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I need some help please.

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I need some help please.

Postby HipHopSpam » Fri Apr 08, 2005 9:22 pm

I'm in a 10x10 12 player H2H fantasy league. I need to drop some pitchers to pick up some back-up players for my batters who aren't playing everyday. The draft was autopicked, so here they are :

C - Inge
1B - Delgado
2B - Utley (not playing everyday :()
3B - A. Ramirez
SS - Furcal
LF - J. Lane
CF - Beltran
RF - Sosa
Util - C. Guillen
BN - R. Winn

SP - Colon
SP - G. Maddux
SP - AJ Burnett
RP - Hoffman
RP - Guardado
P - Gordon
P - J.C. Romero
P - Stanton
BN - Kazmir
BN - Lowry
BN - H. Ramirez
BN - D. Davis
BN - Eaton
BN - J. WIlliams

The guys on waivers that are playing well early this season:
A. Kearns
M. Lieberthal
C. Pena
J. Randa
A. Boone
J. Encarncion
J. Cantu
E. Alfonso
N. Swisher

Who should I drop if i should at all, because the team im playing is starting to pull away with a lot of help from his batters.
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Postby geozero » Sun Apr 10, 2005 11:32 am

i would...

try to drop utley. like you said hes only playing half the time, if you could get a regular starter to put there thatd help you out
drop stanton...that is unless you count hold or something. not that big a fan of having numerous relievers from the same team. you already have gordon
drop eaton- its hard enough getting wins in SD with a stud like peavy. youll be lucky if this guy gets you 10 wins. his era is usually in the 4s and his whip stinks too. hes not going to help you

from those huys you listed id conisder picking up:
randa- hes been tearing it up. chances are this wont continue but hell probably hit around 20 hrs and a decent avg (.280?)
swisher- people have him being the al's roy this year, he had a 2 hr game a fewdays ago. has been slow lately. but he should improve. oakland as a team heats up around june so he could do the same as well once he gets a few games under his belt
pena- people have just been waiting for him to have a breakout year. could this be it?
lieberthal- decent backup catcher. i wouldnt hold onto 2 catchers though since that position doesnt usually offer the most in terms of production, but if hes the best available, why not

thats about it. you might want to get some guys who hit for average. guys like sosa, beltran, and delgado (last year') can slug but could hurt your average. also next year ditch the autodraft and pick yourselves. not only is it more fun but whether your team does well or no so good you only have yourself to blame and not chance
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Postby brycehearn » Sun Apr 10, 2005 1:05 pm

Yep, what he said.

I do like Lowry, Horacio, and Kazmir. You could be pleasantly surprised by those guys having solid years. Also keep an eye on Thomson. He's a career 4 era man, but he has flashes of brilliance (ok, maybe they're flashes of above average-ness) but Atlanta uses that pixie dust on all their pitchers, so who knows?

I'd take Lieberthal over Inge. Lieberthal is proven and consistent.
Just me but I don't like Colon. Inconsistent and a high era. ... p?t=112734
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Postby HipHopSpam » Mon Apr 11, 2005 8:58 am

Thanks for the advice. I picked up E. Alfonso and J. Randa, dropped A. Eaton and D. Davis because I was at a major disadvantage when I saw my first round team's batters. He had a lot more bench guys than I do and when it came down to it, he out performed me by a hair. Since I had so many pitchers and he had only 4 starters, my era and whip was worse than his. He got so lucky because my relievers blew 2 saves and his got him some wins. Well, thanks for your help anyway I really appreciate it.
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