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Just drafted...what do you think

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Just drafted...what do you think

Postby Shamrock » Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:23 am

Varitek, Jason C
Helton, Todd 1B
Reyes, Jose B.
Wright, David 3B
Greene, Khalil SS
Ordonez, Magglio RF
Ramirez, Manny LF BOS
Sheffield, Gary RF NYY
Hafner, Travis DH CLE
Benson, Kris SP NYM A
Clemens, Roger SP HOU
Harden, Rich SP OAK A
Mussina, Mike SP NYY
Schilling, Curt SP BOS
Baez, Danys RP TB
Foulke, Keith RP BOS
Lidge, Brad RP HOU

Bagwell, Jeff 1B HOU
Patterson, Corey CF CHC
Williams, Bernie CF NYY
Glaus, Troy 3B ARI
Wells, David SP BOS

scoring system-

1B - Singles 1 point
2B - Doubles 2 points
3B - Triples 3 points
BB - Walks (Batters) 1 point
CS - Caught Stealing -1 point
HR - Home Runs 4 points
KO - Strikeouts (Batter) -1 point
R - Runs 1 point
RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point
SB - Stolen Bases 1 point

Scoring for Pitching Categories
BS - Blown Saves -3 points
CG - Complete Games 5 points
ER - Earned Runs -1 point
INN - Innings 0.5 points
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L - Losses -5 points
NH - No-Hitters 20 points
S - Saves 5 points
SO - Shutouts 10 points
W - Wins 10 points
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Postby Shamrock » Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:52 am

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Postby CourtVision » Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:59 am

I would start with trying to dump off David Wright to someone. He is batting 8th in the Mets lineup and I don't see him moving any higher than 6th.

Also I don't like your shortstop. Khalil Greene doesn't really cut it for me.
Rate my team!! (And I'll rate yours too)
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Also Just Drafted Last Week

Postby ivanhack » Tue Mar 29, 2005 11:39 am

Decent Team Shamrock.

I have a similar scoring league as yours, but mine is head to head.

I would start Troy Glaus over David Wright if I were you. I know he's an injury risk, but so far he's been playing well in Spring Training.

Your Outfield is ridiculously stacked!! ;-D

Great Starting pitching although Schilling will miss the first week or two. Lidge and Keith Foulke are solid. However, as good as Foulke is he doesn't get enough save opportunities.

Your only weakness is Khalil Greene, but Shortstop is a pretty shallow position anyway. If you want, shop David Wright and try to upgrade your shortstop.

Rate my team:
C: AJ Pierzynski
1B: Carlos Delgado
2B: Brian Roberts
3B: Aramis Ramirez
SS: Edgar Renteria
OF: JD Drew
OF: Moises Alou
OF: Larry Walker
UTIL: Dave Roberts
BN: Dallas McPherson
BN: Shea Hillenbrand

SP: Randy Johnson
SP: Mark Mulder
SP: Kelvim Escobar
SP: Derrick Lowe
SP: Brad Penny
RP: Mariano Rivera
RP: Billy Wagner
BN: Joel Pineiro
BN: Woody Williams
BN: Miguel Batista

Scoring: (12 Teams)

Singles 1 point
Doubles 2 points
Triples 3 points
Home Run 4 points
Runs 1 point
RBI 1 point
BB 1 point
SB 2 points
CS -1 point
K -1 point
SF 1 point
HBP 1 point
GIDP -1 point

Win 8 points
Loss -5 points
CG 5 points
SHO 10 points
SV 8 points
Out 1 point (IP 3 points)
Hit -1 point
BB -1 point
ER -1 point
HBP -1 point
WP -1 point
BLK -1 point
K 1 point
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Your team looks ok

Postby AT » Tue Mar 29, 2005 12:15 pm

I'm going to agree and disagree with people about David Wright and Troy Glaus. Glaus should definitely be starting over Wright, especially with your scoring system. Wright is batting 8th, however, and as a Yankee fan who is pretty familiar with Randolph's philosophy and who listens and reads regularly the NY sports media...I think Randolph is doing this to get Wright to learn to improve his pitch selection as he is a bit of a free swinger right now. I really think that by May he will be batting 2nd and be protected by Beltran. That being said, I would keep Wright around on the bench to see if he reaches his potential by mid season. Especially with Glaus being an injury risk.

Next, Khalil Greene stinks. Look for Pedro Feliz on your waiver wire at SS who is also eligible at 1B and 3B and sometimes OF in some leagues. Other options include sleeper Russ Adams from TOR. A 2nd year player, he hit .310 4 HR 10 RBI and 10 R in only 72 AB last season and only SO 5 times. He was the 14th overall pick in the 2002 "Moneyball Draft" by JP Ricciardi who has a nice record of young players drafted in the first round. I think you could see 20 HR with a .300 Avg this year out of Adams.

Also, Kris Benson has to go. Look for sleepers Bobby Madritsch, Noah Lowry on your waiver wire or someone like Cliff Lee or Jake Westbrook if they're somehow available. They are good young pitchers who pitch for good offenses and Madritsch is in a notorious pitcher's park. If you can't find them, David Wells is a start over Kris Benson for the simple fact that right now he is the #1 or #2 on a team with a sick offense. His WHIP #s and Wins will be very good this season and won't hurt you in losses as much as Benson will because of the Mets terrible bullpen even though you might have to deal with a high ERA with the short porch in Fenway.

One more thing... I like Corey Patterson in your lineup and think he should be an everyday player. Your league's scoring looks to be pitcher heavy. Maybe try trading Todd Helton for a star pitcher like a Carlos Zambrano, John Smoltz, Ben Sheets, or Oliver Perez type, whatever you can get for him. Not that Helton isn't an offensive machine but Hafner also is. Your offense would barely be affected by putting Hafner at 1B and Patterson at Util. Patterson has 30, 30 numbers and remember, Hafner was 10th in the MLB with an OPS of (I Think) .991 last season for a team with a sick offense. You're not getting points or deducted points for batting average so the disparity between Helton and Hafner/Patterson is only in the BA category that your league doesn't account for. That -1 for CS is a bullshit category by the way.

What do you think of my newest team? 7x7 10 Team Head 2 Head League...

C Joe Mauer
1B T Hafner (I traded Dunn and B Webb to get him, that's how high I am on him.)
2B Jose Reyes
3B Troy Glaus (Told you I liked him)
SS R Furcal
OF M Cabrera
OF C Crawford
OF J Edmonds
Util P Konerko
BN J Giambi
BN Coco Crisp

SP R Johnson
SP K Escobar
RP Fr Rodriguez
RP A Benitez
P J Smoltz
P C Cordero
P M Adams
BN D Willis
BN C Tsao
BN M Gonzalez
BN (I'm deciding on whether to take Madritsch or Lowry here as a F/A for a newly added bench spot. I'm leaning towards Madritsch).
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Postby Shamrock » Tue Mar 29, 2005 5:22 pm

thanks for all the input but why are you guys so down on Khalil Greene?? He was a rookie last year and put up pretty good numbers - AB HR AVG RBI R SB.
484 15 .273 65 67 4

Not bad for a SS which is a very shallow position.
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