good name. ;p

First, willy is batting leadoff. stros now have berkman back, and have picked it up. FLA offense has been crap the last few weeks. and it was fairly crappy last year, which is why they went out and got delgado.

2nd, willy is having a better year. period.

will pierre turn it on and out perform willy? ehh, probably. if it wasn't for willy's hammy, he'd be 2nd in the league in steals. (he was most of the year)

could willy have a better year then pierre? uhh easily. pierre is majorly overrated. willy is going to have free reign seeing as the stros are out of it. not to mention pierre was slapped down to 7th a few games ago. he's not exactly getting the job done.

3rd no way in hell pierre gets more steals then willy. willy was batting 7th and was 2nd in the league. now he does have a sore hammy, but he's batting 1st, and with the astros out of it, they will let the man run wild. without his sore hammy, willy would be 10 up on pierre.

anyway, pierre is proven. but i wouldn't be shocked if willy t has a better year, as he has the first 9 weeks.

baseballnewb wrote:
He's in a better lineup... he is in a hitter's park... he might be faster... and he can hit...

So much wrong with this.. First off Houston's lineup is pathetic, its anemic. Fla's lineup is one of the better top 5's in baseball. Next taveras is batting 8th which is much worse than 1st. Next speed is only half the equation when it comes to stealing in MLB, pierre will steal more bases. Next there is no reason to believe Taveras can hit in the majors yet, once teams find out his weaknesses his avg will plummett. Here is a bit of advice that will help you in FB... 95% of the time rookies are worse than vets, 99% of the time they are worse than top 10 round picks.

In short no way in heck and I think pierre is the most overrated player in baseball.
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Postby Trot Nixon » Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:44 pm

Now the season is almost over, what do you think about this argument now?

Taveras, .301, 3, 23, 66, 31

Pierre, .258, 2, 34, 76, 41
Thanks chipper!!!!

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Re: is Willy Tavares better than Juan Pierre?

Postby BaseballFann0008 » Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:45 pm

curious_george_43545 wrote:
planet wrote:He's in a better lineup... he is in a hitter's park... he might be faster... and he can hit...
how bout.......

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Postby Pokeyouindaeye » Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:50 pm

Trot Nixon wrote:Now the season is almost over, what do you think about this argument now?

Taveras, .301, 3, 23, 66, 31

Pierre, .258, 2, 34, 76, 41

Taveras is definetely better value wise this year than Juan Pierre. Pierre hasn't sniffed .300 all year. I think the deficit in runs and SBs is mostly made up by the difference in Average.

However, I'd rather have Taveras because that means I probably got him for much much less than Pierre.
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Postby davidmarver » Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:43 pm

Willy Taveras 3 Hr, 23 rbi, 66 r, 81K/20BB, 31/42 SB, .301/.337/.360/.697
Juan Pierre 2 Hr, 34 rbi, 76 r, 35K/34BB, 41/55 SB, .258/.313/.338/.651</pre>

Both have faced equally difficult pitching (.256/.332/.405 for Pierre compared to .257/.336/.406 for Taveras)

Taveras has 9 win shares, although only 4.0 offensively compared to Pierre's 8, but 5.2 of them coming offensively.

Taveras has a large advantage in VORP (15.4-6.1).

Pierre has created 4 more runs than Taveras (56-52) although he averages .1 less per game.

Although Taveras has a 22 point lead in slugging %, his GPA (ballpark-adjusted slugging) is only three points higher than Pierre's.

Pierre sees 0.2 pitches-per-plate-appearance more than Taveras.

Pierre pops up more often than Taveras (.22 IF/F compared to .09 IF/F), but Pierre also hits much more groundballs (2.98 per fly compared to 1.97).

Both are poor w/RISP, but Pierre is a little better (.224, .202).

Taveras' BA/BIP is nearly 100 points higher than Pierre's but that's due to the fact that Taveras strikes out so often.

All in all these statistics really don't prove much either way. If Taveras cut down on his strikeouts, his averages would increase immensely, but until he does that, Pierre is the better fantasy player. More SB, RBI, & R. The fact that he also is historically a good AVG hitter makes me believe he's not as bad as his average this season would indicate. The power is a wash.
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