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10 team league....AL/NL

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10 team league....AL/NL

Postby Fugoondo » Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:07 pm

Im in the NL obviously. And with only 5 teams per league...pretty much gonna have a solid roster. This is our 2nd year of a 5 keeper league.

I kept Helton, Pierre, Gagne, Pedro, and Peavy

I didnt mean too...but I have pretty much allll the closers. I had Graves but traded him for Adam Dunn. Id like to move Mesa or Hawkins for another starter or upgrade at 2B. Although...I think Walker will have a solid year.

Head to Head league. 5x5 performance scoring.

Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, and Strikeouts
AVE, HR, RBI, RUNS, and Steals

P LaTroy Hawkins, ChC -- -- -- -- --
P Eric Gagne, LA -- -- -- -- --
P Jose Mesa, Pit -- -- -- -- --
P Billy Wagner, Phi -- -- -- -- --
P Jason Isringhausen, StL -- -- -- -- --
P Armando Benitez, SF -- -- -- -- --
P Trevor Hoffman, SD -- -- -- -- --
P Guillermo Mota, Fla -- -- -- -- --
P Pedro Martinez, NYM -- -- -- -- --
Bench Jake Peavy, SD -- -- -- -- --
Bench Noah Lowry, SF -- -- -- -- --

C Johnny Estrada, Atl C -- -- -- -- --
1B Todd Helton
2B Todd Walker, ChC
3B Garrett Atkins, Col
SS Jimmy Rollins, Phi
OF Juan Pierre, Fla
OF Andruw Jones, Atl
OF Mike Cameron, NYM
OF Milton Bradley, LA
OF Geoff Jenkins, Mil
2B/SS Cesar Izturis, LA
1B/3B Brad Wilkerson, Was
Util Adam Dunn, Cin
Bench Austin Kearns, Cin
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Postby VWells4Prez » Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:31 pm

For a 5 team league, your infield positions aren't that good. Granted, its the NL, but from the big three of Giles, Boone, and Loretta, you ended up w/ Walker?

and Atkins isn't exactly a solid 3B. V-Mart, helton, and Pierre are solid players but I like Dunn the most out of that bunch. People are high on Jones, but I don't see him really "breaking-out" this year. His numbers aren't bad, but his average hurts.

Everyone else is subpar for a 5 team leauge.

AND trade your closers. They are undervalued on your team and people should be willing to pay big for some of them. If you keep them all, others will just forfeit teh saves Cat. and leave your closers almost worth nothing.
Great starters in Pedro and Peavy, but Lowry? I don't see the big picture on the guy.

I have never been in a 5 Team League but I guess its like a 10 team normal league? I see middle of the pack finish if not closer to the bottom.
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Postby Fugoondo » Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:54 pm

Thanks for the advice!
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Postby twalch4 » Thu Mar 31, 2005 12:09 am

geez when you said you had all the closers you werent kidding. I agree with VWells, you need to push them to all of those obviously desperate managers out there whom clearly dont have any.

Just out of curiousity, is there alot of position buildup in your league? Like do some of your managers have alot of first baseman, or second basemen, etc.?
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Postby Fugoondo » Thu Mar 31, 2005 12:50 am

Here are the other rosters. As you can see..BUBBLES IS LOADED!!

Reverse the Curse
P B. Lidge
P C. Zambrano
P K. Wood
P J. Vazquez
P D. Kolb
P C. Cordero
P A. Burnett
P B. Penny
P R. Dempster
C R. Hernandez
1B D. Lee
2B M. Giles
3B C. Jones
SS O. Vizquel
OF P. Wilson
OF M. Cabrera
OF J. Bay
OF M. Alou
OF D. Roberts
2B/SS R. Durham
1B/3B S. Rolen
Util S. Green
B P. Burrell
B K. Griffey Jr
B C. Tsao

Bubbles (.)(.)
P O. Perez
P R. Clemens
P J. Beckett
P O. Perez
P G. Maddux
P C. Carpenter
P D. Lowe
P D. Willis
P J. Thomson
C P. LoDuca
1B C. Delgado
2B L. Castillo
3B R. Freel
SS N. Garciaparra
OF B. Bonds
OF B. Abreu
OF C. Beltran
OF L. Walker
OF B. Giles
2B/SS R. Furcal
1B/3B A. Pujols
Util J. Guillen
B B. Webb
B D. Davis
B M. Morris
IR L. Berkman

Leucadia Surfin' Fools
P L. Hawkins
P E. Gagne
P J. Mesa
P B. Wagner
P J. Isringhausen
P A. Benitez
P T. Hoffman
P G. Mota
P P. Martinez
C J. Estrada
1B T. Helton
2B T. Walker
3B G. Atkins
SS J. Rollins
OF J. Pierre
OF A. Jones
OF M. Cameron
OF M. Bradley
OF G. Jenkins
2B/SS C. Izturis
1B/3B B. Wilkerson
Util A. Dunn
B A. Kearns
B J. Peavy
B N. Lowry

Sosa Got Screwed
P J. Schmidt
P T. Hudson
P D. Graves
P M. Prior
P R. Oswalt
P M. Gonzalez
P A. Otsuka
P B. Lawrence
P M. Adams
C J. Closser
1B S. Casey
2B M. Loretta
3B M. Lowell
SS K. Greene
OF C. Lee
OF C. Patterson
OF J. Edmonds
OF M. Holliday
OF L. Gonzalez
2B/SS J. Vidro
1B/3B T. Glaus
Util P. Nevin
B C. Utley
B M. Lawton
B B. Sheets
IR J. Borowski

Long Island Rebels
P M. Mulder
P J. Smoltz
P A. Pettitte
P B. Looper
P L. Hernandez
P J. Weaver
P G. Aquino
P A. Leiter
P K. Benson
C M. Piazza
1B J. Thome
2B J. Reyes
3B A. Ramirez
SS K. Matsui
OF J. Drew
OF C. A. Wilson
OF C. Floyd
OF J. Burnitz
OF R. Sanders
2B/SS J. Kent
1B/3B D. Wright
Util J. Bagwell
B P. Feliz
B L. Overbay
B T. Glavine
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Softball Supervisor

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