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Please rate my team (thanks again)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 7:45 pm
9 team keeper league 5x5 FP (Auction style) we were allowed to keep 12 guys from last season.

C-V.Martinez ($4) - keeper
C-J.Mauer ($15)
1B-T.Helton ($36) - keeper
1B-R.Sexson ($3) - keeper
2B-M.Giles ($3) - keeper
2B-J.Reyes ($3) - keeper
SS-N.Garciaparra ($26)
SS-C.Guzman ($1)
3B-H.Blaylock ($23)
3B-D.Wright ($3) - keeper
OF-C.Lee ($6) - keeper
OF-S.Podsednik ($1) - keeper
OF-J.D.Drew ($1) - keeper
OF-A.Jones ($27)
OF-K.Mench ($1)
OF-R.Baldelli ($1)
SP-R.Johnson ($25) - keeper
SP-A.J.Burnett ($8) - keeper
SP-C.Schilling ($27)
SP-T.Hudson ($29)
SP-D.Willis ($5)
SP-A.Eaton ($1)
RP-J.Isringhausen ($6) - keeper
RP-O.Dotel ($1)

We now have an auction draft for our Bench, another 6 players, What positions should I be looking at to fill, in the Bench Draft? I know about Baldelli's injury, but getting him for a $1 to carry over to next season, is Sweet..... I should probably look at OF help, Reyes is the only guy with flexibility on my team, soon being a shortstop. All the guys above are my starters, I think I managed pretty well, total salary of $254, We have an $80 FAAB to spend for the season.

Any info would be greatful, thanks.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 7:52 pm
by geozero
looks pretty damn good to me. only real weakness is probably your relievers. not a bad problem to have since new closers pop up every year, it might be a good idea to pick one up at some point. overall a nice, balanced team, plus a bunch of guys who could bust out his year (blalock, rj (in terms of wins), hudson, burnett, a. jones, nomar. getting vic for 4 is a great deal too

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:37 pm
by AndyRoddick220
I think you have a good team, with a good balance of power and speed. I agree that you are in need of a number 1 closer, maybe a cordero, lidge type. You have a lot of keepers that you kept for a great price (Vmart 4, giles 3, reyes 3, wright 3, pods and jd 1). You lack a true number 1 bat in the OF however, and would look to correct that through trading.

one more thing, Andruw Jones for $27 :-o

please see my thread if you can.

didnt realize i was on my bros name, heres my team page ... p?t=109938

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 11:15 am
That was all that was left for a legitment outfielder, I needed to outbid the other owner, for this talent of Andruw Jones......

Its called inflation.....Nothing I could do about, besides I think he is due for a breakout year.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 11:53 am
by Rapps5
great team...I would look to fill your relief corps with some mid-level closers that could have breakout seasons. you have TONS of talent at incredible prices which could be great bait for trade. If its impossible to trade for a top closer (I'd aim for the cordero, foulke, rivera tier) then there are probably some mid-levels you can take a risk on.